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This is how it started out. YUCK!  I think there were 4 or 5 of these.  This one was the window section and had glass.  But the others had cheap wood panels. 
I was able to salvage 4 2-panel sections.  I sanded a lot, glued a little, cleaned A LOT, and painted them.  I used the section that still had the best wood panels for the back and added chicken wire to the rest.
I wanted to use as much of the original piece as possible.  Even the hinges were from it.  The shelves were from the glass and extra pieces.
The feet are from the original door.  So is the handle.  On the bottom of the curio door is some decorative hardward that says Hartford City Overhead Door Corp. 

Our old wooden garage door REALLY had to go!  It was old, nasty, dirty, and rotting.  Yuck!  After our friendly neighborhood garage door man installed a new one, it was in pieces on the driveway.  My husband was making a move for it to bring it to the burn pile.  I said "Wait!  What are you doing?  Are you crazy?"  and he answered "Are YOU crazy?  You can't possibly want that.  You can't do anything with it.  It's all rotted anyway."

     But I had a vision!  So I was able to stash it in the yard and this spring he stumbled upon it again.  It was time.

So my yucky old garage door became a fun curio.  It's certainly not Ethan Allen, but it would be fun and practical in a cottage, bathroom, guys, apartment, etc.  It was a bit challenging, even with saving just the best parts it was still a little rough.  Except for the chicken wire,  everything came from the original garage door.  That's what made it fun for me to do.   

Pattern or design used: My own design
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