Need ideas for this wood column I found in trash?

August 11th, 2010 in member junk     
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wood beam

wood beam

Discovered this in the trash and snatched it up. After cleaning off the mud and excess paint, I unearthed this fabulous time-worn green and white natural bleached color bannister/beam.. Its 6 feet tall and probably was a column outside or a tall stair rail? How can I use it now? I've thought of a coat rack but we live in Sunny Florida and don't need one really.

Thanks, Tammy

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GrammyChris writes: My Idea would be attach it to the wall somehow, and get a vintage arm, and hang a plant there. Also, you could use it to put a bird house on. Posted: 3:44 pm on March 9th
ried writes: the post is vey cool. i am not sure what you can do with it in sunny florida. Posted: 12:58 pm on November 21st
treasuresfromtheshed writes: I love all of the other comments and I am curious to see what you do. My dream would be to use it aa a welcome post for the entrance to your home. The old days would have had it at the beginning of the sidewalk to your house...maybe hang a sign with your families name and yr of house maybe...just another idea. Posted: 1:09 pm on August 19th
2poor2payRetail writes: Thanks guys. You've got me thinking or curtain rod? I love the visuals you are creating. Thanks so much. And of course, a shout out to MakingItHappen for being sweet and saying, leave it where it lies! Posted: 10:18 pm on August 11th
MakinItHappen writes: It looks great right there! Posted: 4:08 pm on August 11th
konarskio writes: I would turn it into a bird feeder/flower basket stand. I would plant some bird attracting flowers in a hanging basktet, and hang them at different levels along with a couple of bird feeders. It would look great just outside a window for the whole family to see. I would put the base of the pole in a large pot/container...cement it in place. And fill the remainder of the pot with more flowers. It's just a thought. Posted: 2:19 pm on August 11th
RustyDiva writes: You could take the coat rack concept except use it for towels in the bathroom. It would make great table legs if you wanted to cut it down or use it as a curtain rod over a window. Just attach it with some sturdy brackets and drape shears or fabric around it and let it hang off the ends and puddle on the floor. Posted: 10:57 am on August 11th
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