Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

March 19th, 2010 in member junk     
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Check out my new coffee table!  The logo I used was from the 50s or 60s.... Im guessing a bit here. 
Heres a top view of the logo & design.  I sanded down the top & stained it with ebony stain... the sides of the cart I just sanded & topped with clear polyurethane.
Heres an in-progress shot of the top on sawhorses...after Ive sanded it a bit.
Heres all the parts I removed while refinishing the wood.  Two sets of wheels, brackets for the four corner posts, a couple of axles... I chose to leave off the corner posts.  Perhaps Ill save them for another junky project!
Heres a shot of the wheels in progress.  The one on the left has been cleaned with a wire brush attachment (for my drill) and some WD40.  The one on the right still needs help!
Check out my new coffee table!  The logo I used was from the 50s or 60s.... Im guessing a bit here. 

Check out my new coffee table!  The logo I used was from the 50's or 60's.... I'm guessing a bit here. 

Here's an idea for turning an old industrial cart into a coffee table...probably not a new idea, but I figured I'd share my take on this.  I refinished this one using a retro logo from my Dad & Grandpa's old business.. but I think the table would be cool just cleaned up a bit, without all the refinishing.  

I got a pretty good deal on the cart at Sandwich Antiques Market...$100.  Recently I saw them for sale for around $500 at another flea market.  The sad thing for me though.. is that I could have had 6-10 of these for free when my Dad sold his business.  To bad I wasn't as into junk at the time! 

Pattern or design used: My own design - Second Chance Art & Accessories
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reuserabuser writes: I have this exact cart. It has been sitting in my garage for about 6 months waiting on me to complete. I have sanded the wood and that is just about it. You have inspired me to get back on it. Thanks for sharing, your table is beautiful. Posted: 9:26 am on February 1st
Sushikay writes: Very cool! My sister has one of these old carts for a coffee table. It's really heavy! I wish she would give it to me! ;D Posted: 1:03 pm on June 5th
BillyJo writes: This is so cool. I would have never thought of a coffee table. Thanks for sharing! Posted: 10:39 am on May 16th
Born_in_a_barn writes: This is awesome. Love the whole thing, logo, wheels, everything. I have just been inspired :-) Posted: 5:01 pm on April 22nd
sandyrae writes: I love the logo! What a way to hold on to a family memory. Posted: 10:58 am on April 22nd
shabbychick writes: Fabulous table - it looks like a labor of love!

Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Posted: 11:17 am on March 23rd
suewhitney writes: This is superb! Love, love, love. Very well thought out and beautifully executed. I have a spot in my house if you ever get sick of it. Ah, hahaha!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 8:31 am on March 23rd
chippingcharm writes: This is wonderful! Laurel Posted: 10:16 am on March 20th
bluebucket writes: Excellent job. What a beautiful piece you now have in your home.
doreen Posted: 11:24 pm on March 19th
alicemom writes: Boy howdy,
You did a beautiful job! Love all the family history too.
smiles, alice Posted: 11:08 pm on March 19th
ninnarae writes: This is very cool- and I especially love that you used a logo with family history! Posted: 9:44 pm on March 19th
oldnews writes: I love your table and the family history that it represents! You did an amazing job on it! Marie Posted: 9:21 pm on March 19th
MakinItHappen writes: Beautiful work! Posted: 8:36 pm on March 19th
kenziebr writes: Wow! This is fabulous! So jealous, but so happy for you! Great job on the redoing of it! Posted: 6:55 pm on March 19th
54girl writes: Love this!! It turned out beautiful!! Love those wheels!! Good job!! Mary Posted: 1:57 pm on March 19th
racers7 writes: I love the wheels and vintage look-super impressed with your handy skills! Melody Posted: 1:45 pm on March 19th
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