"Bird of Nature" Necklace

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MimiToria Gretchen Schaumann, contributor
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Bird is the front side of the necklace focal.
Eggs are on the back side of the focal.  As a designer, I am always trying to make things look good, so that if it turns while wearing the backside isnt ugly.
Entire piece is hand wire wrapped for durability.  Smokey Quartz I used on this piece are large nuggets and are gorgeous.  Vintage gold watch case reads My Nest and there are 3 baby blue freshwater pearls to represents eggs in the hand-wire wrapped nest.  This can represent you as the mother, and the babies your children.
Coffee Quartz, Vintage Foreign coin, Faceted Smokey Quartz, Abalone Shell, Vintage Rhinestone found element, Smokey Moonstone and Freshwater Pearls are in these portions of the chain.
Vintage rhinestone piece adds just the right amount of bling, to an otherwise subdued design.
This is the top part of the neck chain, and is a mix of large vintage chain links and more semi precious gemstones that have been hand wire-wrapped for durability.
This photo shows the completed necklace and all of its elements, which are quite a few.
Bird is the front side of the necklace focal.

Bird is the front side of the necklace focal.

I have included a lot of photos of this necklace, so that you can see all of the fabulous found elements that make up this design.  It is one of my all time favorites, and just has such a wonderful vintage and time worn patina.

The semi-precious gemstones bead used are a mix of faceted smokey quartz, faceted freshwater pearls, coffee quartz, abalone shell, and smokey moonstone beads.

The chain portion length of this piece is 28" with an additional overall length of 3 1/2" for the focal drop.  The bird focal is 2 1/4" circumference.

Necklace is "SOLD" and on its way in a shipment to Texas.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Gretchen Schaumann
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DebbieDL writes: Tyme Flies>/b> This is beautiful!!! Thank you for
sharing. I love repurposing and I love anything having
to do with birds. Keep up the amazing creating!!! deb Posted: 2:26 pm on February 15th
greencolleen writes: gretchen thanks for responding ;). ive ordered 3 pieces. hope i get them its a little like bidding on ebay ;). did i win did i win!
i hope i get you in the swap since i have some very special things i will send you :) hint hint.
i took all my nonworking wrist watches apart today. you are so inspiring . have a good one colleen Posted: 6:04 pm on February 11th
MimiToria writes: Again, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement regarding this design. It always amazes me when people truly love something I've created. lol

This piece was listed about 1 hour on my blog and it was sold to a gal in McKinney, Texas. (someone asked where it was going in Texas) She's rec'd it now and loves it. ;-)

GreenColleen - I'll do a post someday about my studio, but don't have time right now to pick it up, so that it can be photographed. lol
Also, in regards to your questions about the wire gauge size. As jewelry designers one would use whatever gauge wire gives you the stability needed for each design you create. For example, when designing with semi-precious stones and/or pearls one needs a very fine gauge such as 24g./26g or 28g, and when one works with larger holed beads and or findings you can use 18g/19g/20g/22g. It's really a trial and error type of thing and you need to fiddle with it to see what you like. Because this necklace is substantial in size and weight it has a larger gauge than one that is more delicate. Thus, I must of used a 20 or 22g wire. I don't remember. Any wire can be used to wire-wrap with in these gauges.
Hope this helps you some, without spilling too many of my secrets. ;-) Because, I sell a product, I've learned I can't afford to share all of my 13 1/2 years of design experience, as I've made a lot of trials and errors to get to this point of designing.
Posted: 7:21 pm on February 10th
Junkyard_Ballerina writes: It's like a good story, full of interesting elements, making me curious to see more, and more. Thanks for sharing with all the photos. Your work is beautiful. (everyone tells you that, but what the heck, I said it again anyway!) : ) Posted: 1:18 pm on February 10th
junkermidge writes: Gretchen, your work is always so beautiful. Your attention to detail is impeccable. Love that you even thought of the backside in case of flippage. Amazing!
Midge Posted: 8:23 pm on February 9th
JunkArchitect writes: Gretchen, you certainly have an amazing talent designing jewelry…another beautiful piece.

Posted: 2:58 pm on February 9th
alicemom writes: Gretchen, Don't know how I missed this post???? Love the bird!! I just sold a bird/picture necklace. I think spring is just about the corner. Beautiful job.
smiles, alice Posted: 12:10 pm on February 9th
LisaWilliams writes: I want one!! Where do you get the cool bird pics? If its a secret, will you be selling more? (I put this on my Facebook page too) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1079139822

Lisa Wynn Posted: 3:33 pm on February 8th
54girl writes: Gretchen you have such amazing jewelry!! I love everyone I've ever seen!! Will have to vist the shop in Anoka sometime when we are in the cities. Is your jewelry always at that shop? Truly amazing!! Mary
Posted: 1:49 pm on February 8th
CottageElements writes: Someone was way to quick and snatched this one up on me! It's stunning, Gretchen. You make such beautiful things. Amazing work.

Lani Posted: 11:49 am on February 8th
RustyDiva writes: Beautiful necklace Gretchen. I love that it carries the bird theme all the way through. Also love all the other trinkets attached. What part of Texas is it coming too...... maybe I can intercept the pony it's coming on. LOL

Kenda Posted: 10:49 am on February 8th
Grasshopper22 writes: I don't wear jewelry...but you have me wanting to wear this piece. Beautiful work!! Posted: 10:16 am on February 8th
greencolleen writes: gretchen, i did go to your blogspot. the site was beautifully designed. [why am i not surprized] you are soooo talented ;).
i really love how you used the silver, gold,black metal all together. the little bird nests are to die for. the question i have is what kind of wire did you use? gage ect?
how do you organize all your beads and elements?? id like to see pics of your work space ;).big fan here
Posted: 9:59 am on February 8th
shabbychick writes: Gretchen - I'm a fan of your art too! Your attention to every little detail is what makes each piece so amazing - from the chain to the beads to the sweet bird's nest...you have a wonderful gift!

This is a beautiful piece - and I know whoever bought it loves it and will wear it proudly!

Thanks for sharing and take care my friend!

Kathy Posted: 8:32 pm on February 7th
chippingcharm writes: Wow-wee Gretchen, another "too die for piece"! I too am amazed at all the unique and lovely details! Lucky you posted this after you sold it...you may have caused a frenzy otherwise :) Laurel
PS...I love the vintage clock face necklace I just ordered from you so much I have it hanging on a mirror in my livingroom...I just couldn't bear to hide it in a box!!! Posted: 5:41 pm on February 7th
MimiToria writes: Thank you everyone for your nice comments and encouragement. This necklace was a labor of love and had some really great gemstones and vintage elements added to it. I almost didn't let it get sold. lol

Greencolleen - To answer your questions. I have been published/featured in our states newspaper, which you can see here, if interested. There is also a gallery of photos.


I haven't submitted my designs to any publications yet, but have been encouraged to do so. Just currently trying to keep up with supply and demand, so haven't taken the time to do so.

There is a link to my blog if you click on the area at the bottom of the post that says:
Pattern or design by: Gretchen Schaumann
It links you to my blog to learn more if interested, or if you ever want to know more about other peoples posts on JMS it will do the same for you on their posts.

Thanks again my friends.
Mimi-Toria's Designs

Posted: 3:11 pm on February 7th
suewhitney writes: Hi Gretchen,

This piece is drop dead gorgeous! This is my favorite of all time. Thanks so much for letting us all have a look!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 12:38 pm on February 7th
oldnews writes: This is exquisite. You are so incredibly talented, each piece I see of yours I love more than the one before it! Wow! Marie Posted: 12:26 pm on February 7th
CraftingWendy writes: Thank you for sharing your jewelry project -- and your wonderful talent. This necklace has so much beautiful detail. It's as if every piece has a story to tell. Can't wait to see more of your gift! Posted: 12:08 pm on February 7th
MakinItHappen writes: This is beautiful. I really love that little wire nest with the pearl eggs. Posted: 11:36 am on February 7th
ninnarae writes: So lovely...I love your attention to detail and that you think about the reverse side! Posted: 11:12 am on February 7th
greencolleen writes: wow gretchen this is so beautiful. have you been published?? and where do you sell your pieces and what is your creative name? i want to take classes from you . but dang im in az. been finding some bling finally pricey but worth it.;)
i was going to do an art piece for my manager set the vintage screens by cash register. went to look some more and they sold them.omg really surprized how upset i was. still stings. oh well . needed to get that off my chest, i knew folks here would understand Posted: 10:27 am on February 7th
OnEaglesWings writes: Oh, I love this necklace...someone in Texas is surely special!

Susie Posted: 10:05 am on February 7th
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