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February 10th, 2010 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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The perfect Valentine for your Love Shack.
All the hearts are cut from the sheet metal of an old Coca-Cola cooler.

Sweetie Pie, Honey Bun, Baby Cakes, Sugar, Sweetheart, Hot Thang.

OK, I would never hack-up an old Coke cooler unless there was NO hope for recovery. When you see the photo of the bottom you’ll understand. And the other side has a big hole in it. But with some surgical snipping the rusty old thing became a heart donor.

Jeez, this is the crustiest piece of junk I have EVER used in a project. This is the bottom of the cooler…nice huh?

By un-crimping the top seam the galvanized interior liner pulled right out.

The small heart is cut from the rusted-out cooler bottom and the larger from the galvanized interior.

Miscellaneous odds and ends from the junk pile.

The old metal letters were painted white, distressed and then RUSTED.
Concept Sketch

Happy Valentines Day...Sugar!

The perfect Valentine for your Love Shack.
All the hearts are cut from the sheet metal of an old Coca-Cola cooler.

The perfect Valentine for your Love Shack.

All the hearts are cut from the sheet metal of an old Coca-Cola cooler.

Photo: Jim Healy JunkArchitect (copyright 2010)

Who would have thought that with a little sheet metal surgery a rescued Coca-Cola cooler would be given a second chance at life. This rusty relic was found wasting away in an old roadside shack. Years ago the poor thing might not have made it but with the huge advancements in tin-snip-surgery it pulled through.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy JunkArchitect (copyright 2010)
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JunkArchitect writes: Hi deedee, I do sell my pieces so don't hesitate to ask if you see something you like.

Posted: 9:45 am on July 17th
deedee62 writes: wow this is an awesome piece of art!!I just found you on here and am already a fan of your work. Very talented.Do you sell your pieces? Would love to know :) Dee Posted: 12:04 pm on July 3rd
JunknStuff writes: OK, 1st of all...dang...I like, never thought I was gonna get to the bottom of the list of comments! Hahaa! 2nd of all...cutest thing EV-ERRR!! I admit that I was horrified at first to see that you cut this cooler up...then I read your comment as to why. Great way to salvage this beast! Love it like you wouldn't believe! Way to go, mayne! Posted: 11:15 am on September 1st
TrashyChick writes: Soooo cool! Another amazing piece from my favorite junk artist. TC Posted: 11:44 pm on July 6th
grabe writes: In love with this!!! Did you buy a special product to rust it? I want to do that to some of my things? Posted: 7:08 am on May 17th
OLDcrowAntiques writes: Just saw this !
Jim, buddy, you're a man w/vision ! Posted: 9:21 am on February 19th
suewhitney writes: So Jimbo...how many marriage proposald did you receive over this one? Absolutely fabulous!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:50 am on February 15th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Jim,
Amazing!!! Absolutley love this!
xojanis Posted: 3:58 pm on February 12th
DumpsterDecorators writes: Wow! Perfect for those old coolers that are beyond restoration. Love it. Posted: 8:14 am on February 12th
Cynyth writes: So great!!!!! Posted: 9:49 pm on February 11th
Prior writes: Oh, this is nice, love it, but I'm still a little sad about the cooler being cut up, I know you said it was a gonner, but what you did with it is great! Lezlee Posted: 8:40 pm on February 11th
OnEaglesWings writes: OOphs...sorry for the double comments. I could say I did it on purpose to make sure you know how much I love it!!! Posted: 5:03 pm on February 11th
OnEaglesWings writes: Looks like "The Real Thing" to me! I am in love with your fab creation. I love hearts and I love Coca-Cola!

It looks especially wonderful displayed on that lovely green wood!

Happy Valentines Day 2 U!

Susie Posted: 5:01 pm on February 11th
OnEaglesWings writes: Looks like "The Real Thing" to me! Love this heart (and Coca-Cola too)!
Susie Posted: 4:52 pm on February 11th
Junk_Newbie writes: I'm a Pepsi girl, but WOWZA, this is amazing. I love this stunning piece of art! Heather Posted: 1:21 pm on February 11th
TinTinJunkFan writes: Just amazing, as all your creations are! It took a leap of faith to cut up this cooler...and it worked beautifully. I also love your concept sketches... Posted: 12:03 pm on February 11th
Shortperiodoftime writes: Very cool!!! I just love it!! You sure I can't be your valentine? Definately a valentine I've never received b4! Posted: 6:57 am on February 11th
shabbychick writes: Jim, it DOES look like you've stolen everyone's heart on this one...I'm in your fan club too!!

What an awesome project - rust meets romance - who would have thought??? :) It's a match made in junk heaven!!

Have a happy V-Day!!


Posted: 10:53 pm on February 10th
chicvintagetreasures writes: LOVE IT! My mom collects Coke memorabilia...I have a coke cooler sitting on my buffet! I heart this creation! Posted: 10:45 pm on February 10th
DownHomeDIY writes: Now that's a Coke and a Smile!!!
Posted: 9:09 pm on February 10th
Junkyard_Ballerina writes: BE. MY. VALENTINE. Posted: 7:58 pm on February 10th
Cocalotta writes:
I LOVE THIS!!!! What a personal Valentine for that special someone. I ALSO LOVE COKE A COLA so I love it even more.
I would love to have it hanging it my Family Room all year long. I really do enjoy seeing your junk projects. Posted: 7:47 pm on February 10th
MimiToria writes: Incredible finished artwork, Jim. My oh my, you cease to amaze me. What a very special Valentine this is...
Gretchen Posted: 7:37 pm on February 10th
JunkinLindsey writes: You are brave to cut into a relic like this, surprised you didn't have to use a plasma cutter! Beautiful finished piece, love the small hearts that utilize the whole cooler. Happy Valentines Day!
Lindsey Posted: 5:25 pm on February 10th
oldnews writes: This is amazing again! Your cuts on the hearts are perfection!! How'd you do that!? You have a very lucky sweetie, that's for sure! Who wouldn't LOVE this!!? Marie Posted: 5:00 pm on February 10th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This is crazy cool, Jim! I think I just went into full cardiac ar"rust" over this one!

Nice work,
Candy Posted: 4:51 pm on February 10th
chippingcharm writes: Truly amazing Jim...looks like you've got all the "junk girls" swooning with this post ;) Laurel Posted: 4:02 pm on February 10th
karilelek writes: There is a saying up here in the wild's of Canada that says " if the women dont find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!" Well you just proved that one wrong from both sides. great job on another fantastic project from junkmarkets heart throb! Posted: 3:48 pm on February 10th
berton718 writes: Jim,
This is the masterclass of junk repurposing!! You are very talented!! I love it!! Thanks for the INSPIRATION!!!!!!!! Posted: 3:46 pm on February 10th
54girl writes: Oh my do I love this!! Ha, ha, now I know why you wanted to know what my valentine was sitting on in my post. My cooler is in good shape though and we use it. My heart was beating a little bit fast though before I saw the bottom and the rest of the cooler. I understand completely! You did an excellent job!! Love it!! Mary Posted: 2:38 pm on February 10th
georgiamoon writes: Good God "JIMBO" are ya trying to give all us gals a heart attack!!! What a lucky "Sweetheart" you have. You are truly an amazing "surgeon" and you brought this project to life in a BIG way. Once again I am amazed at your talent and everything that you put into a project...your heart and soul. It shows in everything (or is that thang?)that you do. Love Georgia Posted: 2:37 pm on February 10th
itsnotjunk2me writes: Once again Jim, you have created something to make me "junk-swoon"! I <3 this idea, even though like SnowmanHill, I'm not a heart fan. Red is a fav color and galvanized anything is a fav material...what could be better than those mixed with rust?! <3 <3 <3 (love it times 3)
~judi ;) Posted: 1:52 pm on February 10th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: JIM,
What you did with that is awesome.You ladies all take notice of this.Jim you need a A+ on this item I was a coke collector for years.What a great job you did. You got my blessing.Have a nice day.Robert. Posted: 1:15 pm on February 10th
bluejean writes: Did you say tin snip surgery? Looks more like lazer surgery to me, very precise. What a great design with the materials and colors. I have a weakness for anything metal, so I truly love this. Amazing job as usual. Posted: 12:48 pm on February 10th
MakinItHappen writes: This is stunning; like, WOW! Posted: 11:06 am on February 10th
ninnarae writes: OH MY GOSH! This is a seriously gorgeous piece of junk art!!
I love EVERYTHING about this BEAUTIFUL piece! I LOVE all of your art, but this one has to be one of my favorites! Posted: 10:39 am on February 10th
RustyDiva writes: Soooooooooooo, if you are short on a sweetheart ~ I'm available! You can send this right over. My BF might be inclined to out do ya if he thinks I'm being wooed by someone else! I could really come out smelling like a rose for Valentines. Seriously ~ this is my mostest favorite of all your ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely awesome piece.

Kenda Posted: 10:09 am on February 10th
SnowmanHill writes: This is AWESOME!!! I love your creative mind, your projects are always the best. I'm not a heart fan, but would totally hang these up. I sketch out projects too, just not as precise as yours.

Have a great day!
dana Posted: 9:57 am on February 10th
alicemom writes: WOW oh WOW!!!! Gosh Jim this is outstanding!!!! I think this is reallllly my favorite! I love the Sketch as always. I am showing this to my HB!
smiles, alice Posted: 9:48 am on February 10th
CottageElements writes: Oh, my Jimbo! You've really out done yourself this time. My Dad is a Coke collector and my hubby has started to become one, too, and they would love this! Don't think I can hack up hubby's Coke cooler without him noticing though. I may get in trouble! Thanks for the post!

Lani Posted: 9:40 am on February 10th
joeyone writes: i absolutely love this....wonderful! Posted: 9:33 am on February 10th
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