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I picked up this roll of "army green' twill at a sale.  Looks like the kind of material used for 'draw-string' pants.  I couldn't just leave it there, but I've racked my little brain and can't come up with any brilliant plans for it!    The roll is 11 1/4" in diameter and the twill is 1" wide.

Suggestions, ideas and/or comments welcomed!

P.S.  It could be yours for a small 're-homing' fee!

Pattern or design used: Not specified
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greencolleen writes: ok love the color cause ya know its green ;). that looks like really sturdy stuff so i would go with the woven thing. like chair seat or basket do like the idea of lamp shade. and bec 4 ideas are great. good luck Posted: 4:45 pm on March 19th
CottageElements writes: Could it be used to make a woven rug? Not sure if the material would be heavy enough to withstand the wear. Or it would be great for use in making belts with a fun buckle, or purse straps. Very fun find for sure!

Laniw Posted: 12:22 am on March 17th
Carolvn writes: I'll be happy to take that off your hands! Just let me know what the "re-homing fee" will be! Posted: 9:49 pm on March 16th
junk_grandma writes: How about covering a lampshade with it -- round and round. Would look great in a young man's room. All of the other ideas are also fabulous! Posted: 9:16 pm on March 16th
curlyrachel writes: i'm not sure i can offer more suggestions than the other commenters. i could see using it like ribbon in scrapbooking or card making. you could bind a book together with it.

and if you've got too much on your hands, i'll take some of it for sure!! :) email me and let me know. :) Posted: 8:49 pm on March 16th
bluejean writes: You can use a rubber stamp and stamp words on it and use it like ribbon for packages. Posted: 8:08 pm on March 16th
MakinItHappen writes: You can use it as ribbon for tying tags on things or wrapping presents. You can tie up your delphiniums or sweet peas. You could wrap it around a frame holding a photo of your favorite soldier. Posted: 4:32 pm on March 16th
rusticdiva writes: I also think it would be great if used on a chair seat or back. Lucky find! Posted: 3:26 pm on March 16th
hangonharvey writes: I've seen strips of this type of material used to clip photographs on and then hung it on the wall. Posted: 3:17 pm on March 16th
alicemom writes: I will be watching for your projects. Miss Bec4 has some great iedas!
smiles, alice Posted: 3:16 pm on March 16th
Bec4 writes: You could weave it for a chair seat or back or weave it in an empty picture frame and add clips for a memo board. Could also be used for little roses, much like the zipper roses out there. Good luck! Posted: 3:10 pm on March 16th
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