Souvenir Pennants

June 11th, 2009 in member junk     
TinTinJunkFan TinTinJunkFan, member
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 A couple of these pennants are 40 years old! 
Kind of gives the room a collegiate vintage feel
Hanging on to memories...
 A couple of these pennants are 40 years old! 

 A couple of these pennants are 40 years old! 

I was cleaning out closets and came across these pennants---souvenirs from numerous college visits, road races and various family vacations-- I was aiming for a really creative use for them: pillow tops? a coverlet? window treatments?  large pinwheel wall hanging?   After finding a couple of my adult son's old cotton karate belts in the same closet, I decided to just use them in their original form and hang them off the belts.  The belts were the perfect size to split the wall in half-- I used a little hot glue to attach the pennants, then thumbtacked the belts to the wall.   Not very creative but I like it-- if anyone have any ideas to do something else with them, please post!   

Pattern or design used: My own design
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junkermidge writes: These are really fun! I like Sue's idea of a table runner. That would be cool.
Midge Posted: 10:33 pm on June 13th
suewhitney writes: Love these. Junk Architect did a great post during the holidays and showed his tree decorated with these. It was fabulous. I thing with a little massaging you could probably make a pretty nifty tree skirt with them. A window covering is a nice idea. You could attach the shorter ones to a cornice board and hide a shade behind it. I love the way you have displayed them here, but if you ever want to change them up I think the possibilities are endless. Table runner perhaps? You have my mind spinning....

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:08 am on June 12th
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