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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Combing rustic elements like crusty junk with beautiful flowers and lovely ribbon produces a look I refer to as rustic elegance.
This beautiful bouquet would be delightful hung in your dining room or living room. I have used fresh florals, but potted plants would also work well.
Presenting the junky beginnings of this project.
A tree cookie, an outdoor faucet handle, a drawer pull, a hanger, and a mystery wire basket that you will have to identify. I actually know what it is this time!
Th flowers include, roses, tulips, dahlias, angel fern, ivy, copper leaf, and miscellaneous fillers of your choosing.  Theyre basically weeds and may make you sneeze--bring a hankie!
First step is to attach hanger to back top of tree cookie with a rusty screw.
Next up, center mystery basket on the center of tree cookie, and attach outdoor faucet handle to cookie holding basket in place.
Run ribbon of choice though wire.  Then, reattach leather and buckle removed from mystery contraption. Tie a square knot in the ribbon and cut ends to desired length.
Line inside of wire basket with sheet moss.
Measure and cut floral foam to fit inside wire basket. Soak the foam in water, slip inside a plastic baggie, then into the wire basket.
Wall mounting is a snap! Screw drawer pull into wall to be threaded with ribbon.
Run ribbon through hanger on wood then through drawer pull. Tie a knot in the back and cut the ends.
If floral arrangements are not your thing, try using your basket as a helmet for your dress form.
Combing rustic elements like crusty junk with beautiful flowers and lovely ribbon produces a look I refer to as rustic elegance.

Combing rustic elements like crusty junk with beautiful flowers and lovely ribbon produces a look I refer to as rustic elegance.

We've all shared many wonderful ideas for fall, so let's get geared up for what lies ahead. Think about crackling fires, woolen blanlets, and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. If this gets you in the mood, take a look at this lovely bouquet fit for a junk queen!

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Comments (19)

bruwi writes: Really awesome, I love it Posted: 1:43 pm on August 11th
shabbychick writes: OK - guess I missed the fun - I was gonna say bread basket, anyway...really wrong...

What a clever creation/arrangement (beautiful flowers!) - and a lovely helmet as well! :?)


Posted: 4:22 pm on October 27th
suewhitney writes: Janis,

Absolutely! Junking with friends is the only way to do it.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 12:17 pm on October 25th
fellowjunker writes: Hey Sue.
Just wanted to tell you that I love it when you do the guessing game thing!! I can't believe the things you find.
Could I go with you junking sometime?
xojanis Posted: 12:11 pm on October 25th
suewhitney writes: We should play this game more often. It's fun. Italianpeasant you are a riot! I'm sorry, but this is not a bustle..haha. Flowerlady 464 and Zamak31 have it. It is indeed a muzzle. Way to go ladies. I think I'll go out and find some more mystery junk now.

Happy junking,
Sue Posted: 10:14 am on October 25th
MimiToria writes: Sue- Once again you made disgarded junk into an element of beauty. Great project idea. Posted: 10:02 am on October 25th
mschuey2 writes: Sue
There have been several great guesses however I think I know the answer!
The wire cage is from a drop cord a.k.a. light bulb on an extension cord.They generally have a hook on them as well for hanging on your car when working under the hood.Am I right?mschuey2 Posted: 11:14 pm on October 24th
flowerlady464 writes: Beautiful arrangement! I'm sure I have seen that wire thing at farm auctions. Is it something they use to keep a calf or lamb from nursing? Posted: 6:42 pm on October 24th
ChinaLaundry writes: It's the Dark Knight's codpiece!

Oh, looks like it would hold food rewards used in training animals or birds. Posted: 5:59 pm on October 24th
zamak31 writes: Gorgeous! The basket is a horse feeding thing - don't know the exact name but it's like a muzzle. Posted: 4:33 pm on October 24th
italianpeasant writes: ok, giggle giggle, is it a bustle :) Posted: 4:30 pm on October 24th
suewhitney writes: Thanks so much for all of your kind words. I do love flowers and think that can brighten even the dreariest of days. Your guesses are all good, but not correct. Keep 'em coming!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 2:28 pm on October 24th
chelseak524 writes: That is a beautiful arrangement. Is it a fencing mask? Gloria Posted: 1:43 pm on October 24th
fellowjunker writes: Absolutely stunning and what an array of unusual items you've used to create it. Sue, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for all the inspiration.
xojanis Posted: 11:17 am on October 24th
junkinhart writes: If it's not a fish basket, I can get mine to work anyway!! Just ran and checked and it will fit just fine against a tree cookie! Never thought of hanging it! Thank you!

Keep inspiring us,
Cindy Posted: 8:28 pm on October 23rd
junkinhart writes: WOW! Absolutely WOW! Love it!!

Is it a fish basket?

Cindy Posted: 8:23 pm on October 23rd
bolmscheid writes: Absolutely gorgeous ... I can't wait to see next month's design! Posted: 8:06 pm on October 23rd
LuAnn writes: Ditto what Georgia said. This is just beautiful! Sure you're not a florist in junkers clothes? You do have the knack. Looking forward to next months delivery. Thanks for showing us how!


PS-what's the wire thingy? Posted: 7:23 pm on October 23rd
georgiamoon writes: Sue, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Honestly I am in LOVE with this arrangement. Once again you have made something that could dress up any occasion or any home. WOW this is a GOOD one!!! Love it to death. Not kidding. Georgia Posted: 6:14 pm on October 23rd
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