Cytology Spice Rack

October 14th, 2008 in projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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A spicy display for your choicest flavors!
A spicy display for your choicest flavors!

A spicy display for your choicest flavors!


Cytology, spiceology...

This is what I call new-old stock. This means it's old but never been used (or so they say.) This is a true case of industrial-meets-traditional. Regardless of you persuasion--traditional, cottage, fancy schmancy... industrial pieces can spice up your junkin' style!


Cytology means "the study of cells." Thanks, Wikipedia!



Scrounged from Methodist Hospital, perhaps?



Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter



One lab bottle transporter/organizer (any particular subject/study matter will do--ours was cytology)
Four drawer pulls
Three pieces heavy stock paper (three different colors)
One sheet thin Plexiglas (if desired--see below)
Ten 1 1/2 in. metal grommets (we used silver, bronze, and black)
Stainless steel cleaner
Instant glue

Tool List:

Small hammer


Step 1: Clean container with stainless steel cleaner.

You'll notice we clean nearly everything to bring out the inner beauty of the material, be it steel or wood.


Step 2: Pound brads on back of grommets flush.

If you think you'll need it (or like the style,) use the Plexiglas on the front of the grommet. (We opted NOT to include Plexiglas.)


Step 3:
Trace grommets onto paper.

We used heavy stock paper for its sturdiness and industrial feel.


Step 4:
Cut paper a bit smaller than the trace mark.

Step 5: Glue paper to back side of grommet.

Step 6: Write name of spice on paper inside of each grommet.

Step 7: Measure and mark for placement of grommets.

Step 8: Glue grommets to container.

Step 9: Apply glue to bottom of each drawer pull and adhere to bottom corners of container.

The funky, heavy metal needs a strong adhesive.



Finished 'n ready to spice. Is your kitchen feeling the oomph of industrial beauty?


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Comments (5)

georgiamoon writes: Sue this is really a great project. I like the do you find stuff like this all the time? I went to a surplus sale at the Atascadero State (mental) Hospital recently and they had a LOT of popcorn machines, vacuum cleaners and adding machines. Needless to say there were not any neat containers or medical stuff, I would have been happy with urine specimen bottles or anything BUT what they had. So sad. Good job on the spice get in there and cook something...gogo Posted: 2:17 pm on October 16th
junkinhart writes: Very ingenious, Sue! Might have to give this one a try -- spices are always disorganized! Even some things in the bathroom, too......hmmmmmmmmm

Lani & Gretchen: You can get the grommets at the hardware store, they have all different kinds, so you can mix them up like Sue did.

Love seeing your projects,

Cindy Posted: 8:02 pm on October 15th
MimiToria writes: Wow! Would this be great for my husband, Jon for when he cooks our families meals. : )
I really like this project, and will like Lani, figure out something to make it out of with a twist.
Would you let us in on where one finds those great grommets? I can see using them in my jewelry studio for organzing stuff as well. Love the use you've used them for.
Gretchen Posted: 6:46 pm on October 15th
roadtriplouise writes: This is really a neat piece. It will be so handy to grab when you need spices. Great job!
Ann Posted: 9:44 pm on October 14th
CottageElements writes: I love, love, love this piece. Did I say love? Maybe it can be a prize for a contest? LOL. It's just right up my alley. I'll have to find something to try to make it on my own. Where do you get the grommets from you used for the labels? And are the feet from Ikea? Great project, Sue!

Lanette Posted: 6:09 pm on October 14th
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