From Church Chair to Bedside Table

January 7th, 2010 in member junk     
A_time_to_keep A_time_to_keep, member
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the chair as a bedside table. 
The wardrobe opened and the chair legs screwed to it.  It makes a perfect shelf for beneath the table.
the mirror in the well and the glass top. 
the chair as a bedside table. 

the chair as a bedside table. 

I purchased a church chair at a garage sale for $5.00.  The chair had a deep well for the cushion to rest in and was a lovely solid oak chair all on its own.  However, I needed a bedside table and decided to try to make the chair work as a table.  I had a mirror cut for the well of the chair and glass to fit over the top.  I have put pictures on the mirrors in this setting.  To raise the height of the chair I screwed it to an old doll wardrobe my daughter had growing up.  It made in the perfect height. 

Pattern or design used: My own design
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Fasterpastor writes: As a retired minister I've sat on lots of those chairs! But never one as interesting and attractive as yours. Posted: 5:36 pm on January 12th
A_time_to_keep writes: I was totally thrilled to see my table as Sue's pick for the day! What a huge confidence builder. Thanks to all for the encouragement. And to Heavenly Treasures, I am occasionally in Wichita and would love to stop by your booth. Thanks for the invite. Posted: 2:07 pm on January 9th
CottageElements writes: Great find and repurpose!

Lani Posted: 11:47 am on January 9th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: How perfect is that! I love the way this all came together. Welcome to JMS and I look forward to seeing more of your posts!
Candy Posted: 8:46 am on January 9th
shabbychick writes: Welcome to Junkmarket Style! Your bedside table is heavenly! I love the mirror that you put beneath the glass - gives it depth (and another place to decorate...gotta love that!). Very clever and well done!

Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more of your projects!

Kathy Posted: 10:25 pm on January 7th
pjjunker writes: I love this table! I've been on a chair hunt lately and found all kinds of neat chairs..just not what I need! Who knew finding 4 mismatched chairs could be so difficult! Posted: 8:08 pm on January 7th
chippingcharm writes: Looks great...I too love the addition of the pictures under glass. Very clever...welcome :) Laurel Posted: 3:04 pm on January 7th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: Hi There,
I love that chair,it is beautiful. I notice you are from Kansas.You will love this site. I'm not as creative as most but I love what people can do.I'm from GreatBend,Kansas and if you are in Wichita at the flea market,stop buy for I am the one that has all the hunting and fishing collectables,under HEAVENLYTREASURES. Want to wish you Happy NewYear and God's Special blessing to you. ROBERT Posted: 12:59 pm on January 7th
CleverThinker writes: Love this table! I think those chairs are built to be uncomfortable on PURPOSE to keep church services from going too long! This is really great....I like that the bottom is open....lets your eye pass thru to the wall behind, instead of stopping it with a set of doors or drawers.

Now all you need is a couple of sanctuary candles and it'll be time to pass the plate!! Posted: 11:27 am on January 7th
54girl writes: Love what you've done!! Great thinking! Love the mirror idea with the pictures!!! Very beatiful!! Mary Posted: 10:09 am on January 7th
suewhitney writes: Hi All.

Happy 2010 We've started the New Year of with a bang here at JMS. Rusty Diva pointed out that this must be the year of the table so that helped make my member feature selection this week easy. Hahahaha! I also wanted to feature one of the MANY new members here at JMS and give a big welcome shout out to all of them. WELCOME!!! So there you have it. And of course, a great big hi-di-ho and thanks to all of our old members...and I don't mean your age, but rather your time on the site. This weeks member feature goes to A Time to Keep with this fabulous church chair re-do. You can find chairs like these easily and I think this is a very creative way to give them new life . Way to go A Time to Keep!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 9:08 am on January 7th
roadtriplouise writes: What a great bed side table! Posted: 5:43 pm on January 6th
georgiamoon writes: OMG this is so original and the coolest use for a chair I have ever seen. Fantastic and VERY creative. Great job, Georgia Posted: 12:52 pm on January 6th
Shelley_ writes: Really really really nice. Love this idea!! Posted: 12:43 pm on January 6th
MakinItHappen writes: Very clever and unique idea. What a great deal on the chair, too! Posted: 11:35 am on January 6th
A_time_to_keep writes: Thank you all for your encouragement and words of affirmation. It was so fun to wake up this morning and see several encouraging comments and the warm welcome. Posted: 10:47 am on January 6th
suewhitney writes: Hi Atimetokeep,

Welcome to JUNKMARKET Style! I'm delighted to see you on the site. This is a fabulous idea...very original! Love your execution and attention to detail! Have fun on the site.

Be Well,

Posted: 10:07 am on January 6th
RustyDiva writes: This is beautiful. What a lucky find for a great price and you embellished it perfectly! Love it! Posted: 10:05 am on January 6th
JunkArchitect writes: What an incredibly original bedside table idea. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture…great job!

Jim Posted: 9:55 pm on January 5th
oldnews writes: It's really beautiful! It's a completely original idea for a bed side table! Welcome, and we can't wait to see more! Marie Posted: 9:47 pm on January 5th
alicemom writes: Welcome to JMS. Awesome chair. The added height was indeed very clever.
smiles, alice Posted: 8:26 pm on January 5th
Prior writes: The mirror and glass make it very grand, and clever thinking on making it taller. Lezlee Posted: 7:46 pm on January 5th
Cocalotta writes:

Awesome use of the old chair. I love the mirror and then
the pictures on top. A beautiful project! Posted: 7:37 pm on January 5th
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