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Its a football kind of day!
Found this old Tudor Electric Football Game on the 127 sale.
Added some iron on/sticky lettering from the craft store...
Had to order the small frames because I couldnt find twelve of the same style in the right size (2 x 3). We spray painted them blue and gold (school colors).
Scanned all of his photos into Photoshop, resized them and added the school year to each one.
The final project!
Its a football kind of day!

It's a football kind of day!

I wanted to make something special for my God son for the start of football season. I found this Tudor electric football game on the 127 sale. I purchased 12 frames online that were  2" x 3" (couldn't find any to repurpose!). They were black, but we spray painted six blue and six gold to match the school colors. I took the photos of every year he has played football and scanned them to be the same size. I added the school year of each photo in Photoshop. Since this is a metal board, I put magnets on the back of the photo frames. Voila! A magnet board for my God son! Kickoff for the season is Friday night!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Robin Brown
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gadgetsponge writes: What a killer way to use the old gameboard! Kudos! Posted: 8:29 am on February 4th
CottageElements writes: Birdcolor, sorry to hear about your God son's injury. Bummer! But hoping for him the Colts do better than the Vikes did last night! Wasn't their best game to say the last. But my son's collage team, NDSU, won their championship game! Woohoo! I guess it was just a green and gold kinda day :-)

Lani Posted: 8:46 am on January 6th
birdcolor writes: Thanks! I was glad to see this today. My God Son loved it. They actually used it for his graduation party as well. He is in college now and his college football career ended with a back injury just as it was getting started.

He is looking forward to the Colts game on Sunday (let's make a run for the Superbowl Colts) and he is a HUGE Notre Dame fan and very much looking forward to the big national championship game on Monday (Let's go Irish!). Posted: 6:18 pm on January 5th
CottageElements writes: Because this is a football kind of day (in Minnesota it's a Vikings/Packers game and in North Dakota it's a NDSU/Houston kind of day)I thought I'd go back into the archives and find something fitting for a member feature. Awesome job on this piece, birdcolor. I'm sure your God son loved it!

Lani Posted: 2:18 pm on January 5th
suewhitney writes: Very original and clever!! Love it and I'm sure your God Son does as well. Great work!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:54 am on August 22nd
dresdenjunkshun writes: I think I have one of these boards someplace...what a neat idea! Thanks for sharing!! Posted: 4:40 pm on August 21st
RustyDiva writes: This is an awesome idea! I may have to copy for my son. Love this ~ thanks. Posted: 2:31 pm on August 21st
fellowjunker writes: This is such a fabulous gift for a young football he really appreciated it!! Great idea using the old game piece.
xojanis Posted: 12:40 pm on August 21st
Christina_S writes: What a great way to display those football memories! Posted: 11:22 am on August 21st
grannijo writes: What a neat idea!...I have one of those hanging in my basement from our oldest son's early years...problem is he only had one child and it was a girl!...but will keep the game board now since you shared the idea...maybe for his grandson if that ever happens...thanks for sharing!!...sharon Posted: 6:16 am on August 21st
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