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December 3rd, 2009 in member junk     
greencolleen greencolleen, member
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old drawer pillow form left over carpet
completed project
jessie the stinker
katie shes 14
old drawer pillow form left over carpet

old drawer pillow form left over carpet

when im at work my girls [aka jessie and katie] stay in the old laundry room its off the garage and has a cement floor. ive tried pillows and rugs they become toys and end up outside. so i made a dog bed out of carpet, garage foam matt and old wood, everything was ok until jessie claimed it and katie was left to the floor :(. i put this together in about 30 min thanksgiving eve. now everyone has a spot and all is well  ;)

Pattern or design used: My own design
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shabbychick writes: Cute dogs and way to take care of 'em - our junk isn't just for the humans, right?? :)

Good job!

Kathy Posted: 9:20 am on December 8th
junkermidge writes: Even your dogs are liking recycled junk! Way to go!
Midge Posted: 1:59 pm on December 6th
suewhitney writes: Ahhh, what a nice project for Thanksgiving Eve. Nice job...and adorable pets!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 10:02 am on December 6th
fellowjunker writes: Our poor dog has to sleep in a cardboard box!!! Love the little pet bed you created.....I think I will tackle one myself!! At least they can't chew through the wood!!
xojanis Posted: 1:50 pm on December 4th
greencolleen writes: so makinithappen be careful what you wish for ;).jessie s one of the funnest dogs ive ever had, shes not lovie tho. it took me 6 tries to get a pic of her. the project is not fancy but is very functional i was frustrated that i couldnt leave a big pillow out there and every rug got tore up huge mess. i had everything so no shopping involved really liked that. Posted: 9:15 am on December 4th
RustyDiva writes: Awwwwww ~ home sweet home! Good job. Posted: 12:37 pm on December 3rd
MakinItHappen writes: Very cool! Gotta take care of those babies. BTW, I'll take that stinky shorthair off your hands! Where can I pick her up? ;) Posted: 12:24 pm on December 3rd
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