Jewelry Carousels

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Recycled Treasures Jewelry Carousels
Escutcheon Detail
Hooks Made From Recycled Staples
Recycled Treasures Jewelry Carousels

Recycled Treasures Jewelry Carousels

These jewelry carousels are a fun and easy project.  The bases are marble lamp bases but you can get creative.  Just screw on a crusty spindle or table leg.  The carousel is a lamp shade frame that I've rusted.   The taller white one has a silver lid handle for the top finial and the lamp shade frame hole was small enough to just add the finial.  The shorter one had a lamp shade frame with a larger hole so I used a doorknob escutcheon as a "washer" and then added a vintage porcelain drawer pull as the finial. You could just hang the necklaces on the frame but I like to use double sided hooks so that I can have the necklace and matching earrings together.  I made the hooks by bending recycled long rusty staples that I pulled from various salvage projects.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Sherri Spear
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RanchDressing writes: so pretty and clever! Posted: 11:23 am on May 10th
vanj writes: AGAIN AWESOME!!!

VANESSA Posted: 12:01 pm on May 6th
redoit writes: These are fantastic. You are very cleaver Posted: 12:41 am on May 6th
junktiqueboutique writes: I love this. My church called me to clean out all the trophies in the storage area so I have a ton of marble trophy bases. They also have the hole already in it so I can attach a spindle easyily. THANK YOU THANK YOU for a great idea. Posted: 7:03 pm on May 5th
crayzmadre writes: I love might work well with old skinny lamps, too! Posted: 5:17 pm on May 5th
RustyDiva writes: Shabi-l-i-cious!!!!! Posted: 5:04 pm on May 5th
Christina_S writes: Love these, they look so cool and are functional too! Great use for old spindles and lamp shade skeletons. Posted: 3:36 pm on May 5th
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