Rainy Day Sale At Georgia Moon

January 29th, 2010 in projects     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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Just a few things that I had to get painted right before it started to pour. I used vintage Gucci wallpaper that I picked up back East for this wall.
Same area ...different view
Cant have a sale without a white section..right Gioni?
More stuff.
I bought this goreous iron piece from a good friend and it is super heavy but really cool. Love the reddish color.
Great overstuffed chairs that make for a comfy entry to the shop.
I actually went out and cut down the trees on a friends ranch. I am NOT kidding, it was easier to cut them down than to drag them through the store. Never wear shorts while doing this. Im just sayin.
This section is right on target! I used vintage Army Rifle targets to cover the wall and they look like Dominoes from a distance. With one of Jennys Foundry Mold mirrors it hits the spot!
Another wall treatment?...oh my! I used corregated cardboard for this soothing background. Love the texture and color.
Heres my trees all decked out for Valentines day.
We hung fabic hearts hand-made by Melissa, some long crystals for a little sparkle and what I called Key-to-my-heart necklaces on the trees, which may become a permanant fixture here in the shop.
Just a few things that I had to get painted right before it started to pour. I used vintage Gucci wallpaper that I picked up back East for this wall.

Just a few things that I had to get painted right before it started to pour. I used vintage Gucci wallpaper that I picked up back East for this wall.

Getting ready for this sale was a huge challenge with the fierce weather we have been having here in California. I know...I've got it easier than most around the country but no matter where you live it's hard to paint in the rain. We got it all together just in time to find out that the roof leaks after about 4 days of straight rain...and it's still leaking. Luckily it was confined mostly to one room..Jenny's room (Sorry 'bout that) So we moved out as much as we could, tarped the rest, and on with the show.

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Comments (19)

fleurflea writes: Your shop is exquisite! Posted: 1:19 pm on March 27th
pofolksdecorator1 writes: I love all your creations! The two trees with the hearts and crystals kool. Are they real trees? I was thinking of using branches that bend to make a heart over the table. YOu rock! Posted: 1:08 pm on February 6th
Lisascraftiques writes: Great Space! Love it:) Beautiful items and displays. Its been inspiring. Is this at a shoppe or space in a mall? Barn sale? Posted: 3:26 pm on February 1st
glitzygal writes: I'm new to this site, but love how you buy and display. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all. Posted: 9:51 pm on January 31st
MossyLady writes: Thank you, Georgia for sharing your tremendous talents. Those targets used as wall paper were just amazing. I get so many ideas from you and all the other "junk stars" on this site. Thanks so much, and I hope all your sales are sell-outs! Posted: 8:24 am on January 31st
writes: Yes, it was a bit of a challenge but we persevered and had a great time. It was interesting mixing up our things too - I think people seeing them merchandised differently was a big plus as many of the items we'd had for a while sold the first day!

I must say my favorite part of the shop was the bushes with Melissa's hearts and Geo's vintage keys. So cute!

Jenny K Posted: 3:28 pm on January 30th
ninnarae writes: Looks like a wonderful sale! The wall of rifle targets is AMAZING!! What a great idea! Posted: 1:25 pm on January 30th
junkermidge writes: Everything looks so great. Glad you persevered despite that terrible weather. I'm sure your efforts will be rewarded with a great sale. Love the tree -- I'd think it would be welcome all year long. Wishing you good sales and lots of fun!
Posted: 10:37 am on January 30th
carolinagram writes: I absolutely love your shop!!! Your displays are wonderful. I love the overstuffed chairs at the entrance...so inviting. Wish I could see it in person! Posted: 10:04 am on January 30th
alicemom writes: Oh Georgia,
When are you having stay over guests? I'm with Janis ready to settle in with a good book. I am sure your sale will be the talk of the town. Fantastic! Jenny, try to remember how much you like rust. I am sorry about your yucky weather. BUT the show will go on! Big success!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:02 am on January 30th
chippingcharm writes: So wonderful...love all your unique wall treatments and your displays are amazing! Laurel Posted: 8:49 am on January 30th
LuAnn writes: Hay Friend--great shop. Sure wish I lived a little closer. Everything looks very inviting--you know come in sit a spell and leave with lots!

LuAnn Posted: 7:18 am on January 30th
shabbychick writes: Geo, your shop looks amazing, and I LOVE that iron piece - how cool!!!

Great displays - I know your sale will be a HUGE success - you girls really know how to put on a sale!!! :)

Kathy Posted: 10:19 pm on January 29th
smiller0529 writes: Awesome shop; I would love to see it in person! Posted: 5:15 pm on January 29th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Geo,
I could happily move in and live in that gorgeous store of yours.....sorry to hear about the bad weather, but everything looks great!!
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 4:52 pm on January 29th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: GEORGIA,
What a beautiful shop.I don't see how you can sell these things.Your decorating is out of this world.WOW,GOD BLESS,ROBERT. Posted: 4:51 pm on January 29th
JunkArchitect writes: Georgia, you really do have an incredible shop. I’m sure everyone on JMS would go absolutely NUTS poking around during one of your sales…or anytime for that matter. If anyone is within 1,000 miles of the shop they should stop by and check it out. I’m 3,000 miles away so I won’t be able to before this sale ends.
I have incorporated lots of great things from Georgia Moon into some of my favorite JMS post…so THANKS! And, the store looks amazing.

Posted: 4:39 pm on January 29th
oldnews writes: Georgia, it's So beautiful. How can you not do well?! Marie Posted: 12:40 pm on January 29th
Junkin4Jewels writes: What a fabulous shop! Lots of great textures and artful displays. Best of luck with your sale.....bet you will sell it all! Posted: 12:31 pm on January 29th
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