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June 19th, 2012 in blog, projects     
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A bouquet just for you to brighten your day!
Items needed:

rusty gutter guard
twine, jute or ribbon
cylinder vase
key / embellishments
pencil or dowell
hosta leaves
Determine desired size of vase holder and double.  Add an extra 8 (to be rolled later) and cut.  Fold metal in half - long end to long end.
Roll metal edges around pencil / dowell to create a curled edge.  Make sure to use gloves since those edges are sharp! 
Fold gutter guard in half, slightly bowing each piece outward to allow room for the cylinder vase. 
Roll bottom up as if it were a paper lunch bag.   
Attach sides together with twine, jute or ribbon using a cross stitch or any stitch you wish.   
Have you heard of Eddie Ross?  If not, he is a truly talented young lifestyle designer that I follow online.  One tip he always recommends is to use hosta leaves inside cylinder vases to hide the ugly stems.  Love that! (His are much neater than mine, but you get the idea). 
Insert vase inside gutter guard with flowers and POW!  Its complete!
If youre thinking this is just a ridiculously simple project...youre right. 
Oh, I love your floral display, Candy.  Wherever did you get it 
What?  This old rusty thing?  Why, thank you.
Though she stands alone, a wallflower she is not.  
What a pretty mesh.  Move her around your home.  She seems to fit right in anywhere. 
I caught these little guys scoping out our yard recently. 
As cute as you are, dont even think about going near my flowers! 
Yes.  Im talking to you, my dear.
A bouquet just for you to brighten your day!

A bouquet just for you to brighten your day!

Gutter guards.  A very useful tool for homeowners when they are in their prime.  (The gutter guard, that is, not the homeowner.)  Here is one way to use all those rusty, metal pieces that some people deem junk.  And thank goodness they do! 


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Comments (7)

gggwilliam writes: Gorgeous flowers and pictures! Loved it! Posted: 7:27 am on July 4th
chichirona writes: Awesome idea! Posted: 6:52 pm on September 14th
meme325 writes: cool idea, love it.. Posted: 10:43 am on June 29th
shabbychick writes: Sue, I remember this post! I just love Candy and her fabulous style! What a great memory... Oh, and reminds me of a trip to Minnesota - fun, fun, fun!

Big junk hugs!

Kathy Posted: 7:14 am on June 26th
docmom writes: ha ha ha, the deer....yes, I have rabbits in my yard; but they prefer my flowers to the clover I left growing in the side yard for them...guess they can get that anywhere...Neighbors call me Elmer Fudd...I'm always trying friendly ways to get those waskelly wabbits to go elsewhere...even trained my dog to potty stop in specially placed areas that I clean daily, but leave a deterent scent for bunnies.....don't know if it would work for deer...
Can I come visit your pretty yard, I promise not to eat any your style:) Posted: 8:27 pm on June 25th
suewhitney writes: Hi All,

As we approach the 25,000 in membership mark here at JMS we are going to re-visit some projects from the past posted by former contributors and long time members. There are sooooo many posts on the site the new members have never seen and are certainly worth taking a look at! I think the members that have been with us from the beginning will also enjoy these blasts from the past. This post is from Candy Allen. I've always enjoyed Candy's style and I think you will too. Thanks for the memories , Candy!!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 2:34 am on June 22nd
LloydsLandingofSears writes: I love it on the tree the most, but you are right - it looks great on the front door too! I hawe some plastic gutter gard mesh material I may try this on :) ~Mary~ Posted: 9:37 pm on June 21st
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