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September 14th, 2009 in blog     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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I like how this turned out - and hoping our customers do too...!
The top section...corkboard - a piece I had from another project - fit perfectly without even having to cut it - filled in the sides with cut pieces of an old yardstick.
The middle section - a tin piece that was bought for another project - but fit perfectly.  A piece of the yardstick was glued on the back to help anchor it to the window.
The bottom section holds a piece of slate (I have a bit of a collection...) - it fit perfectly as well!
I used two Scrabble trays to hold the letters simplify and the other to hold chalk.  The letters are glued in place.
And...reminder...Springfield Extravaganza is coming soon - and well be there - spaces 828 & 851!  Hope to meet some JMS members.
A couple clothespins hold notes, keys, etc...
Im sure I wont need to be reminded where these places are - theyre two of my new favorites!!
The pieces and parts...  I was going to use a couple knobs to hold keys, but decided the clothespins worked/looked better!
I like how this turned out - and hoping our customers do too...!

I like how this turned out - and hoping our customers do too...!

Well, I've been working on a few projects for our upcoming show at the Springfield Extravaganza - and here's one that will hopefully be a quick sell! 

All the pieces fit perfectly together, and the only cutting I had to do was the yardstick that I used for trim.  (So a pretty safe project for me to handle!)

I used my cordless screwdriver/drill to attach the hinges on the back to hang the window with wire (so only one power tool - again pretty simple).

Sometimes a project seems to put itself together...this was one of those - it's like they were waiting for each other...a little scary - but in a good way! :)

P.S.  If you're going to be in the area - here's the website for the Springfield Extravaganza (Springfield, Ohio) - there will be over 2,000 vendors - and you can shop/junk till you drop! 

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doggbo writes: This is a GREAT idea and it can be altered to use in other rooms.THANK YOU. Posted: 8:40 am on September 30th
FauxPasMa writes: I LOVE this! It'd be a perfect organizer for my girls' room! Posted: 9:58 pm on September 19th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, this is probably my favorite project from you. It really seem to come together like everything was made for each other. Very cool piece and I it would be hard for me to give it up. Have a great show! Wish I could be there.

Lani Posted: 12:20 am on September 16th
shabbychick writes: Thanks again - you all rock!! With all your great comments - I may have to ask more for it than I thought...ha ha (not really!).

AND...I REALLY appreciate all your good wishes for the show - AND I REALLY wish you could ALL be there (wouldn't we have a blast???).

Alice, I may have to make a couple more for the next show!

Sue, thanks...will take all the junker's juju I can get!


P.S. Lawyergirl - can't wait to meet you. I'll have a JUNKMARKET Style sign out...(making one now...ha ha!!)

Posted: 1:45 pm on September 15th
lawyergirl writes: Well, I know the first place I'll be stopping when I'm in Springfield. I'm so lucky I live so close! Great job - it's beautiful. Posted: 1:25 pm on September 15th
RustyDiva writes: Great project Kathy. It covers ALL the bases! Best of luck at your sale ~ wish I could be there.

K Posted: 12:39 pm on September 15th
WhitePineLane writes: I ADORE that! Hmm... I think I know where I can get an old window frame too.... *off to look* Posted: 12:12 pm on September 15th
junkermidge writes: Great piece! I'm sure your customers will love it too and it will be gone before the weeks end. I really like the clothespin added on the side, Great Idea! Have a great sale.
Midge Posted: 12:29 am on September 15th
roadtriplouise writes: Great window project! Posted: 11:01 pm on September 14th
suewhitney writes: Love it Kathy!!!! You will be the hit of Springfield with projects like this. Go get 'em girlfriend! I'm sending all of my best junker's juju in your diretion.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:14 pm on September 14th
monakent writes: Very nice!!! As the others mentioned, once the show is over, I'm sure you will be coming home without this little number. Best of luck at the show. I'm sure you will do wonderfully well. gailmarie Posted: 7:40 pm on September 14th
alicemom writes: Kathy,
That is so darling you better make 10 more! Honest engine! For real as my grandson would say. I know you will have a great show!
smiles, alice
wish I was coming! Posted: 7:18 pm on September 14th
writes: Kathy!
You are just rocking the project house! Another cool project and fabulous post. Go get 'em in Springfield. I wish we were there...

:-) JennyK Posted: 5:31 pm on September 14th
shabbychick writes: Thanks for your comments everyone. I almost didn't want to part with this one when it was finished...but, guess you can't keep everything, right??? LOL

I appreciate your support, and (since we've got a beautiful weather report for the weekend), hoping for a great show. I've got a new post on my blog showing pictures of some of the things we're selling, as well as details about the show...please stop by:

Thanks again - you're all the best!!


Posted: 4:59 pm on September 14th
chippingcharm writes: This is wonderful! Love all of the little details you added to make it so unique! Also love the little button flowers...too cute :) Laurel Posted: 4:46 pm on September 14th
SnowmanHill writes: This is a great project. I just love everything about it. AWESOME!!! Posted: 4:36 pm on September 14th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Kathy,
This is fabulous!!! What a great idea for a junk organizer, and I love all your added details, like the clothespins and scrabble letters!
xojanis Posted: 3:09 pm on September 14th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Love. Love. Love. I am amazed at how nicely all the pieces came together! Brilliant job, my friend. and all my best during Springfield.

Candy Posted: 2:52 pm on September 14th
LuAnn writes: What a great piece. No home should be without one of these. You can send it my way--you know the address.

LuAnn Posted: 2:47 pm on September 14th
DownHomeDIY writes: OK, I would be shocked if this lasted more than 2 minutes at the sale. I bet it will get snatched up sooner by a member of Junkmarket Style.

This is so totally awesome, as my kids would say!

Great job.
Posted: 2:07 pm on September 14th
DreaminBoutJunk writes: What a wonderful idea! Love the way everything fit together!
Nice job! Posted: 12:00 pm on September 14th
byabpryor writes: This is a very functional awesome project.... gotta love it when a plan comes together.

Wish I could be in Springfield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted: 11:49 am on September 14th
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