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October 26th, 2008 in member junk     
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I've decided that I need to start writing down my junk ideas as this old brain doesn't hold on to things like it used to.  I made this junk journal using the left over paper from my junk pockets and again embellished with some favorite rusty things.  I also love old bingo cards so put one on the first page with an inspiring quotation.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Junk Style
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paisleypenguin writes: I love ways to use yellowed music pages. Posted: 11:58 pm on November 18th
bluejean writes: My daughter-in-love makes these with scrapbook paper, but I love the vintage music paper. I would say that you can sell them for $15 to $20 at least in my neck of the woods (Sun Valley, Idaho). They are custom and unique. Posted: 2:59 pm on October 28th
MimiToria writes: Ahhhh, my new journal name will be just that "Junk Dreams". I love it! My husband said to me the other night, you've got to get going on some of your junk projects. Maybe, there's hope for him. Ha!
This was after I just had laid a vinyl tile floor and painted a basement hallway with primer & final coat. Cleaned up our daughters new bedroom we were working on, and washed 3 loads of clothes. If only I could get to some projects!!! 1 more week and the room should be complete and life will afford me some junking/designing time. YeaH!
Get out the junk dream journal then!
Gretchen Posted: 4:25 pm on October 27th
shabbychick writes: Love your junk journal! It's such a great idea to write things down (they definitely slip away sometimes if you don't - speaking from (alot of) experience...LOL). Gretchen suggested a journal to me, and I have started at least "taking notes" and put an inspiration board up in my work area for pics... So, a journal will be my next step!

Love the title "Junk Dreams". I made a junk collage with that spelled out in old building blocks - I guess we all have a little "junk" in our dreams, don't we? :)


Posted: 3:14 pm on October 27th
MimiToria writes: Hi Janis-
I sold my tags for $2.00 each, and they flew out. However, I probably didn't make anything off them as my consignment fee was 25% and these all had vintage elements on them, such as skeleton keys, vintage mother of pearl buttons, etc. You almost have to get that stuff for free to sell this cheap. The tags are fun for your own use for gifts and such for friends and family memebers.
The journals I'd say between $8.95 - $12.95 depending on your location/clientele and again like Lani says how much time effort ad detailing you put into each one.
I also think you could sell your filing folders, as there are so many people in the world that want to just buy it, vs. make it like our creative website people here. My best friend would buy it and I would probably go home and recreate it or at least have those good intentions.
I hope this helps.
Gretchen Posted: 9:57 am on October 27th
CottageElements writes: I would say you need to first see what you have into them. The gal I know who did them, didn't have much into the gift tags so she sold them for about $1.50. The journals I think she sold for about $10. But when you add keys, or old sheet music, you may be able to put more on them, I don't know. I usually figure I need to get three to four times what things cost me to make up for gas, time searching for things, and my consigment fee. But that's on vintage or junk items. You never get back the time you put into cleaning, creating, etc. You have to do this because you love it! I hope that gives you some idea.

Lani Posted: 12:53 am on October 27th
fellowjunker writes: Oh, hey guys. What would you say is a fair price for gift tags or journals?
xojanis Posted: 9:23 pm on October 26th
fellowjunker writes: Once again I have to say I love this site!!!
I haven't tried selling these journals Lani, but would love to cause it would give me reason to make more!!! I do sell some of my other stuff.
Gretchen, I just use a plain old glue stick for gluing and haven't noticed any edges pulling up, but if it was in my purse it probably would. I love your idea about the purse sized ones. I also use decoupage medium a lot,especially if something is going to be handled because it coats the outside and protects it. I made some beautiful gift cones out of scrapbook paper and the decoupage gave them more substance and weight. I'll post some pictures of the cones another day.
xojanis Posted: 9:20 pm on October 26th
MimiToria writes: What kind of adhesive have you found works best for the paper projects? I am not happy with I've used in the past and would love to hear what others have found successful. I used my purse size one today, and the scrapbook paper I had used is peeling up, and this really bugs me. Please share-
Lani mentioned the tags for sale. I've sold a ton of these in the past, but with the keys I find most people won't pay enough to warrant the skeleton keys being sold with them, however one could use vintage music paper, the vinyl letters and vintage buttons and sell them cost effectively.
Don't you just love skeleton keys? Everyone is onto them in MN, so it's hard to find an inexpensive stash of them nowadays.
Thanks again for your help. By the way Walmart sells the bxw composite style books for those looking for them. I think I found them for .50 a while back and have a whole stash of them in my studio, but haven't gotten any projects done with that stash. Now I'm reinspired by Janis. Thanks!
Gretchen Posted: 8:51 pm on October 26th
CottageElements writes: Another great job, Janis! Do you sell your items? I have a friend who made similar journals (out of scrapbooking items) and sold them. She sold a ton and people just loved them! She also did gift tags. They would be so cute with the sheet music and keys on a present! Thanks again!

Lani Posted: 7:39 pm on October 26th
georgiamoon writes: Once again Janis I am inspired by your talent and style. I think the plant markers can be used in so many ways...last night for instance I came up with lots of ideas and went to the craft store this morning and got stick on letters...let the fun begin! LuAnn great minds think alike! So anyway Janis keep coming up with these gorgeous things you make..I'm lovin' it., Georgia Posted: 2:32 pm on October 26th
fellowjunker writes: Oh, hey guys I was just thinking that Georgia's plant stakes would make great book markers for this project. We could paint or decoupage paper onto them and then write names or inspiring words on them.
Gee, thanks again Georgia!! Posted: 11:23 am on October 26th
fellowjunker writes: I tried to find those black and white ones, but couldn't so figured it didn't really matter what was on the front. Your right junkinhart these make great gifts done up as something that the recipient loves. I have made some for friends and filled them with inspiring quotes or recipes and others as diaries (just glue two pieces of ribbon to the back and wrap around so the diary can be tied closed with a bow). Posted: 11:17 am on October 26th
MimiToria writes: Is this one of the black/white composition notebooks? I just love to decorate them with altered art for journals. I also have made a lot of small size ones that fit into our purses for those fleeting ideas when we're away from our bigger ones.
I started writing in a journal like this in August and it really helps the insomnia issues, with too many ideas swirling around in my brain at night. If I get them on paper it really helps.
These are great! Love what you've done as always.
Gretchen Posted: 10:19 am on October 26th
LuAnn writes: Ditto--way cool. Have been thinking about a journal lately for the same reason but never really got around to it since I couldn't find one I liked. Well Duh--make my own. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep it up.

LuAnn Posted: 8:00 am on October 26th
junkinhart writes: Oh, way cool!! These could be for anything, not just our junking dreams and ideas!! And so much more beautiful than the ones you buy in the store -- another idea for gift giving! I will have everyone with junk this Christmas -- LOL!!

Have fun,
Cindy Posted: 3:41 am on October 26th
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