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August 2nd, 2009 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Let the guessing games begin! I think you will be able to figure out what most of the items are, but this on might just throw you for a loop! What is it?
Now can you guess now?? Heres a clue. I gave it a spin and a bunch of white stuff went flying all over me and my kitchen floor. Thanks, Geo. You know how much I like to sweep!
After all that talk about toxic waste...this is what I received from Jim. Hes a lot nicer than he seems! Ya know Im just yanking your chain, Jimbo!
Gretchen, dear Gretchen delivered a pileo junk. Guess she wants me to make more that one thing!
These sent Federal Express from member Queen of Quantity. I know she has a barn full of these so I guess she wanted to lighten her load. We pondered over these during the garage sale and I think we came up with an idea or two. OK, so I had a little help. Do you blame me?!
Amy, sweet Amy. Not so much. Didnt I tell you that the quiet ones are the most dangerous! Im more than a little stumped with this one so Im going to have to recharge the old thinking cap. Thanks Amy. Again not so much! Hahaha!
Let the guessing games begin! I think you will be able to figure out what most of the items are, but this on might just throw you for a loop! What is it?

Let the guessing games begin! I think you will be able to figure out what most of the items are, but this on might just throw you for a loop! What is it?

I have plenty of junk in hand so now for the what to do, what to do, what to do?! Some ideas came to me right away, but i'm still a bit baffled by some of the gifts I received. Wish me'll see the first finished project tomorrow!

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burningrubber writes: My first thought was a minnow bucket. Posted: 2:29 pm on August 6th
shabbychick writes: I guess I could go with Jim's hint and say I bet it's one of those thingies that puts lines down on a football field (or some kind of field...) - but just for fun - let's say it's a hand-operated snow making machine...(And you know you could use one of those in Minne-snowta!!)

Anyway...Sue - you've got some great stuff to work with - and the umbrella may be a challenge - so, if you need help - we'll be there next week for some brainstorming! :)

See ya, Kathy Posted: 10:04 am on August 3rd
Grasshopper22 writes: I'm with Jim it is missing it's handle and I think it
was used to make white lines either for football,tennis or
baseball. I think I remember seeing it used in a movie I
seen awhile ago, the movie was called "Rudy". Posted: 8:25 am on August 3rd
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
I was born on the farm and all I can say its just a new invention you came up with to confuse everyone.It has to be a strainer of some kind. Jim says its a hundred yards of something.This is crazy.How much help did you have to put this all together.GOOD LUNK JUNKERS. Robert. Posted: 7:54 am on August 3rd
monakent writes: Sue,
What an interesting jumble of mish-mosh you have been blessed with!!! If anyone can come up with a project or two out of this all, it's you!!! I have NO idea what you will create, but I am sure it will be wonderful, as always.

I have to agree with Amy, I think the "mystery" item was used to mark the white lines of playing fields.

I do like those "tubes" (whatever they are) and would love to own a bunch myself. They would make great legs or arms for my art people.

Best of luck to you. The challenge will be a tough one, but I am certain, you will conquer this and remain - the Queen of Junk!!! gailmarie Posted: 7:05 pm on August 2nd
byabpryor writes: Ooooh - oooh I have that thing Jim sent you.. and I haven't the foggiest idea as what to do with it..I can't wait to see what you create. Posted: 5:00 pm on August 2nd
alicemom writes: Industrial cooker for green giant peas! My junk piece was to long for my box. Got to go box hunting. Hope Miss Sue is not to worn out by the time my "good junk" gets there.
smiles, alice Posted: 4:13 pm on August 2nd
LadyCatherine writes: I think it is used for tomatoes. To remove seeds, skin and pulp. Posted: 3:09 pm on August 2nd
WhisperWood Cottage writes: My first thought was a sifter or grinder of some kind. Based on Jim's hint, I'm guessing it's what they use to mark the football field.

Can't wait to see what you do with that beautiful umbrella!! (Yeah, I'm still chuckling a bit.) I know you'll come up with something brilliant!

Amy Posted: 1:57 pm on August 2nd
oldnews writes: It's a popcorn popper isn't it? We had one and when my kids were little, they loved taking turns on the handle while it popped. Brings back memories! Wonder where I put it? Hmmm. Marie Posted: 12:09 pm on August 2nd
JunkArchitect writes:

Well Miss Sue I know exactly what it is but because no one else has guessed yet I’ll keep quiet for now.

Here’s a hint: “100 yards”.


Posted: 11:54 am on August 2nd
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