Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

July 27th, 2009 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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This vintage Monarch range is one of the stars of the show. Isnt she a beaut? The red finish is absolutely fabulous. I think she deserves a good home!
Are you ready for the first ever yard sale JUNMARKET Style? Its been a hoot and a half preparing for this. Very different from JM indoor sales of the past, but equally as much fun. Just think of this as the home spun version!
The retro kitchen section is up and almost raring to go! Vintage table cloths, enamelware, restauraunt dishes...oh, yeah!
A little sophistimication never hurt anyone!
Of course there is a garden section. Fun stuff! What do you suppose makes me laugh most about this image? How about those chain saw chaps draped nicely over a vintage stool? This is a yard sale after all so the you can expect to find an eclectic mix!
Clay pots, insulators, garden tools. They seem to be multiplying over night! As for the vintage ice pick? Ive been racking my brain to remember why I bought it. Still cool and makes me laugh!
Orange is the new pink, or at least in this woodsy outdoor bedroom setting it is!
I found these game boards buried in the recesses of my lower level closet. Its been a bit nostalgic around here with junk turning up from all over the country. Ahh, good times, good memories, and oh, so cool junk! These little numbers would be great on the walls as art, but even better as tables!
But then, theres still this! Just think of this as vignettes waiting to happen. Good thing there are two more full days to prepare before the sale! Im pretty sure I wont be able to plow through everything before the opening bell, so expect new junk arrivals everyday of the sale.
This vintage Monarch range is one of the stars of the show. Isnt she a beaut? The red finish is absolutely fabulous. I think she deserves a good home!

This vintage Monarch range is one of the stars of the show. Isn't she a beaut? The red finish is absolutely fabulous. I think she deserves a good home!

I hope you've all saved the date becuse we're getting ready to rumble! Whoa Nellie, this was a much bigger undertaking than i had originally thought. Go figure! There is most certainly something here for everyone so come join in the fun! I'm looking so forward to seeing old friends and making new ones! The details are as follows...

Where: 3300 Bayside Road, Long lake, Minnesota, 55356

When: July 30th through August 1st

Hours: Thursday, July 30 - 8AM to 7 PM; Friday, July 31 - 8 AM to 5 PM; Saturday, August 1 - 8AM to 5 PM; Sunday - We'll see what happens!


See you on the junk pile!


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pofolksdecorator1 writes: Sue,
I have packed my house with 'junk creations'. Now its time for me to open my little store. One problem, are their any legitimate grants for women starting small businesses? I only need to raise 2000.00 for the building. My guy friends are all willing to help me build it. Are their contests, or someway to find that kind of money? This is just a little town with no antique stores, nothing like what I have planned. People have come off the street asking to see the inside of my house. I know I can pull it off if I am given the opportunity. Any ideas would be helpful. Your life, traveling from flea market to flea market must be a blast. Unfortunately I married for love not money! Thanks, Annie Posted: 12:52 pm on March 29th
suewhitney writes: THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who turned out at the sale! It was a pleasure to reconnect with old friends and meet soo many new members from the site. It felt like the good old days! We're all wrapped up now. Well...not quite still have some packing up to do, but that comes with the territory! I'll be back at you tomorrow with the first of my Editor's challenge projects. Thanks again!!

Big Hugs to All,
Sue Posted: 9:55 am on August 2nd
chippingcharm writes: Well, we made it to the sale today...AMAZING!!! I met Sue for the first time and YES, she really is as great as she seems!
Thanks for all the treasures Sue! I promise they're going to a good home :)
Take care and good luck with the rest of your sale! Laurel Posted: 8:50 pm on July 31st
RocklerWoodworking writes: We review Sue's sale in Buzz Saw, The Rockler Blog today! (And you can bet the word "fabulous" is used at least once!)
http://www.rockler.com/blog Posted: 11:59 am on July 31st
georgiamoon writes: Sue, you should haul my junk out of the garage, or where ever it ended up,and sell it. My god the storage fees have probably topped the value of the pieces by now. Set 'em out there and see what you can get. Gotta be better than having it just sit there taking up room...some of it was really cool. I wanna see a picture of someone hauling the "bleachers" away..hahahaha
Georgia Posted: 11:32 pm on July 30th
MimiToria writes: If you're just seeing this email now (Thursday evening) its not too late to go to Sue's sale. I was there today and I tell you it is worth taking the time to get there if you can. There is soooooooo much great stuff, and she has done an incredible job of setting this sale up. It actually looks like an auction is going to take place there is so much being offered and the vignette's are sooooo cool.
I urge you, go if at all possible. There is so much, that you can still make it on Saturday, go. Very fun!
Gretchen Posted: 9:20 pm on July 30th
shabbychick writes: I bet the junk is flying out of your yard about now!!! :)

(Making room for lots more!!)

Kathy Posted: 11:32 am on July 30th
CountingYourBlessing writes: That old red stove is just dreamy and I adore the chippy old barn table (the elegant one). Thanks for sharing. Blessings... Polly Posted: 12:32 pm on July 28th
BKat writes: I know this will be the grand dame of garage sales. I can only imagine all the great junk that you have collected ~ just don't let Shelley take it all home for her collection !!
Can't wait to spend time with you in Texas in October.
Have fun and don't work too hard ~ CHEERS !!!
Kathy ~ the Aggie !!! Posted: 2:09 am on July 28th
Fjerda writes: No way you are going to sell the red stove from last years Oranoco!! The scale that came from WI maybe, it will go back to the Barn in Spooner. I hope all goes well as it looks like the Pfarkels will not make the trip. We have had sooo much going on that we have not had time to work on projects for our Trash to Treasure Auction for Breast Cancer charity on Auguest 28. Since we will be seeing you at Gold Rush and will not get work done that weekend for the auction we will have to stay home and be good workere this weekend. Posted: 12:01 am on July 28th
1retrogal writes: Oh what I wouldn't do to get to go to that!!! Looks like so much fun shopping to be had, but unfortunately it's a little ways from New Mexico!!!
Posted: 10:48 pm on July 27th
CottageElements writes: Everything looks awesome, Sue! Wow, you really put that together fast! You go girl!

Lani Posted: 10:16 pm on July 27th
artchick writes: Crapola.....I can't believe I am missing this! I usually make a trek to the midwest from Arizona this time of year but not happening this year. How about a heads up on next years sale? Will definitely put it on my calendar and be there with our 20 foot antiquing trailer!! Posted: 10:13 pm on July 27th
bessJunk writes: I live very close (ten miles)...I think I will start walking right now so that I am calmer when I get there in two days. I will be the one hugging the red stove and talking sweetly to it. I hope you have great MN weather and a whole lot of fun! Posted: 9:34 pm on July 27th
junkrefunkery writes: I wanna go...I am stomping my feet right now!!! I am having my JUNK REFUNKERY sale this weekend also or I might of snuck out of the house and brought a UHAUL all the way from IOWA!!! Posted: 7:10 pm on July 27th
I DO PAINTINGS ON OLD STUFF TOO. Posted: 6:38 pm on July 27th
TeaJunky writes: I so wish I could attend, I live waaaaaaay to far away - - -I'm salavating with jealousy, Oh, the agony ! To those attending have fun and know those of us who can't are crying ! Posted: 4:10 pm on July 27th
chippingcharm writes: Super-duper excited...3 friends and a couple of babysitters reserved for Friday. Glad to hear we won't miss all the "good stuff" on Thursday!
See you there, Laurel and friends :) Posted: 3:59 pm on July 27th
mississippijunkmom writes: Love the Red stove , wish I could get it to Mississippi.
How far is it to Minn. from Mississippi? :-) Good luck Posted: 3:35 pm on July 27th
GrandBear writes: Wonderful JUNK......LOVE to JUNK...would LOVE to JUNK at your sale Sue! OK NOW your sale is over how about coming to Tennessee?? The first week-end in August the 127...450 mile yard sale starts!!! YES 450 miles of FUN-JUNKIN!!! Starts down in Ala. and goes up to Ohio!! ALL ON THE SAME ROAD 127!! You can google " 127 YARD SALE" and see the fun stuff!! It is suppose to start in August, but tents are going up as we speak! If you can find a spot on the side of the road...it's yours to sell from. NOT ME...I can't wait to see what's out there! Come on all you "junkies" the 127 sale is sooooooooo much fun! Posted: 3:23 pm on July 27th
Brainegal writes: Ideas , Ideas, Ideas... merci' for the Ideas!
I'm in countdown mode myself for my BIG Yard Sale & Junk Market! I've been advertising on Dallas' Craigslist for the last month and even did a Facebook page (Junk Market & Yard Sale in the Dallas Network)! I have sooo much stuff including about 100 pieces of Pink and Red Transferware. I've decided I am BLUE & WHITE girl! Those photos tell me I need to "set the table" to sell the china...great idea! I am selling the last of my Liberty Blue a few platters and a tureen.
This is my most ambitious undertaking in this dept ever BUT I'm clearing out to begin an annual sale of my designs and creations this fall. I also have 2 others who will showcase their designs with me. We are all very excited.
Good Luck Sue! Posted: 3:16 pm on July 27th
DumpsterDivingDiva writes: If I wasn't here in Tacoma, WA I would be right over there.

I'm too having a Garage Sale this Friday and Saturday.

I better start setting up.

I LOVE your set-up

Have FUN!

Posted: 3:09 pm on July 27th
cobblecreek writes: Looks worthy of a drive from Racine county if only the schedule permitted... maybe you could check my calendar before you set the date next time? :)

Sign me,
Jealous in Wisconsin Posted: 2:58 pm on July 27th
MimiToria writes: This is Minnesota folks! For those of you asking where the sale is. It is one of the small advantages us Minnesotans get for putting up with mean winters, and that is Sue Whitney being one of us. lol
I will be there for sure, Sue. Parking could be a nightmare, but well worth it.
I can't believe the work you've done just since last Wednesday when it was all still in the garage. This will go down as the all time awesomest garage sale to attend ever. I hope you have weather blessings on your sale as well.
Too fun!
Posted: 2:56 pm on July 27th
smellikelli writes: I absolutely LOVE the red stove. Oh my word you don't know how GREAT that would be in my cherry kitchen!!!! I wish I lived in the mid west> you can find such great things. Utah seems so dried up in old junk. Posted: 2:53 pm on July 27th
RustyDiva writes: Ditto from Texas ~ wish I had unlimited funds, could hop a jet and spend the day shopping with Sue, ship all my treasures home and hop a jet back! Maybe when I find that Picasso hidden in the back of one of my junk store finds ~ I can realize my full potential as a junker. I'm absolutely drooling over the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Break a leg with your sale!

Kenda Posted: 12:22 pm on July 27th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: WOW,WOW,WOW
SUE, What a Garage Sale setup. You are something else.It looks so neat just would hate to mess up your setup. It looks super and I know you will sell and sell. Iam looking forward to the Ornoco. Minn Party thats sounds exciting and I'm looking forward to it. Had a big show in Tiden,Neb over the weekend and it was awesome. I just ask the Lord to bless your sale tremendously. LOVE &BLESSINGS Robert. Posted: 11:20 am on July 27th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I guarantee you WON'T have a single creep-along-in-the-car-drive-by-that-checks-out-your-sale-from-the-street. How could you not stop for this??? Love your setup. Love your junk. Love your ice pick.

Many sales!
Candy Posted: 11:09 am on July 27th
shabbychick writes: Sue...it looks like you'll be making room for lots more great junk, right?? (oh, yeah..and for some guests as well??!)

I love all your individual "departments" - I did the same thing at my garage sale (I didn't have "quite" as much cool junk as you, but did the best with the junk that I had - ha ha) - and people came in and made comments about how they felt like they were walking into a store - just can't stop, can we??)

Wishing you lots of junk success!!!


P.S. Candy and I will have to check out any "leftovers"! :) Posted: 10:40 am on July 27th
junkerextrodinaire writes: Hi, I'm new..where abouts is this located? Thanks! Posted: 5:37 pm on July 26th
two_dogs writes: Sounds like lots of fun.....Im in Fl but want to come...can I get more information on the address if its posted I havent seen it. Posted: 11:14 am on July 15th
Diana211 writes: How long a drive is it from Chicago? I know it will be worth it! Dj Posted: 9:31 pm on July 13th
shabbyd writes: Can't wait, will take a sick day if needed:o) Posted: 3:17 pm on July 13th
greencricket writes: I think a roadtrip from Madison might be in order !!!! Posted: 2:09 pm on July 13th
CottageElements writes: OOOh myyyy . . . I'll be there with bells on! LOL!

Lani Posted: 11:33 am on July 12th
writes: MERCY Miss Sue!
I am shaking with excitement just imagining what lurks there...

and I LOVE your first photo of Hop, Skip, Junk... you are one talented gal.

:-) JennyK Posted: 12:39 am on July 12th
georgiamoon writes: Sue, if anyone knows what lurks in your garage, house and any available space you have crammed with junk...it's me, and I can tell you ALL that a sale of this stash will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!! WOW I don't even want to THINK about missing this one....geo Posted: 10:17 am on July 10th
shabbychick writes: I know it'll be a HUGE success - who could pass up all that great junk (not me)???

Just for the record - when you can write complete sentences in "junk"...it's definitely time for a sale! :) Love it!!! (And a perfect way to make room for more..................)

Take care, my friend!

Kathy Posted: 8:41 am on July 10th
alicemom writes: Just ship me the sign & all will be well! I am sick sick sick that we do not have a high speed trains in this country!
alice Posted: 11:16 pm on July 9th
JunkArchitect writes:
I gotta win Lotto so I can travel the whole wide world looking for great junk. Every time something cool like this happens it requires a plane ticket to get there. I’m starting to get that “little bit sick feeling” when you know there’s going to be tons of great stuff and you can’t go.

Posted: 10:26 pm on July 9th
leesee64 writes: I am practically throwing a hissy fit right this moment! Oh how I wish I could be there, but I live as far east as you can get...Virginia!!! I can only imagine the goodies you'll have...uh-oh, I feel a temper tantrum coming! Posted: 8:16 pm on July 9th
monakent writes: I'm with Marie....... wa wa wahhhhh!!!!!

Milwaukee, WI is closer than California, but not close enough. Sure wish I could be a part of this sale. I can only guess at how wonderful it will be.....

(a.k.a. gailmarie) Posted: 7:58 pm on July 9th
Fjerda writes: Okay!! the Pfarkel's are loading the bus and will be up for this one. Do we need a number to get in? Seems like a lol at first but maybe not.
See Ya! Fjerda-(Sharon) Posted: 5:25 pm on July 9th
chippingcharm writes: Ooooh...I'm going to "reserve" my babysitter (and maybe a shopping buddy or 2) ASAP :)
Thanks for the "tip"! Laurel
Posted: 5:19 pm on July 9th
oldnews writes: OMG what I wouldn't give to NOT live in California right now! I SO wish I could be there for this one...Whaaaaa! Marie Posted: 4:10 pm on July 9th
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