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They are beautiful to me just as they are...tiny and round...little cylinder rolls of cardboard.
Paintem and they are still beautiful...I like the ones I dipped in the paint and let it run down. Of course, I love the lime green painted ones.
OK, now promise you want laugh at my necklace making to hear ya say it! I promise!
Remember you promised!
Now thats a pretty little adding machine paper roll bead...I promise!
They are beautiful to me just as they are...tiny and round...little cylinder rolls of cardboard.

They are beautiful to me just as they are...tiny and round...little cylinder rolls of cardboard.

I'm an art teacher and that's a good excuse for saving all sorts of things. For years I have had a box of old adding machine paper  that my  husband tossed my way when he left a job. After 20 years I felt it was time to use that paper! So recently my students created streamers from the paper to dance with...yes, in my art room we dance! The students were excited about the streamers, and the dancing, but I was more excited about the little rolls that were leftover! They are gorgeous little things! And I am reusing those babies!!

Pattern or design used: My own design
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ninnarae writes: Those look great...such cool little pieces! Posted: 5:46 pm on April 23rd
artteachergirl writes: Lezlee I am so sorry about your student, breaks my heart for you, and your school family.
I am making a point to to plan, but don't always get around to carrying through. I've decided to just do it! After dancing all day at school, I'm a bit too worn out to create sometimes. But I will!!! Posted: 6:54 am on April 20th
Prior writes: I love these and I love that you've been very creative lately and that you and Marie dance with the kids... One of our kids lost his life in accident Saturday and we cried at school today. There is a time to dance and a time to weep. Lezlee Posted: 9:08 pm on April 19th
MakinItHappen writes: Amen to that! I want to be reincarnated and be in you gals' classes! Posted: 12:17 pm on April 19th
RustyDiva writes: I think you did a great job with your jewelry. I love the little roles too and they look a lot bigger in the first picture. The thickness of them is really cool too. Great job! We should ALL dance on our jobs ~ every day!!!! How inspiring to your students and what a great memory of you they will grow up with ~ I would never forget you!!! Posted: 10:35 am on April 19th
artteachergirl writes: Thanks Marie!I'll bet we were separated twins...separated by lots of years I am sure, because I am old! I just love these little things...only my junkin' twin would understand. Time to go to work so I can dance...Vicki Posted: 6:55 am on April 19th
oldnews writes: Ooooh La La, I love these! I swear, we must be twins separated at birth! That's right up my alley! And, a dancing art teacher too! Doesn't get any better than that! My class has been doing hip hop for PE and I'm known to burst into song in class on a moments notice! I love your necklaces, so keep up the great work! Marie Posted: 2:39 am on April 19th
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