A few of my favorite things - from Oronoco with LOVE!!

August 20th, 2009 in projects, hot spots     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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I saw these framed linoleum pieces - and fell in love!  The patterns were way cool!  (I remember this stuff being on the floor of my Grandmas back porch...)
Not sure why I didnt buy this great little metal cabinet - it had little cubbies for storing junk...and you can always use another place to store/hide junk, right?? :)
This is my one true love (besides my husband of course) - a yo-yo quilt.  Its at the tippy-top of my wish list...but usually the prices are a bit spendy (I got that word in Minnesota!)...so Ill keep looking...
Those were the days my friend - back in the 60s I think...(not that I remember!).
See I told you it was like Disneyland!  A little rusty, but you know that doesnt bother us!
A wire cloche or basket...multi-functional...and rusted to perfection!  (Again...not sure why I didnt buy this either...)  Can we go back, Candy??
These spiffy vintage linoleum pieces werent at Oronoco...but at Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis (the day before) - but Im really wishing I would have gotten a couple to frame...pooh!
Well...this little number was something I saw at Hunt & Gather - and guess who it fit?  Looks like it was made for her, dont ya think??
The cutest t-shirts at the show...and perfectly said...Amy!!
P.S.  Amys Junkologie booth was definitely my pick for best of show!
Time to junk - - - These were in Amys booth - and made me smile! (Not that it was hard to find smiles at Oronoco...or anywhere along our trip.  When there are great friends and good junk(and in that order) -- the smiles dont go away!!)
We couldnt gamble on this fitting in Candys car...so a Kodak moment was easy to fit in!!! :)
P.S.  It was already sold...some lucky junker beat us to the show - oh wait...what time did we get there?? ha ha!!
And, last but not least - and its not like we hadnt already junked ourselves into oblivion...  But, we spied this awesome pile of junk at a roadside rest along the Ohio Turnpike.  However -we thought it might be a good idea to ask the State before we dug in - and we really didnt have the room anyway - so just had to drive away........! 
I saw these framed linoleum pieces - and fell in love!  The patterns were way cool!  (I remember this stuff being on the floor of my Grandmas back porch...)

I saw these framed linoleum pieces - and fell in love!  The patterns were way cool!  (I remember this stuff being on the floor of my Grandma's back porch...)

Well, well, well...  Let me just say that there is not enough space to share all the great stuff we saw in and around Oronoco (it was literally everywhere!!).  I didn't realize that Disneyland was in Minnesota - but that's exactly the kind of fun we had!  Our little entourage scoured every nook and cranny that time would allow (and you know there is NEVER enough...).

I wanted to follow-up on Sue's picks with a few of mine too - there were definitely plenty to go around!  (and some that created photo ops too...right???)

Enjoy (we REALLY did!!)!!!


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Comments (22)

Sandyjain writes: Nice Market Posted: 4:05 am on January 28th
kindersitztests writes: Nice market! Posted: 12:19 pm on September 28th
UdyRegan writes: How cool are the clocks and also the wooden storage cubbie that they are sitting on? The pictures reminds me of the Fremantle market in Perth although not quite as extensive and quirky as the items shown here, there are still some amazing junk fines to be had there. Posted: 8:16 pm on June 30th
BethY writes: OMG!!! I wish I'd have seen this prior to this past weekend and The Country Living Fair... We collect Y's and they are near impossible to find them...let alone cool ones like these letters.. I agree w/your daughter...vintage fabric behind would be perfect! Now I'm off to find cool fabric's! AND of course to find more Y's...we have about 190... Found the coolest page our of an old kids book this weekend...18x24! I can't wait to make the frame and hang it above our bed! Posted: 6:00 pm on September 27th
junkequity writes:
Hi folks. I loved looking at the photos. I have this thing for wood so I really liked the photo of cabinets and boxes.

Thanks for posting all the pics. Posted: 9:13 pm on January 29th
JunkArchitect writes:

OMG! What great junk at Oronoco. Why didn’t you buy that rusty basket looking thing? Those old framed linoleum flooring pieces are really great I just hope they’re not old framed asbestos flooring pieces.


Posted: 1:49 pm on August 23rd
chippingcharm writes: I too love it all...thanks for the peek :) Laurel
PS...Don't you just kick yourself when you pass something good up (linoleum)...BUT THEN, it's even more exciting when you re-find it, isn't it?!? It's all about the thrill of "the hunt" :) Posted: 5:05 pm on August 22nd
shabbychick writes: Thanks byapryor - wish I could have bought it all!! :)

FYI to all - I found a few pieces of old linoleum squares today at a sale...can't wait to frame them up!! Woo hoo!!

Kathy Posted: 3:24 pm on August 22nd
byabpryor writes: Can you say...LOVE.. I LOVED it!!!!!! Posted: 10:08 pm on August 21st
shabbychick writes: Thanks for all your comments - Oronoco was amazing - and will hopefully be an annual trip for us!

We did all come across some great junk... Candy and I will have to bring a truck next time (oh yeah...we'll need that to pull the Airstream!).

About the gas sign...it brought back "vague" memories of gas wars (I must have been really young!! ;)

Sue and the little pink dress...they were MFEO! Just too cute!

Midge - watch out...we're coming to your storage unit next!!

Hey dragnfli! Love your pic - and I wish I would have bought one of those linoleum pieces for you...guess there's a project in our future! (and keep your calendar open - you're coming along with us next year!)

Kari - you covered some serious ground on Friday...whew......bet you got lots of great junk!

Gretchen - I feel like we only saw about half the show...guess we'll have to move a little faster next time (or get there earlier - ha ha).

Sue Sullivan - we'll definitely meet up at Springfield - our spaces are 828 and 851 (will send you a map).

Lani - there was at least as much laughter as there was junk - such great memories! :) And, you know Candy and I will be back!

Amy - your space was fabulous - not to mention the music, great food, etc... Glad to share some pics - you were a busy bee!!!

Well, I'm going to be busy working on my next post...and showing off my "finds"...(sorting through a few hundred pictures...).

Take care,

Posted: 11:45 pm on August 20th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, great post! It made me laugh (again). Like I didn't laugh enough in Oronoco??? There were too many things you past up. You'll just have to come back next year (or sooner)! I do remember gas being 23 cents. Does that make me old??? Probably! Love, too, that your daughter is now posting!

Lani Posted: 10:56 pm on August 20th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Kathy - I just had a LONG response to this post and lost it so I'm not happy. ;(

In a nutshell, your post is awesome! LOVE the framed letter/linoleum pieces and all your other picks that were all left back in Oronoco.
Candy Posted: 9:56 pm on August 20th
Meadowview_Farm writes: Fun to read comments & look at pictures from Oronoco at a more leisurely pace...
I went to Oronoco Friday, arrived at 8:00; 6 trips to my car by 10:00; met with the Publisher of the Old Times (a midwest publication) at 10:30; went to Goldrush II in Rochester until noonish; hit a citywide sale on the way home which included tieing a wing chair into the trunk; home to Wisconsn by 4:00!! When I move & shake, I move & shake.
Kari Posted: 7:22 pm on August 20th
MimiToria writes: Kathy- I love this post. You've shown me things I didn't see even though I attended the same event as you. It was so huge, that I feel like I saw about 30% of it, so will have to do a better job next year when I'm shopping. lol
I do remember a gas sign just like this while growing up and it was 28.9 and was a part of a gas war in a small town on Hwy. 10 in Minnesota. Must of been the late 60's for me to remember it. This photo you took is like a dejavu of that era. Fun!
http://mimitoriasdesigns.blogspot.com Posted: 6:45 pm on August 20th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: KATHY,
I was like AMY,You all got very good taste and I know Ornoco is a grat place to shop. Its hard to shop when you have a booth,but its exciting see all of your finds. GOD BLESS ROBERT. Posted: 5:29 pm on August 20th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Thanks for the photos! I was so busy with the booth all weekend that I didn't get to see anyone else's junk but mine!!

Amy Posted: 5:09 pm on August 20th
Sue_Sullivan writes: Kathy, Looks like you found some neat stuff- both to buy and to look at! I cannot wait to see what you bring to Springfield. That is probably when we'll end up meeting, ya know... You'll have to let me know where your booth will be. Glad you had a wonderful adventure! hugs, Sue Posted: 12:36 pm on August 20th
dragnfli80 writes: Hey Mom!! I love the linoleum framed letters, tell me you got me one... actually we could make our own with my vintage fashion pages or patterns! Project for November :-) before the big move!! I would love to have these in my new beach house!!! hehe. Posted: 12:20 pm on August 20th
junkermidge writes: Okay, this is just SO Not Fair. You're killing all of us who weren't able to make it there. Amazing post. Amazing finds.
You didn't mention it from pic#2 but I LOVE old doctor bags. The ferris wheel looking thing is WAY too cool. As is the cloche. Sue and that dress -- GROOVY, BABY. The cool display of the clocks. The roulette wheel -- also, NOT FAIR (no pun intended). But the disorganized pile of junk was like going home for me,too. Reminded me of my storage unit.
I love it all. Keep the posts coming.
Midge Posted: 11:42 am on August 20th
fellowjunker writes: Kathy,
Amazing junk finds in Minnesota........is it the vintage capital of the US?
xojanis Posted: 11:25 am on August 20th
RustyDiva writes: Love all your pics. My fave is the gas sign ~ I actually remember .75 cents a gallon when I first started driving. Awwww those were the days! Love the picture of Sue ~ she's a tiny little thing. We grow em a wee bit bigger here in Texas. :) Everything looks awesome and I'm so glad ya'll had a grand time. Posted: 11:20 am on August 20th
suewhitney writes: I think it is such a riot how we were all shopping at the same place and uncovered such different treasures. guess junkers are like snowflakes...no two are alike. Thanks for sharing these Kathy. Love, love, love the linoleum! We'll talk about the picture of me in the pink dress later. Ha ha! only kidding.

Thanks for the great memories,
Sue Posted: 11:00 am on August 20th
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