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I went to my local Goodwill yesterday and picked up these candle holders (5) and white plates(5). The plates in two different patterns.  There was one TALL candle holder which was $3, the rest $1 . Pretty good haul, I thought! Got to the check out and the girl started wrapping them up and then looked at me sheepishly and asked......"are you a senior citizen?"  (which I am.) She wasn't sure but asked me anyway. So I got another 20% off the total! All came to $9 and some change!!!

GOOD TO BE OLD!   So now I glued the plates to the candle holders and made some cake plates! I never had one, so I get the pick of the "litter"!

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SHABBYPATTY writes: Hi Fellow Junkers, I used Super Crazy Glue. It Dosen't leave a yellow mess. Thanks for all the comments! Posted: 8:25 pm on June 17th
smiller0529 writes: Great job! Posted: 7:28 pm on June 14th
shabbychick writes: Nice cake plates. It's fun to find pieces to mix and match - yours have an elegant look.

I've used Gorilla Glue Epoxy - and it holds really well.

Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Posted: 3:24 pm on June 11th
SantaClaus writes: I want to make some of these too - what glue did you use? TX Posted: 10:42 am on June 11th
RedheadedWahine writes: They look so elegant. You did a nice job. Posted: 6:36 am on June 10th
Remnant writes: What sort of glue did you use? They look fabulous!!!! Posted: 7:08 pm on June 9th
RustyDiva writes: My ex mother-in-law will call me from the thrift store if there is something she knows I'm looking for and then use her senior discount to buy it for me. I got a 4 place setting of Buffalo China (dinner plates, salad and desert plates, bowls and coffee cups) for about $20 bucks. It is good to be a senior!! Congrats on your finds. Posted: 10:10 am on June 9th
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