Another 9-11 Tribute

September 11th, 2009 in member junk     
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This one I just set on the porch, but it could easily hang on a front door.  It comes with its own loop.
This one I just set on the porch, but it could easily hang on a front door.  It comes with its own loop.

This one I just set on the porch, but it could easily hang on a front door.  It comes with its own loop.

AB's post inspired me to think about how I could make something in honor of 9-ll.  I didn't personally know any victims, but I don't think any American wasn't affected by it.

I really like fireman boots, probably because my dad was chief of our local dept. when I was a little kid and my job was to hand him his boots whenever we had to take off on an emergency run.  He was MY hero, so what better way to honor those fallen heroes and innocent victims than with a firemans boot.  I have quite a few of them but never came up with a good project for them (except for next to a fireplace to hold wood).  But they seem to make a good holder for flowers.  This project was kind of thrown together last minute but I wanted to post it while it was still Sept. 11.  Thanks for the inspiration AB!

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pofolksdecorator1 writes: Hi Midge,
I know its a heavy load, but you are one of my favorite junkers on this site. Your creations inspire me. Yesterday I saw your galvanized steel table. I had the bucket but not the bottom stand, or the glass. I went to the thrift store and asked the manager if she had any 25 1/2 " round glass. She took me in the back and walla.. 9.50. I was so excited I almost screamed! I also found a fold out cast iron wine 2 tiered stand, might be too small for the big tub, may need to put casters on the bottom or just sit it on the floor. I am going to scour the internet to find a theme to put inside it. I am also going to drill a hole in the bottom/side so I can light up with Christmas lights. I cant wait. Thanks for sharing how you sell. I have been asking santa for a large playhouse for 20 years now. Want to use it as my shop and sales. You showed me I can do this out of my garage if I have to. Thanks sooooooo much. When I get done. I will post picts. Annie Posted: 7:48 pm on March 19th
shabbychick writes: Midge - very touching way to honor the memories of the day and your dad!

Kathy Posted: 9:56 am on September 14th
RustyDiva writes: Great job Midge! I love the boot and the meaning behind it! Posted: 10:33 pm on September 12th
CottageElements writes: Noreen, this is a great project. Very sentimental and a tribute to the firefighters of 9-11 and to your Dad. Thanks for touching us with it!

Lani Posted: 10:32 pm on September 12th
chippingcharm writes: did your "daddy" and the rest of our heroes proud too! Thanks for sharing, Laurel Posted: 9:42 pm on September 12th
oldnews writes: It was a difficult day, but this is such a sweet rememberance. Thanks for sharing it. Marie Posted: 5:11 pm on September 12th
suewhitney writes: Very touching...a beautiful tribute.

Sue Posted: 10:34 am on September 12th
greencolleen writes: omg this was so cool, i was so upset yesterday i couldnt comment. i didnt lose anyone on 911. but i remember where i was, and how surreal it was to watch those buildings come down. even 8 yrs later im concerned for all that loss of life and distruction. this was a beautiful remembrance of that day. Posted: 10:08 am on September 12th
LuAnn writes: Thanks for posting Midge. Lovely flowers. A co-worker lost her son in one of the towers so 9/11 is quite a difficult day for us here. Your post was very uplifting and a fine tribute to all. Thanks again.

LuAnn Posted: 8:05 am on September 12th
fellowjunker writes: Absolutely beautiful took my breath away.
In my thoughts,
xojanis Posted: 11:20 pm on September 11th
alicemom writes: Midge,
I love it. You made your Dad proud too.
smiles, alice Posted: 10:59 pm on September 11th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Such a beautiful tribute to today, Midge. Love the memories you shared along with the simple addition of wildflowers.

Nicely done, my friend.
Candy Posted: 9:55 pm on September 11th
DownHomeDIY writes: This tells such a story and it a great tribute! Thanks for remembering.
In honor of Dave and Lynn Posted: 9:23 pm on September 11th
roadtriplouise writes: This is a great tribute! Posted: 8:37 pm on September 11th
EmmasNookandGranny writes: Another beautiful tribute. You are very good at throwing things together!
Marge Posted: 6:40 pm on September 11th
byabpryor writes: That's a beautiful piece JunkerMidge... It gave me chills! Wow - it's a wonderful way to celebrate life & lives....

You inspire me as well ;)


Posted: 5:58 pm on September 11th
grannijo writes: sorry about the 1 in there... Posted: 4:52 pm on September 11th
grannijo writes: What a nice "thrown together" tribute to all fire fighters of 9-11 and all other fire it!!!...they are our heroes!!! the "NEVER FORGET"...thanks for sharing ...sharon Posted: 4:51 pm on September 11th
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