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January 2nd, 2010 in member junk     
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When I got it home I added an old silver rose necklace to give it just a little pazazz.
Added a few silk flowers...
And it was done.
When I got it home I added an old silver rose necklace to give it just a little pazazz.

When I got it home I added an old silver rose necklace to give it just a little pazazz.

I found this old silver plated pitcher at a thrift store this weekend for $2. By some people's standard (CERTAINLY not mine!) it was pretty sad looking. It was tarnished, scratched and blotchy - all the things that make my heart just skip a beat! Especially at that price!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Marie Wirth
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junkermidge writes: Marie, the necklace around the pitcher was a genius move! It looks awesome!
Midge Posted: 11:04 pm on January 7th
NDJunkGirl writes: Marie...I just LOVE this pitcher and the added necklace is just perfect for it! Aren't thrift stores the best?! Happy New Year to you! Andrea Posted: 10:23 pm on January 6th
shabbychick writes: Simply sweet - I love old tarnished silver "junk" too! Great find and the perfect embellishment!

Love it! Posted: 4:47 pm on January 5th
BijouBytheBay writes: GREAT find!! The necklace is the Perfect touch ~ Susan Posted: 4:54 pm on January 3rd
grannijo writes: Love the look!..I have just started to collect silver...personal set from 25th anni. looks like the to just set it out!...thanks for sharing...sharon Posted: 10:42 am on January 3rd
Prior writes:
Great little pitcher, I like the jewlery you added. I wanted to buy some silver after seeing all the great stuff on here, but did not score today. Lezee Posted: 12:57 am on January 3rd
SnowmanHill writes: Great find, love your display on the wall.

dana Posted: 4:44 pm on January 2nd
monakent writes: Another great find, Marie!!! Isn't it wonderful how much silver is being sold at local thrift stores these days??? I bought 40 spoon and forks for ten cents apiece the other day at GW and I thought I was in heaven (they will make great feet and hands for my little guys)!!! With the amount of us junkers popping up as of late, soon TarnX will be a product of the past!!!!

LOVE the little touch (necklace) you added to the looks like it was there from day one. gailmarie Posted: 3:38 pm on January 2nd
RustyDiva writes: Love love love this pitcher ~ awesome find and the necklace is the perfect final touch!!!

K Posted: 1:47 pm on January 2nd
alicemom writes: Boy howdy you did have a great find! Love it too.............not as much as Mr.ToMo light.
smiles, alice Posted: 1:38 pm on January 2nd
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