Mini Bowling Pin Helmet Rack

September 8th, 2008 in projects     
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Safety first.  Junk second.
Safety first.  Junk second.

Safety first.  Junk second.

These multicolored teensy bowling pins were just what I needed to get my junkin' juices flowing. With just a little effort, I turned those funky vintage pins into an attractive helmet organizer. Let's hope no one goes after it with a pint-sized bowling ball!


Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter


Set of mini/children's wooden bowling pin toys
Old piece of trim board
Eye hooks
Metal plate
Sawtooth hanger


Tools Needed:

Clear polyurethane spray
Wood cleaner
Wood saw
Tape measure


Step 1:  Measure and cut trim board to desired length. Ours is 32 in. long.

Step 2: Sand trim board to remove loose chips of paint.

Ahh, lead paint. Even if you're just hand sanding, it's a good idea to wear some sort of mask.

Step 3: Spray board with a coat of clear poly to seal.

Step 4: Sand wooden pins and clean with wood cleaner.

I just had to make these pins rainbow bright!

Step 5: Measure and mark placement of bowling pins.

Step 6: Pre-drill holes for pins in trim board.

Assurance, thy name is pre-drill.

Step 7: Pre-drill holes in ends of pins.

Step 8: Using a screwdriver, attach pins to front of board with screw from back.

Y'know why this part's easy? Because you pre-drilled. Also, if the board is a little too wiggly, just clamp it in place.

Step 9: Attach a sawtooth hanger to the center top of back.

Step 10: Cut last pin in half and mount to metal plate with a screw from the back.

Step 11: Mount metal plate to wall, pre-drilling, at desired height. Tip: You will want to hang this low enough to allow your children to reach it.

Step 12: Twist eye hooks onto top of trim board, evenly spaced at about 6 inches. Tie rope to spring, thread spring onto eye hook, and loop rope over the pin mounted on the plate.

Step 13: Drill screw into wall at sawtooth location to add stability to the shelf.

Sue and I skateboard often.

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