Junk, Glorious JUNK!!!!!!!!!! Part 2

March 31st, 2010 in member junk     
shamrockerin shamrockerin, member
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old Bingo boards w/ wooden number pieces
some vintage dolls
vintage flocked Santa- he was quite dirty so I had to clean him.
The 2 vintage snowmen each had a price sticker of $10 (like someone had tried selling them at a tag sale or antique store). Theyre charming, but I have no idea if theyre actually worth that much.
The Shortbread Fingers tin. Just liked the image on it.
a bunch of vintage books. There were some old Hardy Boys books from the 1920s in there, and I gave them to my boyfriend since he collects them.
There are also some Donna Parker books- never heard of those ones before, but I love the cover illustrations.
old Bingo boards w/ wooden number pieces

old Bingo boards w/ wooden number pieces

More stuff from my haul today at the Crumpton auction- all FREE of course

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GrammaScrapper writes: oh my goodness, i remember those! Posted: 11:02 am on April 3rd
fellowjunker writes: Great stuff!
xojanis Posted: 1:44 pm on April 2nd
junkermidge writes: Oh, you are GOOD!
Midge Posted: 9:08 pm on April 1st
lakelover69 writes: SCORE!!!!!!!! Posted: 5:09 pm on April 1st
shamrockerin writes: AliceMom, You may have the bingo stuff if you want it. I'll give it to you for free, if you'll just pay for the shipping. Feel free to email me at: shamrockgirl18@yahoo.com Posted: 3:14 pm on April 1st
alicemom writes: You lucky duck! I NEED the bingo buttons!
smiles, alice Posted: 12:40 pm on April 1st
MakinItHappen writes: I'm so envious of your auction; that's rare to find so much free stuff. Posted: 10:40 am on April 1st
RustyDiva writes: I'm just reeling from the fact that this was all free!! The auction I used to go to here would charge for the trash (and I mean TRASH) even if it was a couple of bucks, they made SOMETHING off of it. You lucky lucky girl! Way to go. Posted: 10:16 am on April 1st
racers7 writes: Such junkalicious finds! I love the tin and the books (I probably would have kept them to read :)) Melody Posted: 8:46 am on April 1st
suewhitney writes: Yeah for junk!!!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 8:25 am on April 1st
itsnotjunk2me writes: Love all your goods! I have the same doll from my childhood with the striped orange dress...i think its a part of the Barbie doll line.
judi ;) Posted: 11:16 pm on March 31st
oldnews writes: I have that same shortbread tin!! He is quite dashing isn't he?!! Marie Posted: 9:47 pm on March 31st
ninnarae writes: Great stuff- I always go for anything Bingo! Posted: 6:23 pm on March 31st
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