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February 10th, 2010 in member junk     
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My husband and I dismantled our old workbench, and among the parts left are these six heavy galvanized drawers. However, I'm drawing a blank trying to figure out what they want to be next. I'd appreciate some ideas from all you imaginative junkers out there.

The deepest ones are only about 5 inches, so they wouldn't make good planters; or would they? Thank you for any input.

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bubbasmom writes: I'm a little late with the post but you could legs in the upright position and use for potting plants ,a cooler etc.Or attach the back end of the drawers with handles to the outside,put legs on it,long or short.You could put it up or down.If in the up position ,you could put glass on the top and put "stuff" inside. Posted: 11:59 pm on February 27th
nanalori writes: mount one on a wall, add glass shelves for a display box. They are great to add pebbles for orchid pots!
My first thought was to make a new frame from old wood to make 2 rolling shelves. Posted: 3:45 am on February 17th
MakinItHappen writes: Wow, you guys rock! Thank you, thank you, for so many great ideas. One thing I neglected to mention is that these babies are big and HEAVY! They are about 17" X 24" and we haven't seen galvanized this thick before. Just for fun, I put on of the larger ones on my bathroom scale and it weighed 13.6 lbs! So, I won't be hanging any of them on the wall (I don't have much wall space anyway), but I did put a couple of them to use already. I'll post some pics of what I did with them.

I also had three wooden drawers from the same workbench, which I will show on a separate post. Thanks again, everyone! Posted: 9:39 pm on February 14th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Like GreenColleen, my first thought was adding castors to the bottoms. Slide them under the bed, coffee table or just leave them on a counter or shelf to hold stuff. It's great that you saved them!
Candy Posted: 9:54 pm on February 13th
DumpsterDecorators writes: I like the planter and memo board ideas. Of course, you could use one to display neat little finds. Posted: 8:13 am on February 12th
54girl writes: How much fun are you going to have with these! Everyone had such good ideas. Great find!! Enjoy! Mary Posted: 3:32 pm on February 11th
Prior writes: So cool, I think you needto put shelf brackets under them, with the drawer pulls facing the sides, to use the pulls to hold things through them or attach things with rings, and make them alternate, so every other side will have some green drawers with pulls, the galvanized part in the front is a good flat surface to label what is in each drawer... Display it inside or out, just make sure it can be seen from all 3 sides... Lezlee Posted: 12:18 pm on February 11th
IMMAJUNKER2 writes: I say stack em! Protect them from the elements and stack them any whichway and use them for planters. Posted: 10:10 am on February 11th
greencolleen writes: i would put castors on these and use for muddy shoes and boots ;).or hang on wall as a shelf. good luck looks like a lot of fun. Posted: 12:04 am on February 11th
chippingcharm writes: first thought was memoboard too...but I've been know to turn anything into a memoboard ;) I like the serving tray idea too. Laurel Posted: 9:40 pm on February 10th
artteachergirl writes: How about sending them to me, junkin' friend? No,I wouldn't do that to ya.
This would require a bit of drilling and you might not want to do that, but how about turning at least one into a bird feeder? Drill a few small holes in the bottom for drainage and drill each corner to hook a chain in and there you have it...hang it up! Posted: 9:38 pm on February 10th
itsnotjunk2me writes: Um...I could send you my address- hehe I <3 ANYthing galvanized!

I think all the ideas so far are grand. I like the memo board idea or shadow box. You could also put it on a coffee table and layer some other decor with it...river rocks w/pillar candles or pinecones. How about using it for a serving tray!

~judi ;) Posted: 5:38 pm on February 10th
SnowmanHill writes: I love these, and they are magnetic! You could hang one on the wall for a message board with magnets, super cool, lucky you!

dana Posted: 4:32 pm on February 10th
RustyDiva writes: Hmmmm let's could make shadow box tables out of them. Just add legs and a glass top or hang them on the wall like cobblecreek suggested and put mirror glass on the back to reflect whatever you display. They would also make a great soil holder for a potting bench. Just attach them from the underside somehow. They would make a great holder for firewood too. Keeps the mess down inside. Let us know what you do with them. Posted: 4:09 pm on February 10th
cobblecreek writes: Love those! How about hanging them on a wall, (with the handle at the top). Use them for row of slim vases with a tulip for springtime, candlesticks... the possibilities are endless. Posted: 2:50 pm on February 10th
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