AA/JMS Vintage Redesign Jewelry #3

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MimiToria Gretchen Schaumann, contributor
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Just created this necklace with a mix of found elements.
A red French broken rosary -
Miriam Haskell grey vintage glass baroque pearls -
vintage optical lense (the real deal - not a reproduction)
vintage elements and wire
Red, grey and black are my choice of colors on this piece.
Vintage encyclopedia of the word forgiven was used to create a bird clipart representing freedom and new life on the optical lense.
Hand wire-wrapped to create a bail.
Top part of the necklace is shown here.
Ive chosen to use the religious medal portion of the crucifix, and have added additional vintage elements to this portion.
A better shot of this area.
Ive chosen to keep the original made in France tag intact to create a more authentic feel to this piece.
There is a combination of rosary chain connections as well as hand wire wrapped links in this design.
Entire necklace shown here is a perfect choice for someone that isnt shy about their faith.  I love how the red rosary beads represents the blood and the forgiven in the focal is all about the details in my creations.  So fun, but obviously, this piece will beckon to a specific buyer.
Just created this necklace with a mix of found elements.

Just created this necklace with a mix of found elements.

I am a vintage redesign jewelry designer that has been creating treasures for others for 14 years.  I truly enjoy creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique and fun to wear.  Enjoyment comes from working with vintage elements, found objects, semi-precious gemstones, unique beads, and vintage hardware pieces.  I have a line of pieces that involve one's faith, and always try to have a few choices of these pieces available to my customers when it is show-time.   This is an example one such piece.  I purchased a small stash of these at a recent show, and this is the first one I've created in with the vintage optical eye glass piece.  Years ago, I had ordered some online to use, and when they arrived they were reproduction, and never did use them, so when these became available I was excited and ready to put to use.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Gretchen Schaumann
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CottageElements writes: Gretchen, all your jewelry at AAJMS was eye candy. Oh-la-la! And fortunately I was able to snag a piece. You've done it again, girlfriend!

Lani Posted: 5:57 am on October 25th
oldnews writes: Wow. It's breathtaking! Marie Posted: 8:19 am on October 18th
vanj2558 writes: Gretchen, Gretchen, Gretchen . . . This is why I love your designs. Your thinking outside the box ! ! ! Every piece that you create sings to me and I am positive to LOTS of others. Precious my junkin friend!

Vanessa Posted: 5:43 pm on October 13th
leesee64 writes: I am always in awe of your jewelry...LOVE IT ALL! Posted: 5:19 pm on October 13th
alicemom writes: Gretchen,
You are such a clever bird! Love the jewels! I is wonderful.
smiles, alice Posted: 9:55 am on October 13th
byabpryor writes: Oh Gretchen this is si beautiful. I love using rosaries in my jewelry. This truly captures the Spirit which was freely given. I really love this peace (not a typo)

.. Posted: 8:23 am on October 13th
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