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July 26th, 2009 in member junk     
chippingcharm Laurel Putman, contributor
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This was our first Junk Project.  My husband and I were married back in 2000...we found these windows for cheap while driving around on our honeymoon.  We thought theyd make great doors for a hutch to display all of the pretty dishes wed just received as wedding favorite kind of souvenir :)
I was inspired by JunkSophisticates Seashell post...I dont collect shells but i do collect rusty hardware and other little fun stuff.  I brought it up from the basement and sorted it into the (rarely used) glassware in my hutch.  Ive already found Im more inpired to use it this way AND I dont have nearly as much as I thought I did...better get out and collect some more!
These old skis were used by Great Grandfather and my Great-Great Grandfather to get from the house to the barn after a big snow.  I love things with a history...I dont however love bird poop, which these were covered with when I got them.  Luckily my husband isnt afraid to do some dirty work...what a guy :)
My little boy actually spotted this cross at a Barn Sale.  I hadnt seen the resemblance but Im glad he did.  Its one of my favorite treasures.  I think its an antique drafting tool???
Sorry...I couldnt resist sharing another picture of my treasured dishes with Gailmarie and anyone else interested :)
This was our first Junk Project.  My husband and I were married back in 2000...we found these windows for cheap while driving around on our honeymoon.  We thought theyd make great doors for a hutch to display all of the pretty dishes wed just received as wedding favorite kind of souvenir :)

This was our first Junk Project.  My husband and I were married back in 2000...we found these windows for cheap while driving around on our honeymoon.  We thought they'd make great doors for a hutch to display all of the pretty dishes we'd just received as wedding favorite kind of "souvenir" :)

I know these projects aren't "super original" but they have special meaning to me so I thought I'd share them...

Pattern or design used: My own design
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ShaeLeigh writes: These are really pretty...thank you for sharing:) I love that cabinet, too. Posted: 12:30 pm on December 22nd
chippingcharm writes: jillruth...I honestly don't know anything about these dishes other than I loved the "Home-y" pattern. I should do some research...does anyone else know anything about them? I would love to know more... Posted: 9:02 pm on August 1st
jillruth writes: I just saw that pattern in dishes the other day in the antique mall where i sell. What is it called? They really are neat. Posted: 5:03 pm on August 1st
MimiToria writes: Hi Laurel-
It was so nice to meet you a few weeks back at the French Flea. I was hoping to run into you yesterday at Sue's garage sale, but missed you.
Love this post. My favorite is the cross your son spotted in the drafting tool. That is what it is, as my husband got his start in life as a drafter.
The cupboard windows are so cool and memorable with finding them on your honeymoon. Love the way that piece turned out.
My grandpa had similiar skis like yours and they are long since gone, but yours brought me back to happy memories of my Grandpa.
Last but not least is the cool house your husband built for you. What a labor of love-
Thanks so much for taking the risk and sharing. We are all in this together, and the styles and tastes are sooooo very varied that all posts are great for some members. So keep posting, girl.
Gretchen Posted: 9:06 am on July 31st
junkermidge writes: Great post. Love the piece and the story behind it. Also all your fun accessories.
Midge Posted: 11:03 pm on July 29th
monakent writes: Thanks for giving us a close-up of your dishes. They are wonderful!!! gailmarie Posted: 12:51 am on July 29th
monakent writes: WOW!!!! Even your hubby is talented and creative. :o)

Love the story about the house he built. How romantic is THAT?

Thanks for the info regarding the dishes. Would love to see the true pattern hurry. Love the fact you are a mix and match kinda girl!!!

Keep on posting, my friend. You never disappoint!!! gailmarie Posted: 11:03 pm on July 28th
georgiamoon writes: Chippingcharm, I love everything you've done. Projects don't have to be "super original" to be wonderful! The beauty of junk is that you can take what you have and make it so personal and sentimental. I think it is fabulous, Georgia Posted: 12:30 pm on July 28th
CottageElements writes: Laurel, glad you're sharing these great sentimental pieces with us! They are lovely!

Lani Posted: 12:38 am on July 28th
alicemom writes: I love pieces with stories & your pictures and stories are great. Thanks so much for sharing. My fav is the litte house!
Well maybe it's the ski.............or the honeymoon windows! Well I guess it is all my fav!
alice Posted: 8:06 pm on July 27th
chippingcharm writes: Thanks everyone for you kind comments! I still get a bit insecure about posting sometimes...but after I do I'm so glad I did :)
The house on top was a gift from my husband...back when we were less busy and mre romantic...I believe he made it all from things he had in his garage. He knew I had always dreamed of living in an old white house with a front porch. A dream that may have to wait a while so he made me this for the "meantime"...
Gailmarie...I'm glad you like my dishes...I love them too. I got a whole box full at the Flea Market a few years ago for $20! My husband gave me a hard time for buying "more dishes" but I ignored him and I am so glad I did. They are actually ceramic and they also came with 2 sizes in matching glasses. It wasn't a complete set but I didn't care...I'm a mix and match kind of girl anyway. I'll try to add a picture of one of the plates...they are too cute for words!!!
Thanks again...blessings, Laurel Posted: 4:16 pm on July 27th
grandmaper writes: Beautiful, esp. love your hutch, and the story. And really gave me another window idea.

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home, and ideas. Posted: 3:17 pm on July 27th
RustyDiva writes: Great stuff with great stories. Love you post. Your home is beautiful. Posted: 1:00 pm on July 27th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: This is just fabulous, Chippingcharm! I absolutely love your hutch and the fact you found it's windows on your honeymoon. So sweet! My girls immediately spotted the house that sits on top. Love it all!
Candy Posted: 11:15 am on July 27th
shabbychick writes: What great treasures - collected and arranged with love!!! The stories on each piece are special - thanks so much for sharing with us.

The hutch is awesome, and I love the house on top of it!

Kathy Posted: 11:03 am on July 27th
monakent writes: WONDERFUL posting. Love the stories that go with your "goodies." It's always more fun when you have a story to tell about a piece. I think a story helps the item "come alive."

Your hutch is amazing - the windows were a perfect find. Best of all, you and your husband found them on your honeymoon - what a wonderful story to tell, with lots of good memories, I'm sure!!!

I absolutely love your dishes. Where on earth did you ever find them? I've never seen the pattern before. The dishes are plastic, right? Are they from the 50's or 60's?

The "cross" is a keeper. Not sure what it is, but I do know it is from the art world.

Your skis look great on the wall. Bless your husband for doing the clean-up on them. They look great.

Thanks Laurel, for letting us into your home and sharing with us your marvelous treasures. gailmarie Posted: 10:41 am on July 27th
suewhitney writes: Love, love, love sentimental junk! Your home is beautiful and your sentimental treasure is a wonderful addition. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.

Take care,
Sue Posted: 9:16 am on July 27th
fellowjunker writes: Your house looks GORGEOUS Chippingcharm!!! Your treasures add to it's character. This is a beautiful post. So glad you showed us into your home!!!
xojanis Posted: 8:10 pm on July 26th
oldnews writes: It's beautiful, and the fact that it has such special meaning makes it even more so! Thank you for sharing it with us! Marie Posted: 6:46 pm on July 26th
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