Country Pump Lamp

December 30th, 2009 in member junk     
CleverThinker CleverThinker, member
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Photo: Larry Moad

A  funky old found cast iron water pump is the base for this lamp. It's wired with a dimmer socket at the top, then the 3-panel shade edged in a rope colored trim is mounted on a harp with a simple finnial.  The fabric is an oversized pattern of special creams, lotions, and the like, recylced from an oddly printed shirt....I used the back of the shirt, and two of the sleeves for more than enough fabric to cover the recycled lampshade frame.  I'm sure there's a bottle of snake oil on that print!!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Country Pump Lamp
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Kimmberli writes: Very fun and creative!! Would fit into just about any decor!!! Love it! Posted: 6:26 pm on May 16th
SantaClaus writes: Now I know what to do with my "extra" pump! Luv it. Posted: 7:38 am on January 3rd
CleverThinker writes: @Diva: Youre is was a LOUD shirt....and I couldn't find the volume knob to turn it down!! I bought it cause it had the coffee grinder in the artwork and thought at some point it might be a fun gimicky way to play up the lamps at a sale....but I never worked up the nerve to wear it! So I just stuck in in the tub with the fabrics and kept moving it around until the pump base came along....seemed like a good fit and looks much better on that piece of iron than it did on me!! Posted: 1:12 pm on January 2nd
RustyDiva writes: That would be one loud shirt ~ I like it better on the shade. :) Another great job! Posted: 11:18 am on December 31st
MakinItHappen writes: This is too cool. OK, I'm inspired to try my hand at making a lamp shade. Posted: 10:22 pm on December 30th
CleverThinker writes: @ GailMarie: This was one of the first lamps I made that was outside of the COFFEE theme....I found this pump at a flea market and it was already wired!! When I found the shade for it and mounted it into place, it was too far away from the body of the lamp....they didn't read together at all. So, I ripped it all apart, broke out the hacksaw and knocked a couple inches off. I thought it was pretty cool when I first found it-- then I saw the price... $5!!!! That woman was tired of lugging it around!! Posted: 9:19 pm on December 30th
monakent writes: WOW, does this bring back memories for me!!! We used to have one of these pumps at our cottage, when I was younger. We used to think it was the COOLEST pump it to get water!!!

TOO funny using an old shirt for the lampshade. This turned out great!! gailmarie Posted: 8:25 pm on December 30th
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