Country Junk Sale!

June 26th, 2010 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Nothing says country like a kitty catching a few rays on a garden bench!
Shutters galore....
Too cool for school screens.
Dinners ready....coe and get it! I love this one.
Anoter of y personal favs....a corn something or another. All that really atters is that it is awesome.
You now e and my round obsession!
Climb the ladder to success.
Ahhh...the fun of pricing the product. Cindy does it with asile on her face.
Whats behind shed #3? Larry brings another load.
The gardens are an added bonus!
What do you go crackers for?
Loads of the cool  stuff can be found here from staples to the unusual. Go and have fun!
Nothing says country like a kitty catching a few rays on a garden bench!

Nothing says country like a kitty catching a few rays on a garden bench!

Head out this orning and enjoy a nice country drive, meet fellow junkers, greet Larry and Cindy and score soe good junk! You'll be glad you did...


June 25th 9-5 and Saturday June 26th 9-1, at 9650 Harding Ave. Monticello MN.



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RedheadedWahine writes: don't tell me you found that kitty trashed on the side of the road!! She/he's puuurrrrfect! Posted: 5:23 am on July 3rd
CottageElements writes: Ms. Susie Q, I think you may need a new 'puter! That darn "m" seems to be MIA! LOL! What a fabulous sale it was. Larry sure knows how to find the "junk"!

Lani Posted: 1:00 am on June 28th
BlueBarnBird writes: I have never before seen so much great junk. Drove several hours on Friday to get there early. The rain made the drive slow so the place was packed full of cars when I arrived. Of course by the time I got there girls had piles of treasures set aside. I got a few fun finds but the chic coop I had hoped to find was not there. Maybe next time. Posted: 10:35 am on June 27th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Love the kitty and of course the rest of the good junk, too! Will have to try to make it to this sale some day. Sue, are you avoiding typing the letter m on purpose??? 'Fess up now -- just what did you spill on your keyboard????
~Marge Posted: 6:34 pm on June 26th
shamrockerin writes: I love the picture of the cat on the chippy yellow bench. Makes me want to sit back with a good book and a glass of iced tea. :) Posted: 2:13 pm on June 26th
LuAnn writes: Looks like the place to be--too bad I live so far away!


Posted: 10:23 am on June 26th
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