Organ Pipe Photo Holders

October 5th, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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These are letters you want to see on your wall...not your childs report card!!
The stuff! Three organ pipes, photo mats from your local craft store, vintage tie clips, old keys, some upholstery tacks, sawtooth picture hangers, 3M picture hangers, a hammer, and of course some photos.
Measure and tap in sawtooth photo holders to the back of each organ pipe. You want the bottom of the organ pipes even giving a nice left to right descent on the top.
My love affair with the vintage tie clip begins!
Unfortunately on this project, for stability reasons I could not let the fancy side show. Believe you me, i tried for about an hour to see if I could come up with a way, but to no avail. So, any hoo, I chose the plain ones and applied Gorilla Super Glue to the face of the clips and attached one to the top of each pipe.
This left the clip part available for picture hanging.
Tap, tap, tap goes the hammer...on, on, on goes the key! Why? Just because.
We already know I have a long standing love affair with the letter E. Hmmm...I wonder why?
Oh yes, now I remember!
Wow! If you didnt know any better you would thingk this was an image of a great hardwood floor.
D- E- F, A -B -C, you and me!
You already saw the tops of the pipes so I only thought it was fair to show you the bottoms.
These are letters you want to see on your wall...not your childs report card!!

These are letters you want to see on your wall...not your child's report card!!

According my definition of "cool junk" these little babies fit the bill. I have used them here to display baby photos, but my mind is all a twitter with the endless possibilities of what they could become. Guess I can look forward to a few sleepless nights. Oh well, nothing new about that!

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Comments (19)

BellaB writes: This is probably one of the most unique things I have seen yet! I love your aesthetic and fall in love with just about everything you do...I especially love all of the "inner workings" (like this) and industrial-related things you use. Where do you get your vision and foresight? I see so many things that I love but cannot develop a use for them. How do I train my eye (or brain) to "see" the way you do? Posted: 10:01 pm on October 12th
suewhitney writes: Thanks everyone for the kind words. I now have another re-use hopping around in brain. I'll let you know if it works!!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 4:23 pm on October 10th
chippingcharm writes: very cool...I love everything about it. Plus the the little details you,love love! Laurel Posted: 8:15 am on October 9th
georgiamoon writes: Sue, I don't even know what to say about this....I'm blown away by the beauty of this piece. I can say this will fit right into your lovely home. You do the BEST STUFF...EVER!!! Love ya, Georgia Posted: 7:51 pm on October 7th
MimiToria writes: Wowser, like you say Ms. Sue. This is tooooo cool. I'd of never thought to do this, and I have a stash of those cool tie clips since I'm the original vintage jewelry junker hoarder of the state of Minnesota. lol Now, I have a clue with what to do in the future with them.
Gretchen Posted: 9:35 pm on October 6th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
Just got back from RoundTop,Texas and looks like I miss seeing what everyone is doing.Lady you are just amazing.Got too meet some more JMS followers.Had a terrific show and enjoyed sharing the good things on JMS.I just plain enjoy what everyone can do.I know I can decorate with things what you can do is nothing but a miracle. I just needed to share that with you and what great friends all these junkers are.I'm so glad that I got too meet some of you. A special blessing to all of you. LOVE BLESSINGS,ROBERT. Posted: 5:33 pm on October 6th
Grasshopper22 writes: Another great idea...everything that you used goes together
perfectly... Posted: 7:33 am on October 6th
alicemom writes: Oh Sue! The post is brilliant, the pictures are outstanding BUT the best is the pictues of Little Elizabeth. My niece is also Elizabeth. I call her Little Lizzer or LL for short. I love your creative mind and spirit. Thanks so much!
smiles, alice Posted: 11:56 pm on October 5th
DownHomeDIY writes: You sure got a nice set of pipes there on you!

This is music to my eyes. Ok, too many puns? I'll stop.

This is such a cool project. I love the finished piece.

Thanks for the inspiration,
Posted: 8:24 pm on October 5th
oldnews writes: Absolutey beautiful! Who in their right mind wouldn't love to have these!!? What an amazingly creative use for treasures. And the pictures - just too cute!! Posted: 12:14 pm on October 5th
RustyDiva writes: Wow ~ awesome idea! Love this!

Kenda Posted: 11:14 am on October 5th
fellowjunker writes: Just stunning Sue. What a mind you have!!!
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 11:02 am on October 5th
monakent writes: These are magnificent!!!! Your project is coolness-plus. I need some of these pipes for my walls... gailmarie Posted: 10:44 am on October 5th
suewhitney writes: Ok,'s where you want to look. I found these at a great store here in Minneapolis called Hunt and Gather, but have seen them many times at Architectural salvage stores at very reasonable prices. Old churches get torn down all of the time (boo hoo :() to make way for more modern versions. Many times along with the church goes the pipe organ. The salvage crew will more often than not try to salvage all of the bits and pieces they can, including these pipes. Old churches have some pretty darn interesting junkables inside their doors...not just pews. Often times if a church is scheduled to be torn down those who live in the community will be advised. The members usually have first dibs, then the residents of the community, and finally the salvage crew. Keep an eye open for churches and buildings doomed by the wrecking ball in your town and save a piece of the past! Hope this helps!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:12 am on October 5th
suewannabeinkc writes: Beautiful! I love the patina of the old wood, the unique look of the pipes BEFORE, and of course the creative way you've repurposed them. Tie clips are now on my "search" list. What a great use of them! I share Candy's sentiment: where do we begin to find such things? Care to send any "down river"?
This is why you're the "Sue" and I'm just the "wannabe"! :-)
Thanks for such great inspiration on a Monday morning!
Joanne Posted: 9:55 am on October 5th
shabbychick writes: OK - I know you're shopping at some secret junk hideaway somewhere in the woods of Minnesota - where the heck do ya find stuff like that?? ha ha!! Those are so COOL! And, of course - I love what you did with them (and tie clips to hold the photos...sweet!!!)

Happy Monday to you! And thanks for sharing!!!


P.S. Great photos Mom!!! :)

Posted: 9:52 am on October 5th
CottageElements writes: Candy, man you were up early? Couldn't sleep? Ha ha! Actually this was a fun project to wake up to, Ms. Sue. Love the look of these. The wood is beautiful, and the letters are awesome. And who would have thunk of using tie clips? Love it!

Lani Posted: 9:45 am on October 5th
JunkArchitect writes:
Suzy-Q, you know this is my kind of project. Everything about them is cool. The wood, letters, shape and your great idea of turning them into something to hold photos is the best.

Posted: 9:21 am on October 5th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Wow! What a great post to wake up to this morning! Love the lettering, the wood, the tie clips and the size of this project.
Thanks for another inspiring post, Sue. Now where to find wood pipes? I'll figure it out.
Take care,
Candy Posted: 5:07 am on October 5th
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