A Junker's Collection - Part Two

October 25th, 2009 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Alrighty then, I call these junkers baubles. The bits and pieces that get our minds overflowing with ideas and the endless possibilities for the stuff others pass by. Can you believe I actually have stuff like this on display at my house? I know you can. This stuff in the rough  is just hanging around waiting for new life. Until then it makes me smile!
Youve seen one of these as a salad server, but my passion for for all things film related is growing stronger. This one is in line to become a table or perhaps a frame. What do you think it should be??
OK, my collection of clocks may not be as large as JMS contributor, Kathys...but then again, whose is?? I dont really care if these beaties can still tell time. For me that is not the point. Their faces have a story to tell and that is good enough for me. Besides I have an awesome alarm clock on my cell phone that could wake folks living miles from my home. Im sure there are a few people who would like to re-purpose my phone before its time. Ha!
More building blocks. I was mortified by the amount of wheels I own while searching through my garage. Guess i must like them!!
I have a vast collection of Dominoes. What did this tell me. Even if something I collect is rectangular in shape the visions of circles dance on their parade.
Crystal makes an appearance. Bottle stoppers are B -Eau - Ti - Ful. I do believe some of these will make an appearrance at Christmas.
Magnify this! Sorry, just had to say it...you know me.
More crystal, this time in the form of smalll round bottles perfect for bud vases.
Well, well, well....heres a little something I bought from JMS contributor Amy at Prize. It is an idustrial light cover with very thick, very cool glass. Im not sure what this will become just yet...Ill have to get my pint sized brain right on it!!
Yes indeedy vintage fishing gear is round too! These fly fishing reels are to die for. I love the look and feel. Kind of like cotton to a junker.
Ooo, la, la more fishing junk. I think (please correct me if Im wrong...and I know you will through previous experience) that these are weights or anchors for a fishing line. Are they not the coolest?!
Alrighty then, I call these junkers baubles. The bits and pieces that get our minds overflowing with ideas and the endless possibilities for the stuff others pass by. Can you believe I actually have stuff like this on display at my house? I know you can. This stuff in the rough  is just hanging around waiting for new life. Until then it makes me smile!

Alrighty then, I call these junkers' baubles. The bits and pieces that get our minds overflowing with ideas and the endless possibilities for the stuff others pass by. Can you believe I actually have stuff like this on display at my house? I know you can. This stuff in the rough  is just hanging around waiting for new life. Until then it makes me smile!

JMS member, SWB in KC hit the nail on the head. I believe I am drawn to round and circular objects because of the infinite nature of circles. The never ending circle of life...hmmm. I love the fact that all junkers, although we are very very much alike we have our very own personality markers. At the JUNKMARKET sales I loved playing a little game called "Guess the Junker by Their Pile". Nine times out of ten I could tell you who would be at the cash/wrap shortly to pay for their goods just from what had been gathered. Yes, we are creatures of habit and drawn to like items time and time again. I think you know what you would find in my pile now...what's in yours??


P.S. I have also been told that I have one other very distinct personality marker when it comes to junk. Apparently I seek out and purchase the heaviest object at every flea market I attend. It is known as hernia inducing junk by Sue. I guess that's why all my friends diisappear into thin air at the end of the day. Hahaha!

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CottageElements writes: You find the coolest things, Sue. Love the round light cover. I love round glass, crystal things. Not that I seem to find a ton of them. Wonder what that means??? Hmmmmm . . . I think Amy should do a post on her findings :)

Lani Posted: 11:17 pm on October 27th
MimiToria writes: Love it all Sue. Loving these two posts and from it all I've discovered I'm a "round" collector kind of gal. Hadn't figured that out before. However, I have a collection of wheels, round wire lamp shades, button - buttons - and more buttons, beads - beads - and more beads,round glass stoppers, round silvered candle holders, round vintage clocks, pocket watches, etc. Lots of round collections!
I would love to hear and learn the philosophy of what it all means. There you go Amy, go to it now and do your research. ; - ) We're looking for some interesting results.
Gretchen Posted: 5:54 pm on October 27th
JunkArchitect writes:
The only theme I seem to have when it comes to acquiring junk is visual intensity. It can be painted, rusty, falling apart or a complete wreck but if it calls to me at first glance then it’s mine. I’ll know in a second if it’s a piece I can work with or should be left for someone else. Dealers ask me all the time what I’m looking for and I tell them no…until I see it.


Posted: 10:51 am on October 27th
chippingcharm writes: Love these 2 posts...they've got me thinking too. I've been wandering my house looking at all my favorite things and trying to find the common thread that ties them all together. Very fun...maybe I'll let you all know when I figure it out...Ha! So far I'd say I just collect a little bit of everything, mostly chippy, rusty and used and otherwise discarded...aka JUNK :) Thanks, Laurel Posted: 3:52 pm on October 26th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: Sue,
Well I don't know what to say is except WOW,What you did with them reels and decoy weights and all the neat things you added to it and to put all them all in your collection, that is real neat. I can't even amagine what your house looks like. I thought I have things but yours is something else. People continue laugh at me for taking interest in junk,but I wish more men would take interest in what people can do. God has given each one of you a special gift and its neat how different ones use their amagination. I just love it all and in the future I will show you some of my collectons and how God has blessed me in different ways. Sue I just want you to know how I appreciate you and all your Junker friends and how everyone has been Blessed. I didn't exspect to type a letter, but sometimes we need to share whats on our hearts.Friendship means alot to me. I just ask God Bless all of you and what you share. Robert. Posted: 10:01 am on October 26th
shabbychick writes: OK...first - so glad you've let us into your "inner circle" - so much fun to see your collections! :)

Second - I see some of my collections here too...clocks (ha ha - no surprise - and ever growing...), bottle stoppers (LOVE them), and bottles. Other round things I collect are rag balls, buttons, Christmas ornament bulbs, dresser mirrors, yikes - this is getting scary!

Can't wait to see what you do with all the great stuff in the first picture...

Sue - thanks for sharing!

Posted: 11:13 pm on October 25th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Isn't it amazing just by looking at others' collections, it can be so thrilling? Your wheels are drawing me in...wondering if there is something in the works for those?? And I just so happen to pick up my first set of black vintage dominos last weekend in their original box. So excited!...too scared to glue though...put them in a glass bottle with a lid for now so I can just look at them on my mantle.
Candy Posted: 8:57 pm on October 25th
greencolleen writes: so i was looking at my 'collections' door knobs, insulators, old kitchen stuff, buttons and green glass [big surprize there] rusted metal everything. frames lamp shades and lamps[ones that speak to me]. ive added on since being obcessed with this site. the color green few shades i dont like . i have green in every room very subtle tho. found some vintage flower frogs the other day. i have a rather small craft area. the garage is off limits. but we have a fairly full small barn/shed and an attic no basements in the southwest. i have to be careful with the clutter. im finding im much better at shopping that actually creating. need to work on that part :) Posted: 8:22 pm on October 25th
alicemom writes: Sue-sie-Q,
Another fine post! I just love it all.It would very hard to stop junking and just be content with what we have. I know I have tried. I just take it all to my barn.(so there is room for more)...........then it is just as fun to re-visit,re-new,re-claim. And bring home again !
smiles, alice Posted: 7:33 pm on October 25th
monakent writes: WOW!!! I would certainly love to tour your home someday and see all this lovely junk in action!!! gailmarie Posted: 5:43 pm on October 25th
upyourattic writes: Wonderful post Part 1 and 2!

That light cover is screaming to be used as a crystal ball for the fortune teller at Halloween - just put a skull or a fake rat or some eyeballs or or or.... under it and voila!

This is really getting fun trying to figure out the whys and whats of collections! Maybe a book is in the making, Sue?!?!


Posted: 3:33 pm on October 25th
RustyDiva writes: Looks like you have challenged us all to look deeper into our junking passions! How cool that we can connect our love of junk to deeper meaning and purpose ~ not just some silly nilly action we conduct on a whim. For that ~ we all thank you Sue!

Kenda Posted: 2:53 pm on October 25th
suewannabeinkc writes: What's in my pile? It could be round metal chairs with curly backs (as in the post of all the junk in my basement) and old worn wooden objects (if it doesn't work or I don't even know WHAT it is/was, all the better).
Maybe it's also because circles are symmetrical and therefore balanced, creating harmony. Ok... I'm getting too philosophical now! But I do agree with Amy - it would be interesting to find out why we are drawn to certain shapes, colors, materials and textures.
I LOVE the black and white handle on the magnifying glass! (More symmetry?)and all the round rusty junk. GREAT collections!
Joanne Posted: 1:31 pm on October 25th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: It's interesting to think about how people might be drawn to different shapes the same way they are drawn to color. I'm going to research that...


Posted: 1:08 pm on October 25th
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