Go Fish, Go!

February 2nd, 2010 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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This is not the card game, but a swimmingly good project for you and your little ones. Families who junk together, stay together!
The stuff you will need to get yourself knee deep in some fishy business. A very cool vintage glass light cover, an old letter O for the base, some rocks, aquatic greenery. fish stickers. stick-on letters, a carved stone, and a bottle of Gorilla Super Glue. Ooops! Let us not forget Goldie Garbo.
I wanted a crisp finish on the letter O. A little spray paint will do ya!
Apply Gorilla Super Glue to the inside edge of the freshly painted vintage letter O.
Stick the two together and you have a bowl thats rocking and ready to be fishified.
Spill in the rocks!
Aquatic plants will make your fishy friend happy! Remove the plant from its container, rinse off the gel, and plant in the rocks.
After the goodies have been added. Time to fill the water!
Add the stickers on the outside of your new fish bowl. I know now why I call this kindergarten art. Their little fingers will be much better at adding the sticker details than mine.
The detail on the outside of the fish bowl makes it whimsical and ideal for a childs room...sure to bring a smile to any little ones face. Mom and Dad might not be as happy. They most likely will have cleaning duty. Sorry! I you want your fish bowl to be less child like...just leave off the decals for a more adult version.
Last, but not least...introduce Goldie Garbo to her new habitat! The bowl is only large enough for one real fish, so the stickers will be her friends. She seems quite attracted to them!
See Goldie swim. Go, Goldie, go!! Eat Goldie, eat! Poop, Goldie, poop! Ah, hahaha! Its just what a fish does.
This is not the card game, but a swimmingly good project for you and your little ones. Families who junk together, stay together!

This is not the card game, but a swimmingly good project for you and your little ones. Families who junk together, stay together!

I have to admit...this was way too much fun for me! Close your eyes and imagine me lying on the floor waiting for Goldie Garbo to make her way around the bowl so I could capture her puckering face on film. Ha! I love creative assignments, especially when it comes to junkers-in-training. My mission was to come up with a project to teach five year olds how they can recyle or upcycle items they have about their houses. I thought to myself....hmm, what kid doesn't love a Goldfish?! I wanted to introduce an idea to them that was not only useful, but inspired the playful side of a child as well. So here is what I came up with. Their mission is to find a container and a base that will work for this project. I'll bring the fish.

P.S. This idea was also inspired by the members and contributors here at JMS buying up all of the vintage fish tanks to use for other purposes. The fishies are now looking for new swimming holes. TeHe!

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Comments (13)

JunkArchitect writes: What a fun aquatic/junk project. There’s going to be a lot of little junkers coping this one.

Posted: 10:07 am on February 4th
suewhitney writes: Hi Ellen,

Thanks so much! Yes, all of the materials inside the bowl were purchased at my local Petco.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:36 am on February 4th
Grasshopper22 writes: What a fun project for the kids...turned out great! Posted: 8:49 am on February 4th
ellenlovesjunk writes: I love this for the kids. What a great way to get them involved. Did you buy all of the materials just at a pet store?

Thanks! Posted: 8:45 am on February 4th
shabbychick writes: Sue - sweet little project! I love the faux fish on the outside - and such great company for Miss Goldie too!

I know we're going to see some fun spin-offs from this project - very inspiring!

Thanks for sharing!


P.S. I'm still in search of a fish tank...I just know there's one out there somewhere!

Posted: 9:03 pm on February 2nd
suewhitney writes: Rusty Diva....

Ah, hahahaha! I suppose this might be where some of the inspiration for this project came from. As a Mom, I always had the pleasure of "winning" the right through "random" selection of babysitting the class pet during the summer. I won the drawing every year so I'm not sure how "random" the drawing was. I can assure you though, Goldfish are a far cry better than a pair of ducks.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 7:08 pm on February 2nd
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
That is the cutiest idea with the Kid's. I am a fishermsn and I love that project.What you don't come up with it is amazing.The kids had to just love this.I can remember having a large fish bowl all them different kinds of fish.Sue you made that look so real.once again you are blessed because you just bless others and even children.People will laugh but you are a SPECIAL lady that God has blessed with so many talents.You have a special evening.ROBERT. Posted: 6:05 pm on February 2nd
RustyDiva writes: My kiddos were given fish a few years back by a relative that didn't ask permission so we were forced into ownership. She smiled sweetly and said, "they don't live very long anyway". FIVE years later those same goldfish are still a swimmin! That relative just had a baby and I think this project would be the perfect gift ~ after all, "they don't live that long anyway. wahahahahaha

Kenda Posted: 5:51 pm on February 2nd
54girl writes: This is too cute Sue!! We have a winter carnival here at one of our high schools that we always go to and it never failed that one of our kids didn't win a goldfish. Now the grandkids are going and they too bring home one. This would be a such cute project for them!! Love, Love it!! Mary Posted: 3:11 pm on February 2nd
chippingcharm writes: Super-duper cute! My son wishes you were coming to his kindergarten class...I do too :) Laurel Posted: 3:04 pm on February 2nd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This is just two darn cute and my 4-year-old LOVES it AND Sue Whitney! (She always recognizes you online.) What a great project to share with children!
Great post.
Candy Posted: 2:41 pm on February 2nd
fellowjunker writes: Wow Sue...this project shows your amazing junk diversity....I can't imagine a more perfect project for a group of five year olds. They will absolutley love this (as I do)!! A wonderful project!
xojanis Posted: 2:00 pm on February 2nd
SMILES, ALICE Posted: 12:56 pm on February 2nd
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