"Springing" for the Wine...

March 19th, 2019 in member junk     
chippingcharm Laurel Putman, contributor
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I used words like Cherish, Lovely, Wish, and Delight.
I added a little bling and ribbon to this cool black and white wine box...plan B if Im out of springs...
Here they are displayed on the porch.
I chose HOME for my charm...since I plan to keep this one on display at my house until the need arises.  The tag, key and pretty button were secured easily with a little bit of ribbon...
Time for a close up...I think theyre kind of cute even without the wine...
I used words like Cherish, Lovely, Wish, and Delight.

I used words like Cherish, Lovely, Wish, and Delight.

Need a fun way to present your wine as a gift for the "Hostess with the Most-est"...

Don't you just love having something in mind or on-hand when you get invited to a last minute get together?  Me too...that's why I was so excited when this idea "sprang" up...sorry, bad I know...I think it's contagious :)

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Laurel Putman...Chipping Charm
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Comments (18)

fellowjunker writes: Love, love, love these Laurel. Best of luck with your selling....I know you'll do fabulously!
xojanis Posted: 4:02 pm on February 12th
junkfestgirl writes: How creative! I love these! Best wishes with your new venture! Posted: 10:41 pm on February 11th
Prior writes: Black and White, very classy... I saw a bed springs at an abandoned house awhile back and didn't get it, because not everyone enjoys all my finds, but sure wish I had. Wonderful post! Lezlee Posted: 9:31 pm on February 11th
TinTinJunkFan writes: Wonderful idea, looks terrific, lots of luck! Posted: 12:05 pm on February 11th
MimiToria writes: Excellent Laurel! This is so great. Hoping to see you at your shop sometime this week-end.
Gretchen Posted: 7:29 pm on February 10th
junkermidge writes: Laurel,you're right! They are adorable with or without the wine. Such an original idea. I bet they'll fly out of your booth, I hope you have backup springs. So happy for your new venture.
Midge Posted: 6:24 pm on February 10th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This is a darling idea, Laurel. Best wishes on your new endeavor!

Candy Posted: 5:04 pm on February 10th
georgiamoon writes: Congratulations Laurel for taking the plunge! You are so creative and I know these will be a big hit this weekend. Let us know how the sale goes, were all rooting for you! Love Georgia Posted: 2:17 pm on February 10th
RustyDiva writes: Love the new creative use for the bed springs! I would buy from your booth ~ good luck with it but I don't think you need any cause you definitely have talent!!!

Kenda Posted: 9:58 am on February 10th
CottageElements writes: Great post, Laurel. Another fab reuse for those bed springs! Very creative and very pretty.

Lani Posted: 9:35 am on February 10th
shabbychick writes: Laurel - you're such a clever Valentine!!! This is such a cute idea, and something that could be used for any occasion! Those old springs are so cool - and simple too!

I saw a pick-up truck the other day in a parking lot that had an old bedspring in the back (with some other junk)...if I wouldn't have been on vacation (and had more room), I would have waited until the owner came out and asked if they wanted to sell it - darn! :)

Good luck to you and your friend! Thanks for the peek at your space - it looks fabulous!


Happy V-Day to you!! Posted: 8:30 am on February 10th
roadtriplouise writes: Perfect junking valentine gift ideas.
Posted: 9:54 pm on February 9th
JunkArchitect writes: Laurel, this is the perfect party gift for all the wine drinking junkers out there.
Your porch space looks very inviting…good luck.

Posted: 2:47 pm on February 9th
54girl writes: This is great Laurel! And good for you for deciding to sell your stuff. You always have neat ideas!! Will have to check that shop out too when we are in the cities. Great Job!! Mary Posted: 12:53 pm on February 9th
ninnarae writes: Laurel- this is a really creative idea! I know you'll do well with your new space- it looks great! Have fun!! Posted: 12:46 pm on February 9th
grannijo writes: Laurel:...love the idea!..and the black and white...I have taken the plunge too..it has always been my dream!...good luck!!..I saved some springs and now I know why...thanks for sharing...sharon Posted: 12:15 pm on February 9th
alicemom writes: Laurel, VERY CLEVER and darling to boot! I am so glad you are now selling your darling things. Brave girl not just dare cute stuff! Kudos for taking the plunge.
smiles, alice Posted: 12:07 pm on February 9th
SnowmanHill writes: Laurel, this is such a great idea, love the look! Good luck on selling your goods, I'm sure you will spring into action, and succeed. Yes, it is contagious.

:-) Posted: 11:55 am on February 9th
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