A Junker's Nuts and Bolts Bin

August 9th, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Four spinnig bins with compartments?! A junkers dream come true!
The original nuts and bolts bin!
Here she is disassembled and ready for a little spray paint.
Dont forget to paint the bottoms...
What is taken apart must be put back together again. The ball bearings make the bins go round and round.
Half inch grosgrain ribbon is an excellent choice to finish the edges. Just measure, cut, spray with adhesive, and adhere to rims of all four bins. The ribbon gives your new toy a finished look.
Add a door knob topper for good measure! Dont permanately attach because you may want to pull your bin apart. It is just fine slipped in at the top...its a perfect fit!
This table top spinner has a place for every little thing.
A view from the side. This just makes me want to jump right in and get creative!
Four spinnig bins with compartments?! A junkers dream come true!

Four spinnig bins with compartments?! A junker's dream come true!

I spotted this tucked way back in a lonely corner of an antique store and just knew that I had to have it. This is a table top bin for nuts, bolts, and nails that was most likely used at a corner hardware store. I nabbed it from its hiding place, whisked it home, and fixed it up in a flash. This will be a welcome addition to my creative room. No more searching for just he right little piece. Yeah!

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Comments (25)

jacklynn4 writes: I sold one of these at Brimfield! I knew I should have kept it!!! I'm loving Junk Market Style, It's so fun to "surf" through the projects and get inspired. There is one downside though...I missed a deadline yesterday (too busy having fun here:)! Posted: 9:12 am on October 18th
SantaClaus writes: This is so practical & cute at the same time! Posted: 6:35 am on October 1st
doggbo writes: You lucky ducky you. I always look in corners that is where the best stuff is. Posted: 7:10 pm on September 21st
FauxPasMa writes: I think everyone else covered my thoughts on this...I LOVE IT! Posted: 9:24 pm on September 19th
writes: Sue,
Where-O-Where did you find this treasure?? I LOVE this!

JennyK Posted: 1:05 am on August 13th
merryheart2 writes: what a great find.
i LOvE how you're using it and the
doorknob on top is just to perfect. Posted: 9:46 pm on August 12th
langi writes: Love it Sue. You do an antique proud. Lets see more idea posts like this one. Organized is in the works @ my house. As is a sale. Too much has taken up residence here. Posted: 1:46 pm on August 12th
MimiToria writes: Love this Sue! I've just been redoing my Studio too, so it would fit in perfectly with the rest of my items. Go ahead and bring it with you on Thursday. I'd gladly take it off your hands along with the other 20 or so JM junkers. lol
Great repurposing idea. And that doorknob on top, has my little brain going 90 miles a minute on another project idea.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Gretchen Posted: 7:41 pm on August 11th
Ageless63 writes: Absolutely Fabulous! That would make my workbench sooo cute! Must get rid of old jelly jars for odd and ends. Posted: 4:30 pm on August 11th
RustyDiva writes: Love this piece and it looks great all "prettied" up! I want a creative room too! Hmmmmmm - may have to convert something. Posted: 11:59 am on August 11th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This has to be one of the cutest things you've done. Seriously. I want to get out there and find one of these tabletop bin thing-a-muh-jiggers.

Love it!
Candy Posted: 9:44 am on August 11th
DownHomeDIY writes: I am green with envy!!! Love it! Posted: 8:21 am on August 11th
smiller0529 writes: That is so cool! I am always rumagin through drawers, boxes etc, trying to find my things. **files this away in my dusty cobwebbed brain** Posted: 8:53 pm on August 10th
roadtriplouise writes: This is really neat! I'm going to Oronoco on Friday, can't wait! Posted: 7:19 pm on August 10th
chippingcharm writes: Fantastic...I love fun organization ideas! (My husband sometimes calls me compart"mental") Thanks, Laurel Posted: 2:19 pm on August 10th
Grasshopper22 writes: Now that's a handy dandy find...very nice Posted: 9:25 am on August 10th
shabbychick writes: Sue - I LOVE THIS! What a cool find, and SOOOO functional!

You rescued it from a lonely, dusty life in an antique store...guess it was tucked away just waiting for you!

Great job!

Kathy Posted: 9:06 am on August 10th
JunkArchitect writes:
Did you ever luck out. I’ve been looking for one of these bins and haven’t come across one yet. Pretty spectacular project you put together there Suzy-Q.

Posted: 10:02 pm on August 9th
SnowmanHill writes: This is such a great project......I love storage units of any shape or size. You do great work! Posted: 9:46 pm on August 9th
CottageElements writes: Wowzers, this was truly a diamond in the rough. Love what you did with it. Something like this would be great for any type of craft. Could see it filled with beads and jewelry parts. Great find and even better redo!

Lani Posted: 6:42 pm on August 9th
alicemom writes: Golly, gee whiz, wowzer...................can't think of more Exclamations ! I love this project. Perfect for my beads, spacers, etc. I will be keeping an eye out for sure. We are leaving on vacation for 2 weeks who knows what we will find!
Smiles, alice
ps i will probably have JMS withdrawel! Posted: 6:26 pm on August 9th
paisleypenguin writes: This is absolutely awesome! I don't have a craft room or even a craft space. All my stuff is tucked in a closet in labeled plastic bins. I will have to remember this when I do have a space! Posted: 5:28 pm on August 9th
junkermidge writes: Holy cow! You're not kidding when you say it's a junker's dream come true. My space is practically nonfunctional right now, so I am completely redesigning and REORGANIZING it. I would LOVE to have something like that. Cool AND functional. I don't have anything even similar (I do have lazy susans...hmmm), but I will be on the hunt. Great project as usual.
Midge Posted: 4:40 pm on August 9th
LuAnn writes: What a great save. Anyone could use this! I'll keep my eyes open--JH and I are heading to Michigan's Yard Sale Trail this week. Hope to find all kinds of goodies.

LuAnn Posted: 4:09 pm on August 9th
monakent writes: I am using a much smaller (hard plastic) version of this for my tools and some odds and ends, but your version is wonderful. Not only does it "do the trick," but it's cute to boot!!! Lucky for us, you saw the piece and knew you could revamp it into this marvel. Super look ~ it makes looking for the small stuff more fun. gailmarie Posted: 4:08 pm on August 9th
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