I Don't Know Why This Caged Bird Would Sing....

August 29th, 2009 in member junk     
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We served up the chicken in a transformed (and cleaned) bird cage. 
I asked the kids to fill the cooler for me.  How hard could that be?  5 teenagers and 10 minutes later they thought they had it figured out.  Future engineers?....hmmmm 
The dinner table all set up.  Globe on a stand for Out of this world baked beans.  Stole Candys idea of using lunch pail for plates, etc.  In the back of my car I found an old bucket (for chips), saucer & cup (for pickles), and the bottom of a cloche (for deviled eggs).
Dessert was served up back at home.  The typewriter was quite heavy and had a few more dings than I would like, but it came with an awesome chocolate trifle! 
How true. 
We served up the chicken in a transformed (and cleaned) bird cage. 

We served up the chicken in a transformed (and cleaned) bird cage. 

but it was calling out "Eat me!  Eat me!"  After missing out on all the Oronoco fun I was feeling a little sorry for myself -- especially about missing out on the Junk Potluck.  So after submitting my entry in the online version, I decided to put my theories to the test and hold my own junk cookout -- family style.

I announced we'd be dining in the park for the big event because I wanted to have a good photo opp.  But apparently my gang was more interested in the food than any junk or photos (I can't believe it either!) and pushed me out the door before I had all my junk ideas put together.  So I didn't get to try all my ideas out, but I did try a few.  And once at the park I found some junk goodies in the back of my van and improvised a few more.  I know!  What were the odds I'd have random junk in my car?  

I'll have to try the other ideas some other time.  Meanwhile, I think the setup actually made the meal much more fun.  There were many more spittakes than we usually have!  Who knew junk could be so much fun?  (I did! I did!)  


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calicoacres writes: Great idea...I have four Calico cats & several house plants..afer one of them decided to dig her way to the bottom of my huge aloe vera plant I found a large birdcage & painted it white & put it over the plant..now we are both happy..she eats the stems that stick out & I have a plant when I need it & it looks great...Anna Posted: 9:42 am on September 23rd
WhitePineLane writes: Fabulous! My favorite: The typewriter/trifle with the chocolate "story" in progress! Posted: 12:18 pm on September 2nd
fellowjunker writes: An absolutely beautiful post Midge..........so many wonderful junk pieces!!
xojanis Posted: 1:37 pm on August 30th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: MIDGE,
Wow,I thought I was seening things. Just wanted you to know what a amagination. Great Great job. Thankyou for sharing. Robert. Posted: 9:54 pm on August 29th
lutrell writes: awesome stuff.-----now i know how to use some of my stuff at my next cook out. Posted: 5:05 pm on August 29th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: It's great to see your entry become a reality!! Fabulous!! I think that will be what we do for next year's online Junk Potluck contest!!


Posted: 1:22 pm on August 29th
junkermidge writes: Well thank you, thank you, thank you. Almost makes up for the pain of missing Oronoco. Almost. In response to some of your comments, yes the earth's inner core is not really made up of ignaceous rocks--it's really just baked beans. So I do believe that beans, beans are the true cause of global warming. Or is that global gases? Hmmm....there's truth there somewhere.

P.S. Just wanted to come clean on Candy's keen observation of the loaf pan in the typewriter. A standard one did not fit, so I used one of those tin foil ones. Better fit but still a little short and I modified it with more foil. Posted: 10:58 am on August 29th
suewhitney writes: Da, da, da . dah!! This weeks member feature goes to one Miss Junker Midge. Love your junker potluck set up. The globe with the beans is hylarious and the chocolate saying...oh so true!! Nice work Midge!

Happy Eating,
Sue Posted: 10:03 am on August 29th
SantaClaus writes: Amen to all the posts already written - what more can I say? Now I want to do the same---just to show my friends what fun "junking" can be!!! Posted: 8:13 am on August 29th
greencolleen writes: how funny are you! i keep telling my husband that its all about presentation. he just doesnt get it but oh well. love the cooler, and the lunch box,the caged chicken just cracked me up ;) Posted: 11:13 am on August 28th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Very cool, Midge! All your ideas are fantastic. I can't believe how neatly your trifle fits in the typewriter! Very cute. I too love the baked bean bowl...looks like some global warming is going on. ;)

I bet you cheered right up after this family cookout! Fun stuff!
Candy Posted: 10:02 am on August 28th
suewhitney writes: Thought I recognized this set up from the written entry. Looks even better in person. The globe for the beans is just to darn funny. Way to go Noreen!

Take Care,
Sue Posted: 9:39 am on August 28th
dresdenjunkshun writes: adorable and original! never saw anything quite like it!! I love the way you just "threw" together the pickle server by turning a teacup and saucer upside down! I'm going to try that at our next "tea party"...the grandkids will get a kick out of it:)

http://dresdenjunkshun.weebly.com Posted: 10:39 pm on August 27th
shabbychick writes: Midge, Midge, Midge - I hope to visit and sample some of your "junk food" one of these days - it looks like you know how to throw a meal together (literally...out of the back of your van - gotta love that)!!

You've got some great stuff there - the typewriter (ala chocolate)...how perfect! And your caged chicken is way too funny!

Way to go!!!


P.S. Maybe we'll all meet up in Oronoco next year! :) Posted: 9:18 pm on August 27th
oldnews writes: You are just too stinkin cute! What a blast you must be to be around! I love your posts! Marie AND, you are right, there is no bad chocolate unless it's the empty wrapper that it used to be in! Posted: 8:39 pm on August 27th
LuAnn writes: Just love the "chicken/bird" cage. What a great idea. The rest of your picnic was just "junkerriffic". Never would have thought to put baked beans in the middle of the "world". Very creative. You go girl!!!!

LuAnn Posted: 5:50 pm on August 27th
junktiqueboutique writes: ROFL priceless!!!! Posted: 5:05 pm on August 27th
DreaminBoutJunk writes: I too cracked up over the chicken in the bird house! That is too funny! I will definately have to use that idea someday and call it junkermidge style chicken! Love it! Posted: 3:05 pm on August 27th
RustyDiva writes: OK, first of all, I had to pick myself up off the floor after seeing the chicken served in a bird cage!!!!!!!! It cracked me up!!!! Love it!! The red cooler is to die for ~ I love all things red and all things rusty!!! Sounds like ya'll had a great time and your ideas were awesome. They all will remember that gathering 4-ever! GREAT job!

Oh and love the chocolate sign!

Kenda Posted: 1:36 pm on August 27th
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