A Witches Broom

April 8th, 2010 in member junk     
emw1203 emw1203, member
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Just in case one broom won't start, have a back up.


I meant to post this in the Fall but never got around to it with commuting to NY State. But this is just an ordinary broom that I spray painted black. Now you could use an old bicycle seat or do what my boyfriend did using some old wood laying around & cutting out a seat. The black lace is glued on to give it some feminity. I actually took the lace off of an old sliip. The cutout cat comes from a craft store and that's a chevy key that was broken off and glued on but cut a groove so the key can rest in it. So this summer if you're yardsailing and see a broom, now you have another decoration for Hallowwen.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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emw1203 writes: Thanks, I found an old bicycle seat someone was throwing out so I think nI will make another but use the real seat insead of the wood. Posted: 1:01 pm on September 16th
MakinItHappen writes: Very clever! Posted: 11:50 am on April 13th
tomatosisters writes: This is awesome!! I am really into Halloween and this is great!! I will be making one for sure. Posted: 5:26 pm on April 8th
RustyDiva writes: Very cute. We are having a Halloween party next year and I'll have to make one of these. Thanks for the instructions. Posted: 4:07 pm on April 8th
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