Warrenton, bay-bee!

September 29th, 2009 in member junk     
fionaandtwig fionaandtwig, member
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This is what its all about, right yall? :-)
All from Bar W Field...chair with killer pink patina-$5. And its sturdy, too! Dishes and print, all $1 each.
Theatre seats! I grabbed these in Fredericksburg, but my dealer pal Effie was selling them in Warrenton, too. This weekend, theyll be up for grabs in my booth.
Get a load of this fab-o little Asian childs chest. I can honestly say Ive never seen anything quite like it. $20 in Bar W Field.
My pal Effie also just recently purchased the entire contents of an old pharmacy. TOO COOL, right? I grabbed some of these old prescription pads from 1934! This one reads...
For a suppository... insert one each night one hour after enema is expelled.
This is what its all about, right yall? :-)

This is what it's all about, right y'all? :-)

Spent all day Saturday smack-dab in the middle of junkin' Heaven, Warrenton, TX! I'm immersed in getting ready to open my very first antique mall booth this Saturday, but I would be remiss if I didn't post some pics for all my wunnerful Junk Market peeps!

Please pop over to my blog to see more of my fabulous day at Warrenton!



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shabbychick writes: Candy...we have to go! (Anne - I already have the prom dress - just need to start saving some $$$ to get there.)


Posted: 10:02 am on October 1st
JunkArchitect writes:
The old prescription pads are so cool…great bathroom reading.

Posted: 9:55 pm on September 30th
fionaandtwig writes: Hey Lanette! Nope, I didn't get to stay for the blog party (darn!), we were only there for one whirlwind of a day.
Tomorrow night is the Junk Gypsy Prom, I hear tell that's an event not to be missed. Maybe in the Spring!
Anne Posted: 7:41 pm on September 30th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Very cool, girl! One of these days I'll make it there!
Candy Posted: 2:59 pm on September 30th
shabbychick writes: Anne - Ohhhhhh - way tooooo much fun! :) Lucky you!

Great purchases - can't wait to see your booth space - I know it's going to have a wonderful vintage look!!! :)

Kenda - you're too funny - I know what you mean about loving all the stuff you buy (therein lies part of my accumulation problem - and I still sell part of it! LOL)

Anne - will check your blog! Happy junking trails to you!!

Kathy Posted: 2:58 pm on September 30th
BraytonHomestead writes: good luck on on your new adventure. Am crazy for those theatre seats....

Karen Posted: 1:37 pm on September 30th
CottageElements writes: I'm so jealous! I would love to have gone with my friend Amy (ALVN). Did you get to meet her at the Blogger Party? Good luck on your new booth and be sure to have fun!

Lani Posted: 11:29 am on September 30th
monakent writes: What GREAT stuff you found!!! I absolutely LOVE the little chest. How sweet is that??? Also, the pharmacy notes can't be beat. You did a super job with your purchases. BEST of luck with your business!!! gailmarie Posted: 10:47 am on September 30th
RustyDiva writes: East Texas has some great junkin festivities. We need some in the Panhandle! Looks like you found some treasures and I can only imagine how excited you are about your new venture! My problem is that I truly love all that I buy and would have a hard time parting with it. I would want everything to go to a good home ~ like a kitten. LOL Sending good karma your way for opening day!!!!! Posted: 10:43 am on September 30th
fellowjunker writes: Looks fabulous Annie.....I'll check your blog after work today.
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 10:01 am on September 30th
junkermidge writes: Sounds like everyone's having a junkin' blast down in Texas these days. Too cool! You've got some great junk yourself there! Much success and fun as you launch your booth adventure.
Midge Posted: 9:26 am on September 30th
suewhitney writes: Ahahaha...love the prescription pad! It would go nicely with the enema kit box I found in Pennsylvania. I'm so sorry I missed Antique Weekend in Round Top. Looks like you had a blast!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 6:36 am on September 30th
frstyfrolk writes: I Love seeoing the great junk finds and hard to call them junk they are so awesome. I sure do miss being in Warrenton this fall, but I was there last spring. I still WISH I was there!

Great going, Awesome to have a store to shop for!

Smiles, Cyndi Posted: 11:17 pm on September 29th
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