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February 15th, 2010 in blog, member junk     
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This lettered coat rack is just my style.  Vintage. Rustic. Simple. Cool. 
There she sews!  Well, not anymore.  When I found this old sewing cabinet at a local Goodwill last year, she was completely empty.   
Materials required:

Sewing cabinet top
Burlap Sack
Coat hooks (I heart coat hooks)

Additional supplies such as a stapler, glue gun, ruler and dare I say...(gulp) a power drill, are also needed. 
Once I removed the lid from the top of the cabinet, I immediately envisioned a frame of sorts.  Simply add hooks to each side using your power drill.   
Measure twice, cut once.  Be sure to add an additional 1/4 on each side of your corkboard to allow for the added bulk of the wrapped burlap.  (My pencil is trying to tell you something.)  
There are ways to acquire coffee bean and general purpose burlap sacks very inexpensively.  I found a box of sacks at a barn sale for about $.25 each, simply because they had been sliced open along the side seam.  Therefore workers could easily spill the beans.  Im so glad they did. ;)
Cut your burlap to fit the piece of corkboard, leaving an extra inch or so to wrap around and secure it to the back.  I used a stapler as a temporary hold, then applied hot glue with my gun.   
The indentations from the lid hinges give it a nice natural detail. 
A sewing detail remains.  Look closely and you can see a measuring ruler along the one edge of the frame.  Love that!
I will NOT be like my mother.  I will NOT be like my mother.  Growing up, my mom could never find her keys.  Argggh.   
 I love my mom. :) 
Looks like my board is ready for grocery lists, notes, and to-do lists to be added! What do you say?   
My first project from the cabinet was a little magnetic organizer for my 10-year-old daughters room.  The polka-dotted sewing pedal fit right in with her decorating style.  See the full post at 
This lettered coat rack is just my style.  Vintage. Rustic. Simple. Cool. 

This lettered coat rack is just my style.  Vintage. Rustic. Simple. Cool. 

I purchased an old sewing machine cabinet for a song this past year.  Since I really didn't have the space for it as a table, I decided to create very functional pieces from it for my home.  This would be project #2.      

Pattern or design used: My own design -
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