JMS Post from the Past - "I'm Going All the Way to the Top!"

March 6th, 2013 in projects     
CottageElements Lanette Lorsung, editor
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This is the piece as found.  It was missing the arrow, but I knew it was a diamond in the rough.
Because it was missing the arrow, I want to the Rockler Woodworking Store (thanks, Sue, for the referral) for a clock hand.  It worked perfect! I just used Gorilla super glue to keep it in place.  Wa la!
The piece had a pipe on the backside and I decided rather than try to remove it, Id use it to hold it in place.
I fortunately had a drill bit that was the perfect size.  I was initially gonna have my hubby do it for me, but who needs him.  The only trouble I had drilling the hole was doing it and taking the picture!  Ha!
See, it fits perfect!  Didnt you trust me?  LOL!
To secure it more I used black sheet rock screws (so they would blend with the piece).
Like I said, I was also lucky enough to snag the matching push button to go with it.  Wow . . . how awesome is that!
This piece was easy enough to attach it to the wall as the back plate unscrewed from the front piece.
I simply screwed the back plate to the wall first . . .
And then screwed in the top plate.
Up and, ah well, not actually working.  But lookin good!
My finished elevator!!  I just hope no-one looks in the closet!!
This is the piece as found.  It was missing the arrow, but I knew it was a diamond in the rough.

This is the piece as found.  It was missing the arrow, but I knew it was a diamond in the rough.

How about a Blast from the Past (or rather a Post from the Past).  This project was originally posted on August 21, 2009.  I thought it might be fun to go back into the archives and repost it.  I got this amazing elevator piece while in Oronoco the fall of 2009.  I knew right away what I wanted to do with it!  It was picked up for rather a song.  I was even lucky enough to snag the button that went along with it.  I knew it would be a fun conversation piece, so I decided to hang it were it would get noticed.  I put it above my front entryway hall closet.  I guess I'm going all the way to the top (at least to the third floor that is).

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Comments (22)

chippingcharm writes: Still LOVE this idea Lani!!! Posted: 7:47 am on March 13th
GypsyBarn writes: Ooooo I do so want one of those!!!!! Great find!!! Posted: 4:04 pm on March 11th
1retrogal writes: I love it! What a fun piece!!
Karen Posted: 1:28 pm on August 28th
JunkArchitect writes:

Lani, I would have bought this in a SECOND! Your idea is so cool and the closet doors were the perfect place…beautiful.

Posted: 1:37 pm on August 23rd
shabbychick writes: Lani - You totally did this forgotten piece justice and it looks so happy in its new home! Such a clever and entertaining use for it!

(Be sure to watch out...the Pfarkel sisters' camper may be pulling up in the middle of the night to steal it away!) ;)

And, great job with the power tools!

Love it! Kathy Posted: 3:32 pm on August 22nd
CottageElements writes: Thanks y'all for all the comments! Midge, you really, really cracked me up! And I think we all could be described as "junk dorks". Ha! Amy, I don't think I've ever been described as a minx, but than I do have two Manx cats. LOL! You're too cute! Fjerda, I snuck off from the Blogger party and bought it (I'm bad)! Candy, you'll just have to come back and visit again :) And to all the nails comments, if you only saw them up close you'd be able to tell I need a fill! To busy building and creating ;). Again, thanks for all the amazing comments. You are all the best of the best!

Lani Posted: 12:37 am on August 22nd
Heavenly_Treasures writes: Lanette
Thatis really cute what you did with that. What a terrific idea. Thank's for sharing. God Bless Robert. Posted: 10:37 pm on August 21st
LuAnn writes: Lani--tell us-do you wear one of those "elevator hats" when you ride in your elevator?? LOL. What a elevating idea.

LuAnn Posted: 7:02 pm on August 21st
dresdenjunkshun writes: How unusual...I've never ran across a piece like this one in all my travels and auctions! And to snag the button too...what a find! I love the way you used it,very original! Posted: 4:02 pm on August 21st
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Oh my goodness! I LOVE where this piece ended up! Sad, though, that I missed seeing it hanging in person by mere days. :( Awesome. Awesome. Awesome, Lani!

Going up?
Candy Posted: 3:36 pm on August 21st
RustyDiva writes: See what happens when you sleep in........11 people saw it before me! Love it! Love it! Want it! Want it! The best find so far. You did a great job with the tools too ~ pretty nails and all. Posted: 2:26 pm on August 21st
fellowjunker writes: A FABULOUS find Lani and it looks great above your closet doors (which are fabulous as well).
xojanis Posted: 12:37 pm on August 21st
MimiToria writes: Ahhh, Lani. Love it and I'm amazed you've already have it up and running. Impressed you decided to tackle it yourself and you've proved your becoming a die hard to it your selfer with this post. Love Sue's observation about the faux nails and the power tools. Too funny, that I had to go back and observe. The pretty and the tough.
Your style rocks. Fun to see it and not just trying to visualize it anymore from descriptions only.
Gretchen Posted: 11:54 am on August 21st
Fjerda writes: I wish I would have seen that first!! I have an elevator in my home/B & B and it would have been just the right accent. The door comes out in the large bath upstairs and my kitchen downstairs. Maybe, I can find another one somewhere. The hunt is always on for good junk Posted: 11:31 am on August 21st
suewannabeinkc writes: I WANT ONE TOO!!! I love this idea! Isn't it fun decorating with things you CAN'T buy at Pottery Barn or Target?! No offense to either store, but to me their look is generic. Even if someone else copies your junk decor ideas, each one is unique and its own conversation piece. I'll be on the hunt for my own. Great job and thanks!
Joanne Posted: 11:10 am on August 21st
chippingcharm writes: WOW Lani...I love this too!!! So glad you decided to "go for it" with the power tools! I am inspired...Laurel Posted: 10:33 am on August 21st
karilelek writes: This is so neat! I will be on the hunt to copy your idea. Thank you for sharing this. I know we should all have original ideas but this is so awesome I will have to steal it. Posted: 10:22 am on August 21st
grannijo writes: what a great find...looks like an elevator with the double doors etc...nice find and great idea!!...thanks for sharing!...sharon Posted: 10:18 am on August 21st
suewhitney writes: Before I comment I have to collect myself and stop laughing about our good friend Junkermidge's response. I soo understand the hyperventilating over this piece! Love it Lani! Also love the beautiful finger nails and the power tools together. Hahaha! You picked the PERFECT place in your home for this. Great work as always!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:31 am on August 21st
WhisperWood Cottage writes: You handy little minx, you! Power tools and all! That is the perfect place for it!!! Fabulous!


Posted: 9:24 am on August 21st
oldnews writes: What a fabulous find! I love it and that's exactly what I would have done with it too!! Very, very lucky for you to have been in the right place at the right time for that one! Marie Posted: 9:20 am on August 21st
junkermidge writes: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Wait! Let me collect myself....Oh...Oh..
Oh. I'm so in love this this I don't know what to say, and I'm hyperventilating a bit (I wish I was joking -- I'm such a junk dork!) I was thinking something completely different, but YOU NAILED IT! (And drilled it and glued it). Love that you're not afraid to use the tools, even with a camera in hand. Oh, I think this is my favorite thing ever on this entire site!

Posted: 9:04 am on August 21st
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