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March 22nd, 2010 in member junk     
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This is a burner of some kind, and it weighs a ton! Another find that will stand up to our wind!
I brought it straight home and put it in an planter.
I LOVE this one too! It also weighs many, many pounds, but I had to have it! I dont have a clue what it was for originally. It says Murillo on it, which tells me nothin!! :)
This little beauty didnt come from the scrap yard, but from a recent flea market. It was the end of the day and I picked it up really cheap! Lucky me, because I wanted it and would have paid more! :)
Brought it home, hung it up,  stuck some lobelia in it and its done. I am SO glad spring is finally here!
This is a burner of some kind, and it weighs a ton! Another find that will stand up to our wind!

This is a burner of some kind, and it weighs a ton! Another find that will stand up to our wind!

Garden junk from the scrap yard!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - marie wirth
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oldnews writes: Thanks Rob! Now when people ask - and they always do - I have an answer! :) Marie Posted: 10:37 pm on March 24th
RobJ98167 writes: The Murillo is a burner from a Turkey Fryer, or some other kind of gas appliance (They also use them for big soup cookers and deep fatfryers I believe). I recognized it immediateley from my turkey fryers! Very cool find Posted: 9:26 pm on March 24th
chippingcharm writes: I love garden junk! You got some great stuff :) Laurel Posted: 7:32 pm on March 24th
oldnews writes: RustyDiva, I KNOW you love that rust too! We would probably have a HARD time shopping together! I'm in California, so we only really have a month or two that we aren't pretty green. Right now, that's about the ONLY good thing about living here!! :) Posted: 2:12 pm on March 23rd
RustyDiva writes: How does your yard look all green and pretty already? Ya know I love the rusty yard art!!! Posted: 12:34 pm on March 23rd
racers7 writes: Yayyyy...I love your garden burner and "thingamajig" but it looks wonderful and aged! Melody Posted: 10:13 am on March 23rd
cindyb82 writes: These are neat-o! The last picture (that you bought at a flea market) is what my father in-law called a corn planter. I have one displayed in my home that belonged to him (and it still has some seeds in it :). He used it to replant seeds in his garden the spots where seeds didn't sprout.

Thanks to all for the inspirationional posts! :) Cindy Posted: 9:09 am on March 23rd
suewhitney writes: Cool beans Marie! I LOVE that burner thingy and all the rest of your garden goodies. Happy Spring!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 7:25 am on March 23rd
LadyCatherine writes: Very, Very Cool....It looks adorable in your garden Posted: 5:42 am on March 23rd
vanj writes: i just want to pack my bags and move on in with you. im gonna go to our scrap yard. this is awsome stuff !!!!!!!!!!! Posted: 4:59 am on March 23rd
bluebucket writes: Love junk in the garden and yours is all great, especially the burner.
doreen Posted: 10:54 pm on March 22nd
ninnarae writes:
Just love your awesome burner- so cool! Posted: 10:03 pm on March 22nd
alicemom writes: GOSH DARN MARIE,
SMILES, ALICE Posted: 8:27 pm on March 22nd
54girl writes: Cool stuff!! I'm so jealous of your beautiful yard. Can't wait to dig into some dirt. Love it all!! Mary Posted: 8:22 pm on March 22nd
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