Here's Another "Guess What It's Made From!"

October 2nd, 2008 in member junk     
Chovey Chovey, member
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This is Mr. Pumpkin Head.  Now can you guess what all he is made from?

Pattern or design used: My own design
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angegrl40 writes: hi ,, just wanted to say pumpkin bowling ball is so cool, i also made a spider bowling ball for Halloween, and i have others as well i made from bowling balls, and for the pumpkin i tried the mod podge glue for the tin foil and it would not stick very well so i ended up painting the bowling ball with kilns white paint then will try it again,, it is really cool , and will let u know if that works with mod podge , the store i went to did not have the glue you used , they told me to use this, people been using this mod podge for bowling ball she said ,, i am new at this thank you Posted: 2:12 pm on October 5th
Chovey writes: Ding! Ding!!! Christy won the guess!!!

Yes, it is an old world globe painted. The hat is made from some left-over anagalyptic wallpaper painted. The arms are an old sweater. The feet are a shower curtain. The black diamond shaped triangle thing is an old 1960's plastic wall plaque. Now wasn't that fun repurpose thingy?????

Christy, want to see the globes!!!

cynthia Posted: 2:59 pm on October 3rd
csudderth writes: I think I know what it is. Is it a globe? I'm making some pumpkins out of globes right now!
Christy Posted: 11:49 pm on October 2nd
Chovey writes: a ball.

hint: it is made out of cardboard! Posted: 9:26 pm on October 2nd
LuAnn writes: Ok now you've got me stumped. Maybe a child's ball?

LuAnn Posted: 7:42 pm on October 2nd
Chovey writes: OK. Geo and LuAnn....good guess on Mr. Pumpkin Head but.....................not even close!!!

Bowling ball is waaaay to heavy. This is much more lightweight.
Gazing ball would break.

Any other guesses???

cynthia Posted: 7:23 pm on October 2nd
georgiamoon writes: I don't know, maybe a candlestick with a gazing ball on top? Oh and don't forget the Domino's. Am I even close??? Posted: 6:47 pm on October 2nd
LuAnn writes: Ah let me guess--A bowling ball! Do we have a winner? Like Mr Pumpkin Head.

LuAnn Posted: 6:00 pm on October 2nd
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