A bow you can easily zip together!

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I found a few old zippers in my old sewing box so I used them up and made a variety of these zipper bows.
Gift bow made from recycled zippers and buttons.  
Start with a zipper, cut off the end, remove the pull and separate the 2 sides.  You will probably need both halves unless you have a really long zipper.
Use a threaded needle to stack the loops (dont pull it through).  I just kept making a loop, keeping the zipper the same directions each time and turning as I went. 
When all stacked, set button on top, pull needle through, pass it through a few more times, and there you go! 
I found a few old zippers in my old sewing box so I used them up and made a variety of these zipper bows.

I found a few old zippers in my old sewing box so I used them up and made a variety of these zipper bows.

I love seeing pictures of all the lovely presents under the tree all beautifully packaged, tied and bowed.  But reality is I usually don't  do my presents up that fancy -- and I feel guilty being so wasteful.  But now I can have the fancy without the guilt!

This idea is definitely not my own. I've seen some out in blogland but they were referred to as "zipper flowers" and were quite elaborate.  Mine are "zipper gift bows" and are much more basic (that way you can make more for more gifts).  I didn't see any tutorials so I just made it how it seems to work best.    

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CottageElements writes: Noreen, these are so cool! Love what you did! Good to see you posting again! Hope all is well! Posted: 12:54 pm on November 26th
suewhitney writes: You're rocking the bows, girlfriend. Love these!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Enjoy the day.

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 10:11 am on November 26th
oldnews writes: These are too cute! I've been sewing for MANY years and never, ever thought of using a zipper for this! Very impressive! Marie Posted: 2:31 am on November 26th
chippingcharm writes: These are very sweet...and actually I have a whole bunch of zippers just waiting for an idea! Thanks for sharing :) Laurel Posted: 8:32 pm on November 25th
Detrian writes: the zippers are a wonderful idea...... I have some vintage seam binding that I was at a loss for how to use, maybe they would also make great bows! Thanks for the inspiration... Posted: 3:00 pm on November 25th
georgiamoon writes: Oh I love the ones with the metal zipper part the best. Nice job, Georgia Posted: 2:55 pm on November 25th
TinTinJunkFan writes: These are adorable! Great idea! they would make cute tree ornaments too.... Posted: 10:31 am on November 25th
roadtriplouise writes: What a great gift bow! They could be reused a a lapel pin!
Ann Posted: 11:47 pm on November 24th
monakent writes: Okay now, that's just plain fun!!! what a clever idea. gailmarie Posted: 11:41 pm on November 24th
itsnotjunk2me writes: These are so cute-great idea! I could also see these embellishing a pillow or two. love the contrast of the old metal zippers. ~judi ;) Posted: 9:13 pm on November 24th
alicemom writes: What a zippy idea!
smiles, alice Posted: 2:24 pm on November 24th
MakinItHappen writes: I would never have thought of that. Just shows there's no end to you junkers' creativity! Very cute. Posted: 12:08 pm on November 24th
RustyDiva writes: Love your very creative bows! Thanks for the play by play on how to make one too. They could also multi task as gift tags by writing the receivers name on them with a paint pen! Good job girlie! Posted: 11:51 am on November 24th
JunkinLindsey writes: That is a bow that will get repeated use! So cute. Posted: 11:11 am on November 24th
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