Triumph Door Knocker

April 20th, 2010 in member junk     
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Front view of the finished knocker. It works like a charm, swings easy and makes a thundering knock.
Side view
The hinges mounted.
Parts: This was a piece of an industrial Triumph mower my ex wife found in a field by the house several years ago and I finally got around to using it.
More Parts: A couple of hinges made it all possible. I cut the posts off the brass hinge and drilled a hole for a bolt in the old painted cabinet hinge.
Front view of the finished knocker. It works like a charm, swings easy and makes a thundering knock.

Front view of the finished knocker. It works like a charm, swings easy and makes a thundering knock.

Well I have been a member for awhile, mostly stealing ideas, but finally decided to start posting. This is a simple door knocker I made from a piece of junk my ex wife found for me several years ago. It was lying in a field and I believe it was from an old mower or tractor; it has Triumph engraved on the back and had a small jagged blade on it that I removed. 

It makes a great knocker and I love the way it looks on the door. I used a couple of hinges to make the striker plate and the knocker hinge. More projects to come.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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MimiToria writes: lol Ahhh, being a farm girl comes in handy on this one. GreenColleen is right, this is part of a hay mower blade from a piece of farm equipment. Would explain why it was laying in a field when the ex found it.
This is a great example of re purposing a piece of junk into something that is innovative, fresh and fun at the same time. My hubby drives a Triumph motorcycle too, so your post caught my eye when I saw the words Triumph.
Definitely a one-of-a-kind door knocker creation.
Gretchen Posted: 9:53 pm on April 23rd
ninnarae writes: This is a really cool door knocker- great project! Posted: 6:27 pm on April 23rd
greencolleen writes: my father in law was a blacksmith in iowa. when we inherited the shop there was a bunch of these,[i wanted them, they thought i was crazy] i believe they are mower guards i have about 10 of them mine are somewhat more rusted tho with aho1586 on back. and they are dang heavy. great idea i may have to borrow it ;). Posted: 12:54 pm on April 22nd
oldnews writes: This is the coolest thing I've seen in awhile! I love the idea that nobody else in the world is gonna have one like it! Really, really great!! Marie Posted: 9:26 am on April 22nd
alicemom writes: Great knocker!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:20 pm on April 21st
RustyDiva writes: Very creative door knocker! I thought it was an animal at first too - resembles a lizard. :) Great idea using the hinges too. Glad you're posting - we need some more "boy" thinking on here. It helps expand our horizons! Posted: 10:07 am on April 21st
Born_in_a_barn writes: Thanks everyone, Melody: cool thing about this was the only tools were a hand drill, metal snips and a file.
Jim: Thanks, I am a big fan of your creations, you have a great style. Actually she was my wife when she gave me the junk, not sure I would want anything she would give me now. lol Posted: 7:42 pm on April 20th
JunkArchitect writes: BIAB, what a great industrial/farm door knocker you created. Fantastic finish and it looks perfect on your door. For some reason my ex-wife never gives me a present, not even a piece of junk!

Posted: 4:25 pm on April 20th
bluebucket writes: Very cool. Love the shape looking at it straight on. The side view looks like a lizard or some creature. Again, very cool.
doreen Posted: 3:32 pm on April 20th
MakinItHappen writes: Love your one-of-a-kind door knocker!!! Posted: 3:16 pm on April 20th
racers7 writes: I love the metal and it must be loud! I wish I had the tools and access to finish up some cool metal projects...that's awesome! Melody Posted: 2:21 pm on April 20th
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