Don't You Love Free Junk?

September 24th, 2008 in member junk     
MimiToria Gretchen Schaumann, contributor
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My favorite junk treasures in the box that was marked FREE.
All of the stuff in the box.
My favorite junk treasures in the box that was marked FREE.

My favorite junk treasures in the box that was marked "FREE".

While garage saling I came upon a sale that had a free box.  Low and behold their throw away junk, was treasures to a junker like myself.

I haven't used my finds yet, but my brain is spinning and I think a bookshelf I have with ugly 70's style legs will get vintage casters instead.

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suewhitney writes: Nice work Gretchen. Free is the best! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 11:12 am on September 25th
Chovey writes: Wow! What a great junk find!!! Lucky you! Can't wait to see the future projects!!! Maybe Christmas tree ornaments???

cynthia Posted: 8:47 pm on September 24th
MimiToria writes: kopykatkim - At the top of the site there is a "SHARE" tab.
Click on that and a it will open up and say "post a project photo". Click on that and it will open up to the actual area that you can post a single project from. You give your project a heading/title. Next there is a post picture area if you click on browse it will go to your computer photos and you double click on whatever photo you want uploaded. You can than write your text to go under that photo. At the bottom of this short area it says upload photo and it will upload once you've clicked. You can load 5 photos per project. You must give a brief or lengthy (like me) HA! description of the project below the area for the photo posting. At the bottom you can add what they call tags (words that represent your project, so that when people do a search for something your project would pop up for that search). There is also an area to choose "your idea" "someone else's" or a "Junk Market project". You don't have to fill out the bottom areas if you don't want. At the bottom when you scroll down it asks you to Post or if you get interrupted it can be kept as a draft to go back to later.
It is much easier than it sounds, so give it a try.
Gretchen Posted: 8:46 pm on September 24th
kopykatkim writes: Love the whole free junk thing, you got some awesome treasures. You have great talent and I'm sure will come up with alot of great junky things. Could somebody out there please tell me how to post my stuff? I know I'm up here in the sticks(Minnesota)but I have the love for JUNK also. Thanks any and everyone. Posted: 6:24 pm on September 24th
grandmaper writes: This makes me laugh. Most people I know see junk, one of my friends and I would find this to be a "Where's Waldo" type of thing. We both start yelling, "Hey, you could do this, or that" What great treasures, and free to boot. Posted: 6:10 pm on September 24th
MimiToria writes: csudderth - are the pumpkins the ones that are suppose to be in a current magazine for Halloween? I haven't seen this idea yet, but may have to check it out soon.
junkinhart - there is a cool old C clamp in the photo and it has nice detailing on it too.
Not sure what I'll be creating, but hey it was free. Posted: 3:28 pm on September 24th
junkinhart writes: Great finds!! Is that an old c clamp in there? Maybe that's not what it's called, that's what i call it. Happy creating! Posted: 2:12 pm on September 24th
csudderth writes: Wow--what great free junk. Have you seen the pumpkins decorated with junk? They are so cute. That's what your pile of "junk" reminded me of.

Christy Posted: 2:12 pm on September 24th
shabbychick writes: Free junk is the best! Have fun!

Kathy Posted: 11:11 am on September 24th
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