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September 18th, 2008 in member junk     
MimiToria Gretchen Schaumann, contributor
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JUNK is what this site is all about!!!

JUNK is what this site is all about!!!

Welcome to all of you members that may be comfortable at this time viewing and are intimidated to join in and post your opinoin/ideas/projects.  I was that person just a few weeks ago.  I was scared to death to put myself out there and thought I'd be rejected.  Gotta tell you, this has been one great adventure for me and I'm writing this to encourage you all to get involved.  I took the risk and I haven't been disappointed.  I've been having a ball!!!  Check out my posts - Mimitorias and you'll see what I mean.  I just love this site and want to encourage you all to get more involved.  It is super easy to post, add projects, etc.  If I can do it, anyone can do it.  Come on and join the fun!  You won't be sorry!!

Gretchen - One happy Junker and member of this fun website "JUNK MARKET STYLE"

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AuntieJo writes: I am a newbie. I have yet to post anything. I have tried (with my daughter's help) but were not successful. I will figure this out. I do have many ideas, that I'd lie to share. I have noticed something tho', that all the notatiions seem to be from last year. What is up with that? Posted: 9:15 pm on March 26th
GrandBear writes: Hello..I jumped in with both feet and to my surprise I have posted some items!!fUN fUN... NEED SOME HELP..I can post and add photo of items, having trouble FINDING the place to add my photo. I have only seen it once but I did not have happy-crafter face ready!!!! Now I do and can't locate the "on" click!!! Any suggestions????? Posted: 5:17 pm on May 19th
blatt writes: Thought you may want to add 2 great Antique Flea Markets in Ohio to your Hot Spot list.

Urbana Antique and Flea Market, Urbana, Ohio (fairgrounds), first weekend every month


Springfield Antique and Flea Market, Springfield, Ohio (fairgrounds), 3rd weekend every month Posted: 11:05 am on January 5th
shabbychick writes: What great posts - and SO TRUE! This is a great place to share our "junk" AND make new friends! I've already had the pleasure of meeting two...italianpeasant and Belinda - only 30 miles away - who knew??? We're planning a little junket for October - can't wait! If these two ladies are any indication (and I'm sure they are), junkers are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. And, we all share this great (albeit harmless...wink-wink) addiction to junk!

Gretchen - looks like you've kind of "broken the ice" - I've been gone a few days, and have a whole lotta postin' to catch up on!! Can't wait to see what I've missed!

Sue - thanks for the junkin' home (and "support group") you've created for all of us!

Kathy Posted: 1:51 pm on September 23rd
suewhitney writes: You are all amazing! Thanks so much Gretchen for starting this and to everyone else for your words of encouragement to all members and those visiting the site. We are a very friendly group. aren't we? It made me feel so good to read these posts and realize through your words that the tenets upon which JM and JMS were founded are embedded in your beliefs.

* Kindness
* Sharing
* Support
* Encouragement
* Reduce, reuse, recycle (saving the earth one piece of junk at a time)
* Creativity
* Artistic freedom
* Individual style (create your own piece of junk at a time)
* Friendship
....Just to name a few

And about the Juju. We liked the term so much that we have a section In Junk Beautiful, Room by Room Makeovers named Junker's JuJu. Actually, my brilliant editor from Taunton, Erica coined the phrase...thanks E. It refers to the magic behind the junker. Thanks to all of you, there's a lot of magic to be found on the pages of this site. Let the fun continue. Happy junking to all.

All best to you and yours,
Posted: 10:20 am on September 20th
MimiToria writes: Ok, so I've changed the post a bit and I'm glad I did. It was pointed out to me from a very wise friend that the word I used "lurkers" was or could be offensive to people. I never meant to offend anyone, so I apologise if I did. I was only intending to encourage others to take the risk and get involved.
Gretchen Posted: 9:03 am on September 20th
MimiToria writes: I'm glad people feel more free to post. It is so much funner with more people involved. Thanks newcomers for taking the risk and getting involved. You will really enjoy the site once you get past your initial 1st post. This is a very friendly site, and we're all sharing and learning from one another.
Join in! Posted: 8:48 am on September 20th
LuAnn writes: Your posting has worked. Seen many newbees out there. Now for the rest of you--don't be afraid join the party!!!

LuAnn Posted: 7:40 am on September 20th
georgiamoon writes: Hi everybody, just to add a note of encouragement to those out there that haven't felt the urge to "show and tell" (yet), please don't feel intimidated or shy about showing us your stuff. It doesn't even have to be something that you "made" but maybe just how you have incorporated something older or used into your decor. We welcome any photos of things you find interesting. We LOVE to see things you may have run across out on a junking trip, questions on ideas for reusing those items and of course (My fave) your personal twist on what can be done with this stuff...from the everyday junk we see in our own neighborhoods to the strange things we might not even know the original purpose of. It's all good. So get out those camera's and let's see what y'all find! It's FUN...Georgia Posted: 1:25 pm on September 19th
Junk4fun writes: Hello, I do have to say "I love this site". I was introduced to it at Oronoco! I hope to add some "crafty" projects soon too. But, do love the ideas I have seen from you all.

Oh, I noticed the post from junkin4fun and it kind of threw me as I am Junk4fun...We both must be relatives from the "4fun" family.

Posted: 12:38 pm on September 19th
MimiToria writes: Thanks guys for your good comments. I just think if we can encourage a few people to start participating vs. lurking we all will benefit and in turn the site can only get better.
I agree that this is an uplifting and positive site. Let's keep it that way. There is enough negative in the world, we can make the effort to keep this positive one post at a time.
Gretchen Posted: 9:59 am on September 19th
CottageElements writes: Thanks for the great encouragement Gretchen. This is an awesome site with awesome people. They stick up for each other and encourage each other. No bad juju here! Glad to have everyone's input. Looking forward to some great postings!

Lanette Posted: 9:24 am on September 19th
junkinhart writes: Exactly!! The day I joined I looked through EVERYTHING!! Got the camera out and started shooting pictures of the things the JB and I have done. There are not 2 things the same on this site. I have taken someone's idea, put it in the head and have come up with something totally different, but it started with someone else's project! I have joined other sites, but JMS is the easiest going and non-biased....if someone doesn't like your project, they don't say it, they just don't post!! Everyone is just great!! Every one that hasn't posted: POST so we can use your idea!!! We will save this country one piece of junk at a time! Posted: 8:34 am on September 19th
Countryinthecity writes: I immediately felt welcomed here! I love this web site and the members are great. I got hooked on HGTV's rate my space and posted photos of my home and people were brutal on that site. I was so hurt with their comments about my home that I cried. This is more my speed. Here I noticed everyone has their own taste, shares ideas, encourage others and they don't try to outdo everyone with fancy schmancy expensive home decor. I don't have to be filthy rich to reuse and recycle. I much prefer junk! They just don't get it... their loss.

Thanks for a fun site! I love it!!!
Sue Posted: 9:42 pm on September 18th
MimiToria writes: junkin4fun - Welcome to this great group of gals. I'm a newbie myself, having joined a few weeks ago. I was right in your shoes, but took the plunge and am I ever glad I did.
I'm glad you were encouraged. I will patiently await your posts and projects. Just enjoy yourself. We're all in this together and it is so awesome to learn from one another.
I feel like I'm meeting a whole family of kindrid spirit. I have to agree, God totally works in mysterious ways! Posted: 8:44 pm on September 18th
junkin4fun writes: Thank you so much for posting that note of encouragement. You know God works in mysterious ways, I was just thinking I really just need to do this. I have been lurking on this site since it started. I can probably tell you at least 2 or 3 projects each one of you have done but have been afraid to respond or to post. Although I have still not posted a photo I am working on some things and hope to get pictures up soon.
Any way enough babbling, thanks again for the encouragement. Posted: 7:44 pm on September 18th
MimiToria writes: I just feel bad, cause I was in there shoes just a few weeks ago, and since I started contributing and being involved, it has just been so much fun!
Join us, gals and guys! Posted: 7:28 pm on September 18th
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