Not too early for these Christmas trees ..

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Finished project
what it looks like at the beginning
the tree alone
Ann & her tree
Finished project

Finished project

it's never too early to think about decorating for Christmas - as far as i am concerned - one thing i like decorating with is toys/dolls and primitive looking trees - 3 years ago, my brother passed away in august and at his funeral i remember thinking how sad Christmas would be without him - i looked across the cemetery at the field along the fence and saw a row of johnson grass waving lightly in the breeze - as if to say - it's Christmas now - everyday is Christmas - and i saw the Christmas in the tops of the johnson grass - so, i cut me a bundle and i have been making Christmas trees from them ever since -

i cut the tops, picking the ones that looks especially full - i hang them upside down and let them dry - after about a week they are dry enough to work with - now, you can spray them with spray glue and dust them with glitter - you can spray them gold, white or green - i like to drill a small hole in a vintage alphabet block and squeeze a bit of glue into the hole and stick the 'tree' into the hole - i have also used vintage wooden thread spools - stacks of buttons and just little blocks of wood as a base. these are so cute across a mantle - they don't travel very well - so i never take them to shows - but they are a cool little project for school crafts projects - and a sweet way to say goodbye to summer.. enjoy - troy

Pattern or design used: My own design - Troy Rash
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RustyDiva writes: Very sweet and simple. Love it. Perhaps the idea came from your brother all along. Thank you for sharing. Posted: 1:46 pm on September 19th
suewhitney writes: Troy, Thanks so much for sharing this story with is very inspirational. I love the trees and the sentiment behind them. Thanks for the great instructions too.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:46 am on September 19th
grannijo writes: Troy...I am a lover of the "natural" ideas!! year I took "bunny tails" from the side of the road (green) and stuck them in a basket with dry was beautiful..then when it dried it was even more beautiful...never took any pictures..(before digital kodak)...the tree is so cute! the inspiration is such a nice tribute to your brother.... ..thanks for sharing ...sharon Posted: 7:51 am on September 19th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Troy - Let me just start by saying how much I appreciate you sharing instructions on your projects so we can all give it a try. Thanks for this post and the inspiration behind it. I really love the end result!

Beautifully done as always. :)
Candy Posted: 6:11 am on September 19th
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