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October 18th, 2008 in projects     
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Inspirational decor, full of hope.
Inspirational decor, full of hope.

Inspirational decor, full of hope.

The eye-catching pink of October's Breast Cancer Awareness is the perfect focal point for an uplifting prayer, poem, or verse of hope. Whether you are religious or not, well-crafted works of literary or junk origin can motivate the spirit and infuse hope. Combine your love of words, your love of junk, and show your support.

Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter


Vintage grate
Decorative vintage hardware
Prayer or inspirational verse
Vintage door knob

Tool List:

Sandpaper or hand sander
Spray paint
Instant glue

The grate before...


Step 1: Sand away any loose paint chips from grate.

Be sure to wear a mask as most of these pieces are old and may have contained lead paint.

Step 2: Spray with a coat of pink poly to encase remaining paint.

Remember, it can look a little "rough." That's the junker's way!

Step 3: Instant glue metal pieces to top and bottom of grate.

You could pre-drill into the grate and screw the metal bits on, but gluing is a LOT easier (and still funcitonal.)

Step 4: Loop ribbon through back of grate and tie. Repeat for both sides.

The pink ribbon supports the prayer grate--coincidence?

Step 5: Print prayer or inspirational poem on vellum paper and place on grate in center, adhering with magnets. Switch them out as often as you would like, or add a photo.

Step 6: Hang plaque on wall from the vintage doorknob.

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