Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

November 17th, 2009 in blog     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Time to fill some paperweights, and Ive got just the junk to do it...
Well...just a few clock gears - dont ya just love them?  I left them loose so they could move around.
Did someone lose a key???  I might have it in here somewhere...
Some old baubles and beads.
Bingo anyone???
These little guys once resided in a cuckoo clock - now they just kind of just bang around in here!  Throw in a few rusty nuts and bolts AND a spring, and Ive just created a little bit of vintage chaos!
Lucky 7!
This was an old clock face that fit perfectly under the paperweight, and some loose parts just for fun! 
Paperweights and more - the little anvil and clock pieces could be used as paperweights too.
Totally off the subject, but I just love this old clock face!
All together now!  Theyre ready to grace the desktop of any lover of vintage JUNK!!
Just another view - can you tell I LOVE these??
Time to fill some paperweights, and Ive got just the junk to do it...

Time to fill some paperweights, and I've got just the junk to do it...

I picked up a few "empty" paperweights at a fleamarket - and wanted to fill them with some fun vintage things.  So, here they are...

These were so simple (the hardest part was figuring out what to put in them - so there were some "do-overs" along the way - decisions, decisions!!!).

After filling each one, I cut circles out of some vinyl wallcovering sample books that I got from work (I couldn't let them go to the trash...), glued around the outside edge, flipped them over, then weighted them down so they'd seal tightly.  Voila - some unique paperweights ready to go to market (the Scott's Antique Market to be precise)!!

My fav...the clock face! (surprise, surprise!!)

The Scott Antique Market is on November 28th and 29th (Thanksgiving weekend) at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio - in the heart of Buckeye Country (woohoo...Rose Bowl here we come!!).  And, we've got so many cool things to sell - our number one item will be...what else???  Lots of clocks!!!  And...we've got some great handcrafted junk, collages, jewelry, furniture, vintage coats, lots of silver (platters, bowls, etc...), and a whole lot more!  It'll be a great way to kick off the Christmas season - and this show is always a crowd pleaser - two full buildings - a few hundred vendors - and it'll be wall-to-wall people on Saturday!   Here's the link if you're going to be in the area... http://www.scottantiquemarket.com/ohio_shows.htm - hoping to see a few fellow JMS members there. 

Thanks for checking out my post - I'll be sharing a couple other projects soon.  So, stay tuned for more from my basement - :)



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ShaeLeigh writes: Love this! Posted: 1:08 am on December 22nd
Meadowview_Farm writes: Oh my -- wish I lived closer...I would be buying these up!
Kari Posted: 10:38 am on November 20th
suewhitney writes: Nifty noodle, Miss Kathy! These are absolutely adorable...you're one smart cookie!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 8:02 am on November 20th
noahsgirl writes: My sister-in-law & I have been collecting these for about 3 years. I just made some paperweights with vintage buttons for Christmas gifts plus I also glue family photos and use the weights as frames. You have given me some ideas. Great stuff!! Posted: 9:04 pm on November 19th
georgiamoon writes: Wow you are putting all those clock parts to good use I see. These are marvelous!!! I would buy all of them! Great job, Georgia Posted: 1:33 pm on November 19th
JunkArchitect writes: What an inspiring project! I just need to find a bunch of paperweights.

Posted: 12:01 pm on November 19th
shabbychick writes: Thanks again everybody! I really do appreciate your comments!!! This was a fun project (and really hoping I can come up with some more to "play" with!!).

Kenda - sorry...didn't mean to cause such "junk distress" - ha ha! Thanks - you made me laugh. (But, they are pretty cool, aren't they?)

Gailmarie - how about a twin to your "Kid at Heart" (pull-a-tune)?? You can email me through my blog at www.sylviasdaughter.blogspot.com

Alice - maybe relocation is the answer!?! :)

OK - time to get to work with my next post/project...collages...

Have a great day!


Posted: 10:23 am on November 18th
writes: Kathy,
These are absolutely wonderful. I've never seen this done before and I love it. You are one talented gal.

Jenny K Posted: 11:18 pm on November 17th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: My, oh my! You are on a roll with your amazing finds and creations! I too have never come across this type of weight, but will add it to my list of "junk to look for". I think the one with the red bingo numbers would look ADORABLE in a holiday display! That one just catches my eye (but LOVE them all)!

You are one talented and crafty lady, Kathy. That is for sure.
Great post!
(Yay! Rose Bowl!) Posted: 9:20 pm on November 17th
zionspoet writes: this is freakin awesome!!!! thank you for sharing!! Posted: 8:22 pm on November 17th
alicemom writes: Oh Kathy! I wish I was closer! I wish I was closer! They are all so outstanding!!!!! I see lots of sales in your future.
smiles, alice Posted: 8:22 pm on November 17th
monakent writes: Toy????? Did you say "TOY"?????? Do tell.....

Very Interested Indeed :o) Posted: 6:10 pm on November 17th
RustyDiva writes: Oh Kathy ~ just when I recovered from fainting over all your great clocks ~ you make me all woozy again over these!!!!!!!
I don't EVER see these in my junkin expeditions. Why why oh why???????? I love them!!!!! I think I would buy every single one at your sale. Impossible to pick a favorite because they are all awesome....Feeling woozy again.....must go breathe in a paper weight, I mean paper bag!

Kenda Posted: 5:24 pm on November 17th
chippingcharm writes: So very clever...the clock face is my fave too! Laurel Posted: 4:19 pm on November 17th
shabbychick writes: Thanks everybody! So glad you like them too - you're my test "market"! :)

Lindsey - will have to look at that website - there are so many different kinds/styles of paperweights! Thanks!

Lani - I knew exactly which one would catch your eye!! :)

Gailmarie - welcome back...Florida sounds great (I'll be visiting the sunshine state in February - can't wait!). (P.S. I bought a little toy you might be interested in...)

Joanne - great idea - I bet those lids would work perfectly!! (I love how the curve magnifies the contents too!).

I'll have another project to share in a few days... Thanks again - you're all so much fun to share "junk" with!!

Take care, Kathy

P.S. Sharon - Go Buckeyes...Beat Michigan! (LuAnn...are you out there?? ;) (Yikes...and Midge too!) Posted: 3:52 pm on November 17th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Kathy,
What a great find these paperweights were!!!! I have never come across any.....I so love the collages you have created with them. I bet these will be snatched up right away!!! Have fun at your show.
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 3:02 pm on November 17th
suewannabeinkc writes: Great stuff! They're all lovely and unique. I love the way the curves in the glass magnify what's inside. Hmmm, junk magnified... I wonder why I'd like that concept?! :-) If I could get to Ohio, I think I'd be coming home with an instant paperweight colection!

I've never seen empty paperweights before. What fun! I wonder if the same thing could be done with small glass lids, like maybe the ones sometimes found on old canning jars? I've got one of those lids - I think I'll look into that.
Joanne Posted: 2:54 pm on November 17th
MimiToria writes: Kathy - this is right up my alley! Have all the fixins' in my basement for this fun project. Do you mind if I try it out? Posted: 2:08 pm on November 17th
monakent writes: I recently returned from a much needed trip to FL (temps in the 80s and sunny during my extended stay). Since I had no access to a computer "down there," I thought I would check in to see what I missed while I was gone....

Kathy, your project is WELL worth coming home to. I LOVE your paperweight ideas - especially Bingo and Lucky 7. Absolutely wonderful. SUPER idea overall. I can see these babies selling right away. They are perfect for Holiday gift giving!!!

Missed this site and all you fellow junkers.

More later ~
gailmarie Posted: 1:48 pm on November 17th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, these are awesome!! Love all the clock parts :) And well you know how I feel about the #7 one. Way cool, girl! The best at your show. I know you'll do fab!

Lani Posted: 11:57 am on November 17th
grannijo writes: WOW!!!!....Kathy these are so adorable!!...good luck at the sale!..can't wait to see other projects!...thanks for sharing!...."GO BUCKEYES!"...sharon Posted: 10:53 am on November 17th
JunkinLindsey writes: I love the number 7 paperweight! Did you know there's a society for paperweight collectors!? www.paperweight.org
Another great thing to keep my out for! Posted: 10:18 am on November 17th
CraftingWendy writes: I love these. You have an incredible eye. Where many people would have seen only a plain glass orb, you saw a creative junking project! I'm inspired. Thank you and good luck at Scott's. We go to the Atlanta show often and love it. Posted: 8:35 am on November 17th
Grasshopper22 writes: They look absolutely wonderful!!! You will sell
them very quickly. Each one is so different and
unique...GREAT JOB!! Posted: 8:30 am on November 17th
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